Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies And Children?

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You might be worries about the air quality in your home, which may have led to an interest in getting some sort of air purification system. Air purifiers are machines intended to filter and "clean" the air. These are often used by people who experience symptoms of asthma or allergies, as the particles that can aggravate these conditions are filtered out of the air. However, if you have young kids you might be wondering—are air purifiers safe for kids? Let's take a look at the research.

Some people might be interested in air purifiers for their children or their newborns. We all want what's best for our kids, and some parents might want to make sure that any toxins or allergens in the air don't make their way into their littles' tiny lungs. However, there a few different types of air purifiers, and they are not all safe for children.

According to Home Air Quality Guides, if you are in the market for an air purifier that will be used for children, your best bet is to go with ones that use either a true HEPA filter or an activated charcoal filter.

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They specifically advise again using ozone generating air purifiers, or ionic air purifiers. The reason for this, is that both of these types of air purifiers emit ozone which can be harmful to children. They cite the specific effects of ozone as causing harm to the respiratory system, the nasal passages and the eyes.

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According to Indoor Breathing, the reason that HEPA filters and activated charcoal filter air purifiers are superior for use around children is because they are able to effectively filter the air without making harmful ozone, which can cause negative effects in your baby's lungs. This is important to keep in mind when you shop around for an air purifier, should you decide you want one.

Ultimately, whether air purifiers are safe for your children or not depends on the type.

Make sure to find one with a HEPA filter or an activated charcoal filter to ensure the best, safest results for your kids.

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