10 Unique After-School Classes To Sign Your Kid Up For

Tis' the season: it's back-to-school. And for the working parent, back-to-school could mean searching for the perfect after-school activity for your child and/or children. You may decide not to opt into the mundane childcare, especially if your child is older and becoming more interested in personal passions. So we have listed 10 unique after-school classes to sign your kid up for to keep them busy, safe, and interested. Read ahead for some inspiration during the new school season. You'll be glad you looked up classes other than the average after-school playdate and daycare to keep your child's imagination full and wild.


Swimming classes do not have to wait for the summertime or weekends. Enrolling your child in after-school swimming could lead to big and fun things like competitions! Age permitting, your child may be able to take their lessons without parent supervisions. It's a great, healthy activity to teach your child discipline and teamwork.

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Though swimming lessons can get quite expensive, especially if they're doing them more than once a week, you can also look into a gym-pass which may allow for the child to swim unlimited hours. Ensure that they have parental supervision if they're young, even if lifeguards are present.


Many schools and community centers offer after-school cooking classes. Make sure you do your research and inform the instructor if any child has allergies or dietary restrictions. But, this unique after-school class will ensure your child is fed after school. It will also teach them the basics of preparing meals, easy to complex. Cooking classes are a very good opportunity to build confidence, especially in the kitchen. Not only will your child be fed well after a long day of school, but they will learn some very important life lessons along the way.


Dance classes are a great way to relieve your child's stress and anxiety after a long day of school. Age depending, they can often attend class without adult supervisions. Consider a studio that's close to the school so that they can easily walk over once their day is done.

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Dance classes form great social skills along with discipline. They're a great way of exercise. If you sign your child up for more than 2 classes, ask for a discount. Often, studios will offer discounts if you sign more than one child up for classes or one child for more than 2.


Gymnastics may not have as much music as a dance class, but they sure are a great way to exercise and build confidence. Gymnastics is a great way to burn off steam after a long day at school. It's also a great class to enroll your child in to ensure they're having a great time after school hours. Gymnastics can lead to career and work, too. If they enjoy their classes, they may even be employees at their studio, which would be a great opportunity to keep them busy in their high school careers.


If your child prefers to stimulate their brain, many schools offer science class or science club. Whether you enroll the child in an after-school curriculum class or find one offered at a local museum, a class pertaining to science is a great way for your child to apply their knowledge in a subject they may be learning about each and every day at school.

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Not only can science be educational, but it can be incredibly creative. Wait until you hear about the robots they're building or the chemicals they've bonded! You'll surely be intrigued, too!


It's important to keep the Arts well and alive. They're a great place to encourage your child's creative nature and imagination. Art classes are great for any ages! There are some classes that may be offered for free at a local community center, and some that are a higher cost depending on the supplies they're using. Whether your child is 4 and they spend the hour painting, or your child is 12 and they're introduced to pottery, an Arts class is a great and unique after-school class to put your child in.


Finding a local sewing class is a great class to place your child in after school. Not only will it teach them a great amount of discipline, but it will show them what it truly means to be patient when creating their own, tangible project.

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Sewing is a very practical skill to learn. It will most definitely come in handy in the future. So, instead of signing them up for baseball or basketball (which are great options, too), consider putting them in a sewing class to invigorate their imaginations. Perhaps they'll be the next Stella McCartney.


Engineering classes can stem into many different paths. From computer science to mechanics, engineering branches off to some incredible career choices. Whether the child becomes truly interested in engineering or they simply meet some hidden talents, learning and thriving in this industry is incredibly practical for their future. Enrolling your child in an engineering class is a very unique option for their after-school activities. Browse around and see which one fits best for your child and their age group.


Oh, building. The interest can begin at infancy, going well into their adulthood. Architecture classes may be found at local museums and centers. This may seem like an obscure class to consider for your child, but they are available. And they're incredibly educational and fun! If you notice your child is intrigued by unique buildings all around, they may love this class. Considering you don't know until you try, an architecture class is a great way to heighten their interest in this field.


Many libraries offer after-school classes and activities for your children. No matter the age, there's often an option. And they're often inexpensive or free! Consider including your child in the options. Perhaps there's a second language course where they read beginner books. Perhaps there's a book club where they share common literature they're learning in school. There's always going to be different genres and different groups, so figure out which one will be best for your child.

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