10 Ideas For After School Other Than Television

How many times has your little one got home from school and instantly wanted to watch T.V.? There is just something about the programming the networks put on in the late afternoon that makes kids just want to sit down and watch for hours.

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Though we want our kids to have fun they need to find another activity that does not have to do with watching T.V. shows. There are so many fun and entertaining activities that your child can do after school. So keep reading to discover ten ideas for after school that do not involve the television.

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10 Reading Time

A wonderful activity for your child to do after school is to read a book. Books are amazing since they can take you to different worlds filled with action and adventure, and reading in your spare time is great to help your child become a better student and learner.

However, make sure that the book they pick out is going to capture their attention,  making them want to read it all the way to the end. Head to the local library with your little one and let them pick out a book to read.

9 Take A Sports Class

If your child has a lot of energy when they get home from school, then you should think about signing them up for a sports class. Sports will let your child burn energy while learning a new trait they enjoy.

Since there are hundreds of sports classes out there such as dance, gymnastics, karate, and so much more, we know there will be something for your child. So talk to them to see what they are interested in and sign them up for some classes they can take after school.

8 Go For A Bike Ride

Since your child has been sitting down at a desk for the whole day you should do something active with them to get their blood flowing and energy going. Going on a bike ride in your neighborhood is a fantastic way for you and your child to spend time together while getting in some exercise.

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This will give your child a chance to have fun and not be focused on the T.V. Don’t worry if your child doesn't know how to ride a bike as after school can be a great time for you to teach your little one.

7 Create Something In The Kitchen

Kids are known for wanting a snack once they get out of school and an activity they would love to practice is spending time in the kitchen. If you are baking or cooking, there are thousands of recipes that you can involve your child with.

Spending time in the kitchen together is a great bonding time for you two and can teach your little one life skills they are going to need. The best part is they are going to love eating the dish they make too. Look online for some creative and easy recipes for you and your child to make together after school.

6 Set Up A Playdate

If you are thinking about how you can get your child away from the television after school then other mothers are having the same thought. So why not solve both of your problems at once and set up a playdate with some of your child's friends?

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You do not need to invite everyone since only one friend can do the trick, but kids love having fun and playing together all of the time. The activities a child can do with friends is more than by themselves since they can share their imagination with a friend.

5 Play In The Backyard

Something that you might not even think about to keep your child from watching T.V. after school is to play in your own backyard. The backyard is wonderful to keep kids active since they can run around and create their own imaginary games.

You do not need a big backyard either for you to have fun with your child out there, all you need is a positive attitude. And who knows, maybe the other kids on the street will see your kids outside and want to come over and play too.

4 Have A Picnic Or Tea Party

Remember when you were younger and you loved to have picnics or pretend tea parties? Well, this would be a perfect activity for you and your child to do together after school together since we know they love those kinds of activities too.

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You can pack a basket with a blanket, snakes, and drinks before heading outside (or inside if it is a bad day) and have a fun picnic. But before you start the picnic, let your little one pick out a few of their favorite stuffed animals to join in on the fun activity.

3 Go To The Park

One activity that kids love doing is going to the park. At the park, there are so many different activities that they can do that are there; like going on the swing set, walking paths, and playing on the jungle gym.

The best part is when you let your child play at the park they can burn off extra energy they have to help them calm down for the rest of the night. Let your child have fun outside and take them to the park to get them away from the T.V.

2 Visit A Museum

via kids in museums

Long gone are the days when museums' items were all locked up behind glass with plaques telling you what they are. Now museums are branching out and making some parts hands-on so they can appeal to the young learner.

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Going to the museum can be a great way for your little one to have fun while learning something new at the same time. If this is a museum that is close to your home, then this can be something you do once a month or more, so when you are at the museum talk to the ticket manager to see if they offer yearly passes.

1 Do Arts & Crafts

It is known that kids love being creative and using their hands to create something. It doesn’t matter if they are drawing, painting or sculpting, as long as they are creating something they will have fun!

Doing arts and crafts after school is a fantastic way to keep your child away from the T.V. Since there are thousands of crafts to make we know there will be something for your little one to do every day after school. Let your child be creative and have fun making something with their hands.

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