10 Ways To Get Affordable Clothes For Your Growing Kids

Kids can grow fast your little child is now getting bigger at a rate you never imagined. And what was once their favorite pair of shorts might not fit them anymore. All the clothes that you just bout are now not fitting them they way they should be.

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If you are on a tight budget, buying new clothes all of the time can be difficult. Luckily, there are ways for you to get new to you clothes that your child and wear and enjoy. So keep reading to discover ten creative ways to get affordable clothes for your growing kids!

10 Once Upon A Child

A chain store that has been popping up across America is Once Upon A Child. This store is perfect if you have kids since their store is based on donations. Since the items are used this allows you to shop for items at prices that won’t break the bank.

They have items for everything from boys to girls to shirts to shoes you can surely get a full outfit for your child there. Don’t forget to bring your child’s outgrown clothes there too so you can pass them on to another family.

9 Let Go

Recently there have been many apps that have become popular when it comes to getting unwanted items. One that has really been making a splash is Let Go. Let Go is a great app to sell unwanted items and buy items for you and your family.

These items can be brand new and never worn or lightly worn from the previous owner. And don't worry about having to meet up with people somewhere to pick up the items that you bought since you can now get them mailed to you.

8 Facebook Groups

Facebook has become a wonderful way for people to connect with others all over the world with conman interest. Something that you might not even think about is joining local Facebook groups so you can see what items people have up for sale.

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These are not just great for parents with young kids, during formal seasons you can see a lot of gowns on sale in those groups too. Connect to some local Facebook groups so you can talk to other moms how are selling their kids unwanted clothes.

7 Poshmark

One of the most well-known apps that people instantly think of when it comes to buying affordable clothes is to download Poshmark. Poshmark is a resale app that allows you to shop form peoples' clothes from all over the country.

These items are perfect for you to get for anything from nice church clothes to everyday items you kids can wear to school and they are at princes that will make you happy. Download the app today and see what you can find for your little ones in the comfort of your own home.

6 Marketplace

Besides going on Facebook to connect with parents in groups is to look at Facebook Marketplace for items that are being sold. Facebook Marketplace has everything you can think of for sale from books to furniture and a lot of kids' clothing that parents are trying to get rid of.

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The best part about Facebook Marketplace is that you can customize what you are searching for and the distance you are willing to drive for while looking for items. So next time you are on your Facebook account make sure to look at Marketplace to find new to you items.

5 Thrift Stores

A place you might not even think about shopping at for your kids is thrift stores. With Goodwill, Savers, and Salvation Army there are many different places to look for. Many times people end up donating clothes that they never wore and still has the store tag on it.

But be aware that sometimes when you go to a thrift store, they are not going to have anything you are looking for so much sure that you head their multiple times so you can see all the new items they put out a daily basis.

4 Church Sales

Church sales are a wonderful way to get clothes for your growing kids at affordable prices. Church sales are perfect since many families come together to sell items at their church location. Many times church sales even have it where you can fill up a whole bag for clothes for just five dollars.

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This is one of the best deals you can have for buying clothes for your kids. Make sure you are staying up to date on your town's newspaper to see if any churches are having a church sale.

3 Tag Sales

Though tag sales are a seasonal activity that can only be hosted on good weather days it is worth it to get up early and head out to see who is hosting a tag sale at their house this weekend. Tag sales are wonderful for finding clothes for everyone in the family.

These types of sales are known for having items that their kids have outgrown. Remember that everything at the tag sale is up for grabs and can be negotiated down to make it a better price for you.

2 Hand Me Downs

One of my favorite things I did when I was younger was “shopping” at my cousin's closet for clothes that she outgrows. A great way to save money when looking for clothes for your child is talking to family to see if you can have hand me downs.

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Hand me downs are just clothes from other people that are still;l good to wear but are something that they have outgrown. So make sure to talk to your family to see if you can have any of the clothes that their kids have outgrown.

1 Swap Parties

Something that many parents love to do to get their kid's new clothes that will not even cost them a dime is to host swap parties. A clothing swap party is when you invite others over to bring clothes over that their kids no longer wear.

Make sure to get a diverse group of moms over to have a great party where everyone will go home with new to them items that they can have their kids wear. Start calling your mom friends to get this swap party going so you can get ride of your kid's unwanted clothes ad they can get new clothing items.

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