The Best Beauty Products Under $25 That Will Hide How Tired You Really Are

It's not news that moms are tired. When you have a millions things happening, sometimes sleep is the last thing you have time to think about. But getting rest is super important, especially if we want to be able to be our best selves. Of course, sometimes that is easier said than done. One of the biggest problems when you don't get enough rest is that it becomes visible — your skin looks dull, your face looks puffy, and you have bags under your eyes so big, it looks like you're going on vacation.

For those times when your face gives away your lack of rest, there are ways to combat it. Even if your face looks puffy, chances are, you're dehydrated. Hydration is key to making yourself look less tired. Drinking water, or eating foods with a high water content are great. But, if you need a little more outside help, here are some products that will help you look less tired. Even if you don't feel that way.

Volume Mascara

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One of the easiest ways to make your eyes look less tired is to wear mascara. This may come as a surprise, but when you're tired, keeping your eye makeup simple is actually the best way to look more awake. Using a neutral, matte eye shadow is the first step, followed by mascara on the top lashes only.

This mascara from Vivienne Sabo adds volume, which always makes you look more awake. And the mascara is cruelty free, which means it's not tested on animals. So you can look good and feel good too.

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BB Cream

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If you're looking for a simple way to freshen up your skin, a BB cream might be the perfect thing for you. BB cream is like a souped up moisturizer  — it offers hydration to the skin, but also acts as a bit of a light coverage foundation and a concealer.

If you're not the type of person who wants to wear a lot of makeup (if any) then this is one of the easiest ways to look a little more refreshed without having to layer on a lot of product. And this BB cream from MISSHA has hyaluronic acids for hydration, and rosemary and chamomile for soothing.

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Face Primer

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Even if you don't wear a ton of makeup, a face primer is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Primer smooths out many of your skin imperfections before you put on foundation, but it also works well on its own.

This Elizabeth Mott primer is mattifying, which means that it keeps your skin from getting shiny throughout the day. And it also does things like reducing pores and fine limes, which are always a dead giveaway for skin that needs rest.

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Vitamin C Serum

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For those who are pretty much always tired, you may want to look into something that will help your skin long term. Using a daily serum is one day to be consistent with helping your skin look less tired, even if you're exhausted. Hydration is a key factor in helping your skin appear less tired, and you want to give it as much help as possible.

This serum by InstaNatural is great for different uses: it's good for blemished skin, anti-aging and hydrating. You can also use this serum under your eyes as a way to combat dark circles (an obvious sign of lack of sleep) in addition to plumping your skin.

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Concealer Stick

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When you're tired, there is no better way to cover it than with concealer. The function is right there in the name. Concealer hides any tell tale signs of not getting enough rest. A couple dots of concealer under your eyes will make them look brighter, which is a perfect way to counteract the purple tones or darkness of under eye circles. And this Ecco Bella concealer stick is perfect for those of us who are on the go.

You can just throw it in your bag and do your quick fix in the car or on the subway while you're on your way to work in the morning. It's also a non greasy formula, which helps to make the skin look less tired.

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Sheet Masks

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Have a spare 15 minutes and want to freshen up your skin? You can never go wrong with a sheet mask. You can plop on a sheet mask while you're getting ready in the morning and by time as you're done, you will have fresher, brighter, and less tired looking skin.

These Rael sheet masks are great for hydration, which we know is key for waking up your skin and looking less tired. And these come in a pack of five, so you have a few for those mornings where you cannot pretend to look awake.

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Face Mist

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Do you need a quick pick-me-up to revitalize your tired skin? A facial mist is just that. All you have to do it spray your face and boom, you're finished. You don't need to do anything else, which is perfect for those low maintenance types, or people who simply don't have the time to devote much else to getting ready in the morning.

This facial spray by Mario Badescu has aloe, herbs, and rosewater. All of these are perfect for dry and tired skin because they offer soothing hydration. And what's even better is this spray can also be used on your hair!

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Under Eye Patches

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Dark under eye circles are the freaking worst. And it's the most obvious sign of lack of sleep. But the good news is, there is an easy way to help. These under eye patches from Cales are great because not only do they have multiple functions, they're clear!

This means you can slap them on and go about your morning routine. Or wear them on your commute to work, or while you're cleaning the house. In addition to helping to banish dark circles, they also help reduce puffiness and fine lines under the eyes too! And the best thing is, this is a pack of 15, so you have plenty.

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Which ones are you most likely to try? We promise that you won't always be as tired as you are, science says the sleep deprivation from parenting lasts about 6 years. Thankful there's good eye makeup.


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