Mom's Warning About Aerosol Sunscreens Is So Important

During these hot summer months, it's so important that we're diligent about using sunscreens, on our kids and on ourselves! OK, so it's important all year, but especially so in the summer when the sun is unrelenting and we spend so much time outside. There are hundreds of different types of sunscreens to choose from, and knowing which one to choose is really tough for a lot of parents. Many of us reach for the easiest option - the aerosol spray. If you've ever wrangled a small child while trying to rub in lotion sunscreen, then you know what a battle it can be. However, just because the aerosol sunscreens are easy to apply, doesn't mean they're the safest option. One mom's warning about what happened to her little one's skin after she applied an aerosol sunscreen should be required reading for all parents this summer.

Rebecca Cannon shared the scary story on Facebook. In May 2017, Cannon applied an aerosol sunscreen to her then 14-month-old daughter, Kyla. She read the label, which stated the sunscreen was safe for use on children over the age of 6 months. And she followed the application directions to the letter - she sprayed the sunscreen on her hands first, then rubbed it into the toddler's face. But little Kyla somehow still suffered severe facial burns. The picture Cannon shared is just horrifying.

Image: Facebook/Rebecca Cannon

Cannon shared the photo after Kyla had returned home from yet another trip to the hospital for extreme swelling related to the burns. She said that her daughter was doing OK and was in good spirits, which is amazing considering what she went through! Cannon shared the photo as a warning to other parents - she said that the research she did after Kyla was burned turned up many other stories just like hers. The sunscreen she used was Banana Boat SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Kids' Sunscreen, and that even after she spoke with Banana Boat, there was no resolution.

It's unclear if the burns were the result of sun damage or a reaction to the sunscreen itself, but it's a good idea to skip aerosol sunscreens for your little ones. We know it's a pain to rub in the lotion, but it's worth it if you can prevent what happened to Kyla from happening to one of your own kids.

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