10 Pieces Of Advice To Give Your Friend Who's Expecting For The First Time

Despite the backaches and leg cramps, relentless vomiting, and inability to see (and get) anything that’s below a poking tummy, there’s nothing more beautiful than pregnancy. Carrying a child is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for women.

There may be a little bit—or let’s be honest, a lot—of inconvenience for women as they carry their precious cargos, but those nine months are full of magical moments that you will treasure one day and make you say “I miss being pregnant.”

But when it's the first time, it's all a bit new - and not every mom knows what to do. Guaranteed at one point, you’ll feel like you’re losing it. But don’t fret, here are some golden pieces of advice for women expecting for the first time.

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10 Don’t Buy Too Much Of A Thing

Brand new moms tend to overspend on things that they think the baby might need. From newborn clothes to baby gears, these things cost a hefty fortune and will surely be outgrown in a matter of months.

Be practical in shopping for your bundle of joy’s needs. Babies grow at a rapid rate and you’ll never realize it until you see unused items that are only left covered by dust. Buy one or a few at a time. Say, if a feeding bottle doesn’t work, try buying just one piece of another to test if your baby’s going to like it.

9 Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

Wild guess: whoever said this advice must’ve never been a mom. You’ve got the laundry, the dishes, the food waiting to be cooked—the list goes on. Can we also just cook when the baby cooks and clean when the baby cleans?

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Ideally, it’s best to squeeze in rest as your little one takes a nap. But in a world where families are isolated from each other to help one out, it’s nearly impossible to take a rest with all the other responsibilities waiting. Even if your husband is around to help, it’s still hard to heed on this advice. But one thing’s sure: don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

8 Breastfeed If You Can

There’s a mounting pressure right now for new moms to feed the natural way, but we say this with no pressure at all. If you feel like breastfeeding is your choice, go for it with all your determination. Breastfeeding will save your family tons of money, will make your child healthier, happier, smarter and there are a whole lot more benefits. We know you’ve read it all already.

It may be hard for the first time, but as time goes along, your baby will learn how to properly latch from your girls. Don’t be discouraged as you start. You’ll get sore nipples and supply problems but make sure to arm yourself with proper knowledge on breastfeeding. This will help you a lot in making it a success.

7 Newborns Are The Best

If you think mothering newborns is hard, just wait until they turn as toddlers and teens. Mama, keep this in your mind: you’re in one of the best stages of your child’s life. Newborns are so easy to take care of.

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They just coo and smile. They cry a lot but with their cute little voice. Newborns are heaven-sent. It gets even better in the next three months as they learn how to interact and play with people. They learn how to giggle and recognize who you are. Keep your heart in these moments.

6 Save For Rainy Days

As your kids grow, the expenses get more and more ludicrous. As of 2018, experts say that raising a child costs a whopping $233,610, sans the college education. If you’re planning to have more, then better be prepared for an even deeper pocket.

Start from the time you have your first-born. Expenses at that point are relatively cheaper as compared to when they grow up and go to school. If you have extra dough, don't think twice if you’ll be needing that third vacuum cleaner that’s on “sale” at Walmart—just put it straight to your emergency fund. 

5 Never Forget Your Partner

Having children can truly bring a lot of changes in your life, including the relationship with your partner. As new moms, we may tend to keep all the attention on our babies. There’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t forget that you still have a partner who also needs love, affection, and attention just like your kid.

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Don’t let this new phase burn out your marriage. Give time to your other half. Show them that you’re still the same woman that they loved before you had your bundle of joy. They will appreciate you even more and see how great of a woman you are—juggling motherhood and wife duties at the same time.

4 Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Life is tough. There’s a whole lot of things on your plate as a parent. You’ve got a whole lifetime to guide your children and the weight you’ll carry is like none other. You’re expected to brave countless hurdles along the way, so save yourself from pointless miseries. If it won’t matter in the next days to come, don’t sweat it.

Motherhood is already hard. You don’t have to carry the burden of stress over inconsequential things. So what if your house isn’t sparkly clean today? Will it matter if you can’t match the nth pair of sock from your fresh laundry? It’s okay to free yourself from these tiny worries. Never forget to give yourself a break.

3 Don’t Forget Self-Care

Once the baby comes, we tend to put ourselves at the last of our priority list. As you give birth to your new baby, a brand new you also come into life. A happy, tired, hot mess of a mother.

But don’t forget who you were and what you used to do. This will keep you sane and make you feel like you’re still human. When everything feels too exhausting, when you feel everything you do is thankless, take a step back and do what replenishes your energy.

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Have days off or take a good full bath alone. Sleep uninterruptedly or get back to your old hobby that you almost forgot doing. Talk to your partner about this and make them understand—it’s hard to take care of everybody when you haven't fully replenished yourself.

2 Let them loose, Let Them Be

It's easy to want to spend your time around your child protecting them, taking care of them. We’re always following at their every footstep, taking care of their every whim. We’re pampering them so much that sometimes, they grow up too naive, and without confidence in their own abilities.

Children are so much capable than what we, adults, think. When we let them do things on their own, we’re nurturing them to reach into their full potential. Give them age-appropriate responsibility to challenge them. Guide with your eyes peeled, but keep yourself within a decent distance. You’ll be surprised what your kids can do without your help.

1 Cherish The Moments

Believe it when someone ahead of you tells this: cherish the moments while they’re still little. It’s surprising how fast days turn into years and little you know, you have full-grown adults saying goodbye as they move out for college.

The years will be fleeting, and you’ll soon miss the mess and noise of your once-tiny kids. The hard parts of motherhood will subside and everything will be so much easier, but probably because they wouldn’t be needing you anymore. They’ve finally learned how to stand on their own.

You may have read this everywhere but this eye-opener rings the truth: love them a little more, before they’re not little anymore.

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