There's An Adults-Only Advent Calendar That Gives You A Glass of Wine Each Day

Laithwaite's Wine Advent Calendar

If you are looking for a special and creative way to celebrate the holidays this year with an advent calendar that probably had your daily drinking habit in mind, we’ve got news for you. Apparently, there’s a new adults-only advent calendar that gives you a glass of wine each day – not that anyone is counting or asking permission for one, right?

While some moms don’t mind having a little piece of dark chocolate on a daily basis (it’s good for the heart, after all), others need a little something else to help them wind down after a long day of work, family life and of course, making preparations for the holidays.

The brand new Wine Lovers’ Advent Calendar for Laithwaite’s is not only every woman’s dream, but it’s also a present that any mother would definitely appreciate before things kick in full gear in the coming weeks.

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And while Trader Joe’s and Target sell plenty of family friendly advent calendars to get you excited about the holiday season, this is one that moms can keep for themselves. According to their web site, users can open each window to find some pretty neat surprises inside.

The site promises that behind each of the calendar’s 24 windows, a handy little quarter-bottle provides a generous glassful (187ml) of "world-class wine from top winemakers around the globe." Depending on what day it is, you can find yourself sipping on a "five-star estate Rioja", a "double-gold Champagne," or a 2015 vintage Bordeaux. We can smell and taste the holiday cheer and excitement already, and it’s not even time for Halloween!

You might want to act fast to make sure you get your hand on a wine calendar because they are selling out fast. Also, the web site suggests that you order your calendar before November 19 so it arrives at your doorstep just on time.

With a Wine Lover’s Advent Calendar like this, you definitely don’t want to miss a day at all. The calendar should be delivered to your home no later than December 1.

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