Father Searches For 6-Year-Old Son Lost In Hurricane Dorian

The path of destruction Hurricane Dorian is leaving in its wake seems unfathomable to comprehend for many. Entire neighborhoods have been decimated and at least 20 people have been confirmed dead in the Bahamas as a result of the storm that battered the area for more than 48 hours. Thousands are still missing, including the 6-year-old son of one man who was separated from his son during the storm.

Adrian Farrington Sr. told CBS News that he fractured his leg while trying to save his son A.J. when the storm hit as the two were on the roof of their home, trying to keep away from the rising floodwaters. "The gust of wind blew him off the roof, on the side of the home back into the surge water," he explained to CBS. A.J.’s older brother, Richard Johnson, who has been helping to look for his younger brother, told the reporter that he wasn’t overly optimistic when asked if he thought they might find A.J. alive. "Given the circumstances, I'm not that hopeful," Johnson said. "Knowing I can rely on the Lord above to rest assure, that's going to be hopeful for me."

Farrington said that he saw many others drown from his rooftop before he was eventually rescued and brought to the hospital. "I still can hear people crying for their lives in my head," he said. "I still can see my son getting dragged across the roof, reaching out."

The storm caused so much damage across the Bahamas that The Red Cross estimates that almost half of the homes on Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands were damaged or destroyed, CBS News reports.

People are still searching for A.J. in the hopes that he may be at a shelter. Johnson brought a flyer with a picture of his brother on it to the National Emergency Management Agency. "They are still looking around in terms of shelters," he said. "There's a possibility he might be in a shelter." His father said that all he wants is for his son to know he loves him.

"The only thing I would want him to understand is that I love him and I tried everything possible as human to save him from the natural disaster," he said.

If you would like to help in the Hurricane Dorian relief you can donate to The American Red Cross relief efforts here.

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