10 Adorable Ways To Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

When someone finds out they are pregnant, it is an absolutely huge moment - and it is often quite overwhelming as well, since there are a lot of things that must be done. Expectant mothers have to figure out approximately how far along they are. They need to get in touch with their doctor to set up their first prenatal appointment, and start to think about planning for the pregnancy and birth.

Along with all that, though, they must do is figure out how they want to tell their partner that they are expecting a little one - and while some may choose to just have a quiet conversation, there are some really fun ways to make a big deal out of it as well.

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10 Use The Oven

It is often said that a pregnant woman has a bun in the oven (there is a fun history behind that). Expectant moms can inform their partners about the pregnancy by putting a bun in the oven and having them open it up.

To make things a little more interesting, moms can hide a video camera somewhere and record the whole thing, so that they can catch their partner’s reaction on camera. It’s pretty cool to capture some of life’s best moments on video so that they can be viewed over and over again. Moms can also snap some pictures of the moment if they do not have a video camera handy.

9 It Can Be Done With A Book

Moms who aren’t sure how to tell their partner that they are expecting a new baby should consider using a parenting book. They can wrap it in wrapping paper, put it in a decorative bag, hide it somewhere, or just give it to their partner as it is.

Another thing that makes this an awesome way to announce a pregnancy is that parenting books can be used for many, many years. These things are definitely a wonderful gift since they will likely get used a lot, especially by those who have not raised kids before. There are plenty of different ones to choose from.

8 Pregnancy Tests Are Great For This

Home pregnancy tests can be used to announce pregnancies in many different ways. They are small, which makes them pretty versatile.

Moms can wrap them up in a box and give it to their partner as a gift. They can also hide pregnancy tests somewhere and have their partner find them.

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But ladies who use a digital test need to remember that the results are only on the screen for about one day. After that, they disappear. Moms who use digital pregnancy tests to announce the new addition to the family need to act fast, or just take another test.

7 Onesies Are Cute

New moms go through tons of baby clothes rather fast, so it’s not a bad idea to start stocking up on onesies early. Moms can even buy one to tell their partner that they are adding someone new to their family soon.

Onesies are awesome to use as pregnancy announcements since many of them are so different. Onesies come in various colors, and some of them are just solid colors. Others, however, have messages on them. Moms can even order ones that are specifically designed for this type of event. Sometimes ladies can even have them custom made, which adds a very personal touch.

6 Sports Can Be Involved

Ladies who are with someone who is into sports can even incorporate that into the announcement. Moms can give their partners tiny football jerseys. If they are with someone who is really into golf, then they can get golfing equipment for children, and wait until their partner puts two and two together.

There are even sports-themed baby outfits that moms can purchase for events like this. There are a lot of children’s products that are focused on different types of sports, so this is relatively easy to do. Using sports to announce a pregnancy will definitely score moms a lot of points.

5 Shirts Are Cute

Some pregnancy announcements don’t even require anyone to say a word. Moms can simply wear a shirt that does all of the talking.

There are a lot of cute pieces of clothing that are designed for pregnant women, and many of them are great for announcing pregnancies. Shirts like this usually have cute and funny phrases on them that give away the big news.

It is often fun to wear them and see how long it takes other people to pick up on the big news. Some of these shirts have sayings on them such as “Keep calm I’m pregnant” and “Does this shirt make me look pregnant?”

4 Use Cake

Cakes are awesome ways to deliver touching and meaningful messages, so using them to announce that a new little baby is on the way is a pretty good idea. Moms should find out what their partner’s favorite flavor is, and then make a cake and put a cute message on it that tells them they’re going to be a parent. Or, ladies who are not comfortable with baking can order a cake instead.

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Parents have cakes at baby showers, as well as gender reveal parties, so this just seems fitting. Plus, there are lots of different ways to decorate cakes like this.

3 Baby Shoes Are Adorable

Expectant moms who want to find unique and creative ways to deliver this big news to their partner should probably consider using shoes, since they will really throw them off. Moms can buy a pair of baby shoes, and then wrap the box up and give it to their partner as a gift. The other parent will never see this coming, which makes this an awesome idea.

If moms do not want to use the shoe box, they can simply place the shoes where the adult pairs usually go and see how long it takes their partner to figure things out.

2 Use A Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookies are supposed to reveal some very personal details, so they are an awesome and unique way to tell others about the new little bun in the oven. Moms can actually have one personally made, and they can give it to their partner after dinner.

Since many fortune cookies look similar to others, ladies should make sure their partner has the right one. Otherwise, things can get pretty confusing if both parties are opening up fortune cookies. This is an awesome and memorable way to let someone else know that they are about to become a parent in the near future.

1 Homemade Cards Are Pretty Awesome

Pregnancy announcements should always have a bit of a personal touch to them, and homemade cards are the perfect way to deliver this kind of news. This is an especially fun pregnancy announcement for mamas who are particularly good at arts and crafts.

Those who are good at drawing can draw a design on the front. Something else moms can do is put an ultrasound image of their baby on the front of the card, which makes it a lot more personal. There is no limit to how creative an expectant mother can get when it comes to homemade cards.

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