10 Adorable Big Sister And Brother Gifts That Come With New Baby

Expecting a new addition to the family is awesome, but it can be a little bit more difficult when there are older siblings in the picture. Thankfully, there are some things mothers and fathers can do to make this a much easier thing for their older children to handle.

It can be pretty hard for little ones when they find out that someone else will be sharing mommy and daddy’s attention with them. One thing parents can do is purchase a few useful and fun products that can make the entire transition a little easier on everyone.

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10 BubbleBum Booster Car Seats

When a new baby is born, sometimes his or her older siblings receive a cool gift (which isn’t as cool as the baby sibling, but still awesome nonetheless). One product that is great for this is BubbleBum Booster Car Seats.

They’re designed for children between the ages of 4 and 11-years-old. Also, they are much easier to transfer from one vehicle to another than some bigger car seats are. So, when all of the kids are excited to ride with Grandma for a day of fun, they don’t have to wait forever to have their big car seats transferred.

9 A Fun Journal To Write Or Draw In

Anyone who has ever been around young children knows that they can be very artistic and just really creative in general. Sometimes they show their passion for the arts by drawing or painting, and sometimes they show it by writing.

Also, having a new younger sibling can bring out a lot of different feelings in children. So, a perfect gift for older siblings is a journal that they can write or draw in. A perfect journal for this is one of the journals that Yoobi offers. They each have very fun and unique designs, which only makes them even cooler.

8 Marbles

Sometimes it is easy to forget that when it comes to toys, the simple ones are the best ones most of the time. For example, marbles seem pretty simple, but they can actually provide a lot of great fun for the whole family.

That is why a great gift for older siblings from the new baby is Toysmith Marbles. But, this is best for kids who are at least 5-years-old. They can be a choking hazard for anyone who is younger than that. Kids can trade these marbles with friends, play games with them, or simply enjoy their unique appearances.

7 Re-Play 7” Plates

Having children that are very close in age can be really hard, especially during mealtime. But, something that is awesome for older siblings to have is a set of plates that makes it a bit easier.

Re-Play 7” Plates are pretty great. They come in lots of different colors, which makes them fitting for both girls and boys. Also, they’re the perfect size for any meal for little ones, which just makes them that much cooler. But the best part is the fact that they have a lip, which makes it harder for kids to spill what’s on their plate.

6 Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Raspberry Doll

There are quite a few fantastic gifts parents can give their little girl when she becomes a big sister. For instance, one really great gift idea is the Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Raspberry Doll. This is honestly one of the coolest dolls out there. It has a lovely vanilla scent, and it is water friendly, which means that any kid who owns one can even pretend to give them a bath.

The only downside to this doll is that it is a little bit on the expensive side. But it is actually worth every penny since it’s so awesome.

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5 Tots Art Start

Children can be very creative little things, and many of them really seem to love sitting down and coloring or painting extremely colorful pictures. Therefore, anything that lets them explore their artistic abilities is a wonderful gift for both big brothers and big sisters.

One product that definitely falls into this category is Tots Art Start, which allows the little ones to have hours of fun exploring their creativity. Little kids have short attention spans, but this is very likely to keep them occupied for a while. Plus, kids who have this might make some cards for their new baby sibling.

4 Melissa & Doug Wooden Stamp Set

Every parent knows that little ones tend to get bored very easily, and it doesn’t take long for that to happen. Plus, kids can get anxious when they are bored, which is never fun when moms have to care for a newborn as well.

So, one awesome present that an older brother or sister can receive from their new sibling is the Melissa & Doug Wooden Stamp Set. One thing that makes this cool is the many different themes these stamps come in, which makes them a great fit for any little one. These can keep kids occupied for hours.

3 L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

Nearly everyone loves to be surprised, especially when they are little kids. Also, when a mom has a new baby to care for, she needs to have something that will keep her other children busy while she tends to the new addition to their family.

That is where the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls come in. They are a big hit with little girls everywhere these days. Also, they’re fairly simple toys that are inexpensive as well. They come in a ball, which kids have to unwrap. Each layer has a new clue, and then they find a doll in the center.

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2 Awesome Little Green Men

A lot of people love mystery, including children. That is why the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are such a big hit. But big brothers also like to have toys like that. This is where the Awesome Little Green Men figures come in. They have a mystery soldier, and they also have a bunch of other things that makes this a fun gift as well.

Much like the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, these toys can be collected. They also come with some other cool stuff aside from the mystery soldier, including chains and dog tags, which many little boys are sure to adore.

1 Candy Necklaces

For the most part, mothers and fathers do not choose to give their little ones candy on a daily basis. However, it is a bit fun to change things up every now and then, and sometimes that also makes things a little bit easier for moms when they are also caring for a new baby.

One gift that is sure to be popular with both big sisters and big brothers alike is candy. Koko’s Candy Necklaces are a great choice. They are especially good to help encourage children to help their parents out when the new little one is born.

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