10 Adorable Leaf-Based Crafts That Kids Will Love To Make

It's fall, y'all! Now that the leaves are changing colors and falling from their tree homes, it's time to get crafty with our little ones! With the drop in temperature and sun going down earlier, there are only so many activities kids can do outside. This is when teachers and parents need to get creative and work with what they're given: leaves.

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With all the beautiful colors leaves bring us, there are hundreds of crafts kids and adults can do to really make them shine. It's even fun to go on a 'leaf hunt' to collect the prettiest of leaves that our kids can be proud of.

For these 10 crafts, all you'll need is a bunch of beautiful leaves and maybe a few things from the local arts and craft store. It's time to celebrate fall!


Who doesn't appreciate a good magnet? Most families use their fridges to hang their kids' pictures or artwork, so why not hang them using homemade leaves they made themselves.

Blogger Filth Wizardry had a great idea with these leaf magnets. After collecting some beautiful leaves, they pressed their leaves in a book for a few days to make sure they were perfectly flat. They then sent them through a laminator and glued a small magnet to the back of the leaf.


Is there anything more adorable than a leaf mobile for an autumn baby? To make this mobile last, you'll need to mix one part glycerin (1/2 cup) and two parts water (one cup) in a bowl before pouring it over leaves that are properly flattened in either a container or baking tray.

Once covered, grab another tray or container to put on top of the leaves so that they're all perfectly covered. Buggy and Baby suggests leaving the leaves in this mixture for three days before removing and blotting them dry. From there, click the link to see how to apply the wax paper.


We all need a good coaster to keep our mugs of hot apple cider on, so what better way to do that than by making our own. Confessions of a Homeschooler says you'll need white tiles, leaves, a sponge, Mod Podge, and something heavy to keep these pressed.

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Press the leaves in a book for about seven days and then paste a level of Modge Podge on the tile. While the title is still wet, place your leaves on top and then add another level of Modge Podge on top. Continue this step for every leaf before letting it dry. If you'd like, you can add some felt to the bottom of the coaster so it keeps your table protected.


How gorgeous do these DIY lanterns look? Red Ted Art says to grab smaller leaves and to glue them to "greaseproof paper." Add a few more drops of glue before adding another piece of paper on top of the first.

Next, grab a cheese wheel from the store and use the two ends as the base for the lantern. You'll glue the paper to the wheel and put it over a lightbulb for the perfect fall-themed lantern. Click the blog above for more steps.


Flower crowns are all the rage for spring and summer but when it comes time for fall, it's time for a leaf crown. Red Ted Art says to grab around 15 leaves for good measure.

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Once you've gathered your leaves, fold the leaves "about 1/4 to a 1/3," and then break off the stems to "sew" the leaves together until they stay connected. Do the same thing consistently until you have the right size for your child's head. For more thorough directions on sewing the leaves together, click here.


Leaf prints are probably the easiest of the crafts (and cheapest, too). Meaningful Mama notes all you'll need is some paper, beautiful leaves, paint, and paintbrushes.

Once your kiddos picked their leaves (look for big ones!), paint them with beautiful colors or designs before pressing them on to a piece of paper like a stamp. You'll then have a more colorful depiction of the same leaf you picked.


Didn't we all do leaf rubbings in elementary school? It's a great craft to learn about leaves (thanks to the tracings of their veins) while harnessing their art skills.

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Go hunting for some larger leaves and then head home to place them on the table. Grab a piece of paper to place over the leaf before using a crayon to trace it. You'll soon see the skeleton of the leaf appear on paper.


Watching the colors change on the trees every fall is one of the best parts about the season. The leaves are all a vibrant red, yellow, orange, and brown. To keep nature's colors with you all the time, Just a Girl Blog has a fun way to turn them into art.

Grab a piece of wood and place dried (and flattened) leaves on top of the wood in a cool pattern. You'll then need some Modge Podge to paint over the leaves (you may also want a heavy object to flatten areas while you're sticking others) and then just let it dry. That's it!


How cute are these little butterflies? Go for a fall stroll with your little one and collect different colored leaves, some twigs, and anything else you find that would look pretty on your DIY butterfly.

Once you're home, use a hot glue gun to glue the leaves to the twig and then your toddler has their own butterfly.


Stained glass filled with beautiful leaves? Why not? The Artful Parent says to stick leaves of your choice to "transparent contact paper" on the sticky side.

Once they're stuck, tape the transparent paper to a window where the light will shine through. This can be such a cute idea for the windows come Thanksgiving.

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