10 Adorable Ways of Involving Your Kids in Your Wedding

Whether you are having your first wedding, getting remarried, or just renewing your vows there is so much to do when planning a wedding. Now that you have little ones in the mix you want them to feel special and involved when it comes to the wedding.

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But how can you involve them past the wedding planning? Well, there are plenty of adorable ways that you can involve your kids in your wedding no matter what their age is. Keep reading to discover ten ways that you can involve your kids in your wedding so they feel special in the exciting family moment.

10 Have A Special Dance With Them

After the ceremony, people want to have fun at the reception and the reception is known for good times with friends and family while dancing and eating. A great and adorable way that your child can be involved is if you have a special dance with your child.

There are so many wonderful songs that you can choose from that will be great for either a son or daughter. If you have more than one child get your partner involved too and have them dance with the kids for family bonding!

9 Let Them Create A Mocktail

If you have young children that you want to involve in your wedding then you should let them create their own drink. Their mocktail can be made of their favorite fruits, juices, and sodas that people can request to have.

This drink can be named after them or they can even come up with a unique name for it themselves. We know that once your guess see their mocktail that all of your guests will want to order one no matter what their age is. So talk to your reception venue so about having your kids create a mocktail.

8 Allow Them To Perform

Kids love to have fun and show off their creativity and that is why a lot of the time you will see them dancing or singing. A fantastic way for you to involve your child in your wedding is so let them perform. They can sing a love song wither at the wedding or reception.

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You can even create a dance routine your whole family can do with them. Both of these ideas are wonderful and will be a moment all of your guests will remember and think back at for years.

7 Let Them Speak At The Reception

You and your partner tying the knot is sure to be a moment you remember for the rest of your lives. And if you have children then this wedding is important to them too since it is a commitment to the family you created.

Letting your child speak at the reception is a way for them to express how they feel about their new family. No matter what they say in their speech we know a sweet moment like this is sure to make everyone get teary-eyed about the love in their hearts.

6 Flower Girl

Before the bride walks down the aisle there is the processional that is filled with immediate family, bridesmaid, and if the couple knows any young children there is a flower girl.

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If you have a little girl then asking her to be a flower girl at your wedding will surely be a moment she remembers for the rest of her life. When your guests see her tossing out flower petals from her basket it will make their hearts melt that you include her in a very special way on your big day.

5 Walk You Down The Aisle

Involving your child into your wedding is not something just for little kids, even older kids can get involved in the wedding process. Having an older child is perfect for you to ask them to walk you down the aisle.

This will be a very significant moment in their life when they have their small family grown and add a new important family member. This is not just if you have a son too, even if you have a daughter you can still ask her to walk you down the aisle too!

4 Ring Bearer

An important role in the wedding is the ring bearer. Since the rings symbolize the couple's love for each other, the rings that are carried down the aisle are important. Involving your child in the wedding to be your ring bearer will show that you want them to have an important role in the big day.

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So talk to your child about having this role at your wedding and we know that if you have your little one being a ring bearer they will steal the hearts for all of your guests.

3 Let Them Help Light The Unity Candle

During the wedding ceremony, there is a moment where the couple lights a unity candle. The candle represents their love being united together in a flame. If you have a child then you want to involve them in the candle lighting.

This moment will sure to warm the hearts of your guests since you are involving your child in this big moment that creates a new family. The best part is that every time your child looks at this candle in their house they will remember how they were invited to light it with you and your partner.

2 Best Man

A fantastic way to include your son in the wedding is to ask him to be the best man. The best man is an important role that helps the groom throughout the day. Ask your older son to be apart of the wedding party so he can feel included in this life-changing event.

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If you have a younger son then you should ask him to be one of the groomsmen instead! We know either way they will feel special for being apart of the wedding party.

1 Maid Of Honor

A great honor that you get to select one special lady is finding a maid of honor for your wedding. If you have a daughter, this will be a magical way for you to include her on the big day. The maid of honor is a way for you to share your wedding with the girl you brought into this world.

If your daughter is not old enough for her to be the maid of honor then you can have her be a bridesmaid instead! So make your day a very special family day by involving your daughter to be apart of the bride’s party.

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