10 Conditions Your Child Might Have (But Be Misdiagnosed With ADHD)

ADHD, which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a condition that affects a person’s behavior. It is fairly common, and when a person has it, ADHD can affect nearly every aspect of their life. Children who have ADHD often find that they have trouble concentrating on things, or paying attention in school.

There are a lot of symptoms of this condition. Kids who are dealing with ADHD are usually very hyperactive, and they also tend to act on impulse. They are also very easily distracted, and they might not be very good at listening, which means they often miss important details when others are speaking to them. But there are also a lot of conditions that are very similar to ADHD in some ways.

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10 Learning Disabilities

It’s pretty easy for kids who have learning disabilities to get misdiagnosed with ADHD. Those who have learning disabilities display a lot of symptoms that are incredibly similar to some of the symptoms that people with ADHD have.

Having a learning disability can affect a person in a lot of ways. This kind of issue can affect how a person understands information that is presented to them, as well as how they read, write, speak, and do math, which makes it pretty easy for some people to confuse a learning disability with other conditions like ADHD, even though that is not the same type of thing.

9 Allergies

If a parent notices that their little boy or girl is having a hard time concentrating or focusing on something, maybe they should wait a bit before believing it has something to do with their brain, since it could be an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to things like preservatives, dyes, and other things that are found in food can cause some people to demonstrate this kind of behavior.

But not many people think that those things could be the cause, which is why they sometimes jump to something more serious. Those who have allergies like this should eat organic food whenever they can.

8 Hypoglycemia

When children have low sugar levels, which is typically referred to as hypoglycemia, they can act very similar to individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD, so it’s easy to see how they could get misdiagnosed. Low sugar can cause people of all ages to do a lot of strange things.

When it comes to little ones, hypoglycemia can cause them to act out in many ways. They might become more aggressive, even if they do not usually act that way. Another reason why some children with hypoglycemia might get misdiagnosed with ADHD is because they can become hyperactive when their sugar is low.

7 Hearing Or Vision Issues

If a child has trouble with their vision or hearing, some might believe that they have ADHD, and it’s not hard to see how that could happen. Sometimes children who are unable to hear what a person is saying may seem as though they are simply not paying attention.

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The same is true for kids who have problems seeing things correctly. Until they are correctly diagnosed and their vision is corrected, they will likely have a lot of trouble in school, which can lead to some people believing that they are suffering from ADHD. It is important to rule out all the possible causes of problems like this before settling on one.

6 Heart Disease

Heart disease and ADHD are vastly different things, but they have a lot of similarities as well, so some people might initially believe that someone with heart disease actually had ADHD. The heart has a direct connection with the brain, so when something is wrong with it, the brain can definitely be affected.

Those who are looking at getting diagnosed with ADHD should check out their heart health. Being put on the wrong medication is dangerous for anyone, but that is especially true if undiagnosed heart problems already exist. Another interesting tidbit is that children who are put on medicine for ADHD are at a higher risk for developing issues with their heart later on.

5 Anemia

Sometimes kids who are anemic can appear as though they have ADHD. Anemia is what someone is diagnosed with when they do not have enough red blood cells to carry the right amount of oxygen to other parts of their body.

Anemia can be the cause of a lot of issues. It can make someone feel very tired, and they might feel weak as well.

Since people with anemia do not have as much oxygen being delivered to their brain as they should, their brain might not work properly. This is what makes some of the symptoms of ADHD and anemia so similar.

4 Bipolar Disorder

Some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and ADHD are incredibly similar, but the conditions are actually quite different. Bipolar disorder can actually get much worse over time if it is not treated correctly, so an accurate diagnosis is extremely important in this case.

Some of the similarities include a boost in energy, as well as interrupting other people, talking excessively, and being easily distracted when in a manic state. But there are huge differences as well.

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ADHD affects the behavior of a person, whereas bipolar disorder has a huge impact on that person’s mood. Another difference is the fact that people with bipolar disorder go through cycles of depression and mania.

3 Sleep Disorders

What some people do not realize is that a lack of sleep can cause a lot of behavior problems, especially if it happens for a long period of time, and sometimes those who have sleep disorders can mistakenly get diagnosed with ADHD. Sleep deprivation is a much bigger deal than some people think it is.

No matter how old a person is, it can really impact their health in a lot of undesirable ways, and many of them are very similar to the effects of ADHD. That is because sleep deprivation can make a person seem lazy and unmotivated, much like adult deficit hyperactivity disorder.

2 Intestinal Imbalance

A lack of balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestines can cause anyone to appear as though they have some issues that are related to their brain. That is because there is a chemical in them that greatly influences a person’s mood, and it can also have quite an impact on their behavior as well.

If parents notice that their little boy or girl is suddenly acting a bit strange, they should keep this in mind, and bring it up during their next visit with the pediatrician. This chemical is called serotonin, and bad bacteria can have a pretty big impact on it. Odd behavior should not always automatically be attributed to things like ADHD, since it has a lot to do with what a person eats as well.

1 Metabolic Disorders

If a person’s body is unable to break things down the way it is meant to, that person might demonstrate certain behaviors that are often associated with ADHD. If parents are wondering whether or not their son or daughter has adult deficit hyperactivity disorder, they might also want to rule out the possibility of the child having a metabolic disorder.

Sometimes the two conditions appear to be very similar to one another. Mental degeneration will eventually happen when the human body is unable to break down the nutrients that are put into it. Those who suffer from a metabolic disorder might get misdiagnosed because of this.

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