This 'Acting Inappropriately' Daycare Incident Report Is Bad, But Can't Stop Laughing

Ok, we get it. Getting a call or message from your kid's daycare provider is usually a bad thing, right? But what if the message you get ends up being so hilariously, gut-busting funny that you don't know how to deal?

Children are a strange breed. As any parent knows, having a child around means that the stresses and issues you encounter on a daily basis are consistently unusual. Things you might not ever even believe unless you'd seen them for yourself! Despite all the misbehaving and need for constant supervision and support, children are often hilarious. Even the things that are decidedly not funny, usually end up funny when looking back.

Which brings us to this particular note received by the parent's of a girl named Elizabeth. In a note that was posted in the r/funny sub on Reddit, the child racked up an incident report for inappropriate behavior. The hilarious note soon went viral.

The note reads:

"Elizabeth was acting inappriopriately by showing another student her butthole while saying "look at my butthole"" (source)

Sorry, but that's funny. Inappropriate, but funny.

The note was posted by a friend of the parents of little Elizabeth, and has since received over 88 thousand upvotes and amassed over 3000 comments. Most of which are hilarious stories of notes received by other parents.

It's difficult to say why this story is quite so hilarious. Probably has something to do with the no-nonsense direct and descriptive tone in which the note was written. Imagine having to write a note like that with a straight face. Or having to read it with one? I imagine it would be difficult.

Since this was posted on Reddit a mere 2 days ago, it has been shared many many times with parents coming out to tell their own stories of the weird things that kids do. Children don't yet have the boundaries and social graces to realize that inappropriateness of behavior like this, so discussions around their behavior is a veritable goldmine of hilarious anecdotes.

As for Elizabeth, I'm sure her parents gave her a proper talking to about anatomical privacy at daycare. Then laughed and laughed after she went to bed. It's one of the many little joys of parenthood.

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