Science Is Getting Closer Than Ever To An Acne Vaccine

Vaccines are one of the most amazing advancements in medical science in history. They're responsible for saving millions upon millions of lives, and improve the lives and lifespans of people all around the world everyday! If you've never had polio or measles, guess what? You have vaccines to thank for that! Science continues to make huge strides in developing and manufacturing vaccines that change lives every single day. We have vaccines to protect us from common childhood maladies like the chicken pox, horrible and potentially deadly illnesses like flu, and even vaccines that have proven to be effective at preventing deadly cancers like the HPV vaccine.

Up until now, vaccines have kept us healthy and, you know, ALIVE, which is honestly enough. But what if there was a vaccine that was designed not to save your life, but just improve one really annoying aspect of it? A vaccine like that may be on the horizon, and it sounds pretty amazing.

Scientists and medical researchers are currently working on an acne vaccine. Yes, you read that right! A vaccine that targets and prevents acne! As every single teenager in the entire world can confirm, acne is the worst. And it doesn't stop in the teen years! Most of us still deal with pimples and breakouts long after we've left our teen years in the rear view mirror. But that may change, with the development of the acne vaccine.

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A new development in dermatological research, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, seems to indicate that an acne vaccine may not be too far off. The scientists behind the study are testing a vaccine that targets a specific bacteria that lives on our skin all the time, called Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. This bacteria is involved in the production of pimples, and also produces a toxic protein called the CAMP factor (CAMP is short for Christie-Atkins-Munch-Peterson factor).

Scientists have determined that the CAMP factor plays a huge role in the acne on your face and body, because it causes skin inflammation. So the trial vaccine they tested on mice sends antibodies to the CAMP factor and renders it less intense. In trials, mice who got the injection seemed to be protected from the toxic protein, and it even performed well on samples of human skin.

The development of vaccines takes a long time, so it may be a while before we actually see a vaccine like this hit the market. But we imagine that when it finally does, people will be lining up to get the shot. Yay, science!

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