Kids Will Be Able To Visit The Academy Museum for Free

There's no better way to introduce our kids to new things than by taking them to museums. Museums are basically giant buildings filled with knowledge, just waiting for kids to come in and absorb it all! Natural history museums, science museums, world and local history museums - there are so many great places in the country for kids to learn and have a great time doing it. There's pretty much a museum for every interest. You can visit museums dedicated to fashion and makeup, agriculture, technology, and even the science of playing with your hands. In Los Angeles, there are also lots of museums dedicated to movies and film, which makes sense considering LA is where most of the magic happens!

Later this year, another movie museum is opening in LA, and this one looks absolutely amazing. The Academy Museum will be an institution dedicated to the art and science of making movies, and thanks to a large gift from George Lucas, kids will be able to visit The Academy Museum for free.

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The director of the museum, Kerry Brougher, says that the goal of The Academy Museum is to educate young visitors and help shape the next generation of filmmakers and artists. And who better to help make that happen than George Lucas, one of the most prolific filmmakers of all-time?! Lucas' artistry as a filmmaker is drawn largely on his own experiences as a child. The Flash Gordon movies he watched as a kid were some of the inspiration behind the Star Wars franchise.

The soundtrack for American Graffiti is comprised of songs from when Lucas was a teenager. He brought his own experiences to the big screen, and hopes to inspire other young people to do the same.

The grant funded by George Lucas will mean that kids can visit The Academy Museum for free, thereby giving them a chance to develop or nurture their own love of movies and the science and artistry of movie-making. The Academy is scheduled to open in Los Angeles in late 2019, and will have exhibits showcasing films such as The Wizard of Oz, Psycho, and Jaws.

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