'Abducted In Plain Sight''s Jan Broberg Says Her Parents Were Victims, Too

Abducted in Plain Sight star Jan Broberg is setting the record straight about her parents. While there have been plenty of viewers and critics who have voiced their concern by how passive Broberg’s parents were to her abduction according to the hit Netflix series, she insists that her parents were victims, too.

Jan Broberg was sexually molested and kidnapped by Robert Berchtold when she was just a young girl. According to the documentary, Broberg’s parents, Mary Ann and Bob Broberg, let their daughter’s captor get too up close and personal with her, and even let him sleep with the young girl in her bed. He eventually kidnapped her, married her even though she was under the legal marrying age at only 12-years-old, and took her to Mexico.

Mary Ann and Bob Broberg never pressed charges on Berchtold. Broberg is now defending her parents, insisting that they were just as brainwashed and groomed by Berhtold as she was. She told Vulture Magazine that Berchtold used specific techniques to get close to her and her family.

“Grooming is a very interesting subject that I think many people do not understand,” Broberg explained to the publication. “When you’re in it, when it’s happening to you, you don’t know it. It happens slowly all the time. I don’t feel like people really understand how it happens and they just blame my parents. The reality is that my parents were victims too, and this man was just a master manipulator.”

Broberg also admitted that Berchtold seduced both of her parents by having affairs with them, too. Berchtold tried to get Mary Ann to leave her husband while he also got into a brief sexual relationship with Bob, too. One of the reasons why the Brobergs never pressed charges on Berchtold was because they feared he would expose Bob Broberg’s sexual relationship with him in public.

Jan Broberg found out about the truth between her kidnapper and how manipulative he was towards her parents when she was much older. It wasn’t until then that she started asking her mother and father questions. After several long conversations, Broberg’s mother Mary Ann finally made her heartbreaking confession. She also said that it took much longer for her father to tell her the truth, too.

Broberg further explained, “I didn’t know really anything and neither did my mom, other than my dad had said he did something terrible that he would regret for the rest of his life, but he didn’t want to tell her what it was. He felt so ashamed and terrible about it, so he really did not tell any of the details about what happened that day in that car until years later.”

Broberg said that with time, she forgave bother of her parents. Abducted in Plain Sight is available on Netflix.

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