Mom Who Grew Up With Anti-Vaxx Parents Shares Why She Vaccinates Her Kids

The World Health Organization currently lists vaccine hesitancy as one of the major threats to world health thanks to the increasing number of parents who are refusing to vaccinate their children. While the anti-vaxx movement is certainly at its most prominent now, there have always been people who have been against vaccines.

Abbey Clint is a woman who wasn't vaccinated as a child. The 30-year-old mom from Pennsylvania recently took to Facebook to share her own experience with choosing to vaccinate her own daughter despite not having been vaccinated herself as a child.

"Madelyn got her shots today!" the young mother wrote alongside a few pictures of herself and her daughter at the doctor's office. "I grew up unvaccinated before it was cool. I’ve had to catch up on my inoculations with each pregnancy. Glad I didn’t catch measles while pregnant! Glad my babies don’t need to suffer through preventable infectious diseases." she added. "Preventative maintenance saves co-pays and saves lives. Proud to vaccinate!"

Clint also attached a visual detailing how safe vaccines are and debunking the myth that vaccines and autism are related.

Abbey Clint vaccinations
Credit: Facebook / Abbey Clint

She told local news source YourErie about how her mother's mistrust came to be. "There is six kids in my family and by the third kid, there were complications with the pregnancy and the doctors... Basically, my mother lost trust in the ways the doctors handled things."

Clint explained that she had never really given much thought about not being vaccinated until a conversation with mother-in-law changed her mind. Her mother-in-law explained that she had almost died from the German measles prompting the new mom to ensure she had her own vaccines and that her own child would be vaccinated as well.

While the new mom explained that her parents aren't thrilled that she has chosen to vaccinate herself and her child, she says she's happy with her decision.

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