What Parents Need To Know About The Book 'A Place Called Heaven For Kids'

A Place Called Heaven For Kids is a faith-based children’s book authored by Dr. Robert Jeffress that includes easy to read chapters that provides simple answers to questions about life and death that children may have about Heaven. Tough questions about heaven are answered according to scripture in ten short, relatable chapters accompanied by illustrations that are kid-friendly and depict the beauty and wonder of Heaven.

Is it any Good?

What makes A Place Called Heaven For Kids effective is that it is not religious in tone, but rather educational and provides a scriptural context for children and parents to study for themselves. At the end of each chapter, there are scriptures from different translations of the Bible that support the topics discussed within the story. The titles of each chapter asks the questions that kids often ponder.

Ten powerful questions are asked and answered within the pages of the book. For example, questions such as: “Is Heaven a Real Place?”, “What Does Heaven Look Like?” and “What Will We Look Like in Heaven?” are the titles of each chapter. The book is very engaging and definitely encourages curiosity about the place called Heaven indeed.

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Posted by Dr. Robert Jeffress on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The illustrations within the book are colorful, full of life and activity, and depict images of adults and children of all skin complexions from brown to peach to tan, and more. A more detailed note is that Jesus is depicted as being white with wavy-ish straight hair, but considering Jesus’s literal ethnicity and nationality some may consider his physical depiction as problematic. There are even depictions of those who are now handicapped or physically handicapped in their current physical bodies, receiving new bodies once they are in Heaven.

Overall, the book is not the least bit preachy, but rather insightful. There is a sense of peace and joy that accompanies the book. This book will definitely help parents who are not quite sure for themselves what to tell their children about Heaven. There is even a call to salvation towards the end of the book. There is something for both Believers and Non-Believers within this book, and it is sure to be a great addition to a child’s book collection or library. The book is said to be a good read for ages 4-7, but I found the topics discussed within the book to be appropriate for ages 4-10.

About the Author: Dr. Robert Jeffress is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas Texas. He has a radio program called Pathway to Victory, and it is heard on more than 900 stations nationwide. Additionally, his television program is seen in 195 countries around the world. He is also the author of Not All Roads Lead To Heaven, A Place Called Heaven, and Choosing the Extraordinary Life.

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