A 'Parenthood' Reunion Show Is Happening

If you have spent the last ten years wondering what the Braverman family has been up to, you are now able to fully squeal with joy as a Parenthood reunion has been announced that it's in the works. Yes, we are all singing the lyrics to the opening song for the iconic show in our heads (“Forever Young” by Bob Dylan), “May God bless and keep you always /May your wishes all come true,” and nodding in agreement that our wishes have come true.

Even though the television series that followed the four children (and their spouses and children) of Camile and Zeak Braverman had one of the best series finale's ever in the history of television, we've all been wondering what twists and turns have happened for this lovely family since then. And now we get to find out!

And for those looking for a little trivia, the television series was based on the Buckman family from the 1989 comedy film Parenthood, starring Steve Martin. However, if you've ever seen the movie, you know that Parenthood the television show was way more drama filled.

The news about the reunion came via (none other than) a tweet from the ATX TV Festival account. The annual festival, which is held yearly held in Austin, Texas, shared that some of the main cast members will join together with the series creator Jason Katims and executive producer David Hudgins for a special anniversary panel and script reading. This will happen in 2020 to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the show’s debut.

And if you're wondering (because we know that we were), there is an official list of who is expected to join together for the reunion: Craig T. Nelson (Zeek Braverman), Peter Krause (Adam Braverman), Lauren Graham (Sarah Braverman), Monica Potter (Kristina Braverman), Erika Christensen (Julia Braverman-Graham) and Mae Whitman (Amber Holt).

So excited!

The show has been noted over the years for not straying away from tough subjects like infidelity, grief, autism, teen pregnancy and so much more. This is probably why it became so incredibly relatable for so many people to tune into week after week and feel a connection with families going through similar challenges.

And of course, if you were ever in a place where you just needed to have a good cry, turning Parenthood on always seemed to do the trick. Every episode always had some point within the story line that pulled at your heart string.

And lastly, an addition week hinted at “[m]ore #Parenthood news” coming soon, so we can only keep our fingers crossed that a whole reeboot is in the works!

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