A 74-Year-Old Woman Has Given Birth To Healthy Twin Girls

A Southern India woman has become a mom after years of struggling to conceive, giving birth at the age of 74. According to PEOPLE, Erramatti Mangayamma may have made history as the oldest women to ever give birth. The twins were born via C-section last Thursday, without complications. Doctor Sanakayyala Umashankar said, "Both the mother and babies are doing fine. Ten doctors worked for nine months to keep a close watch on her health." The doctor, who is also the director of the private medical hospital, called it a "medical miracle."

Immediately after the birth, the mother was transferred into intensive care, where she was watched closely by medical professionals after the surgery. Dr. Umashankar assured reporters this was just to give the patient ample opportunity "to come out of the stress she had undergone for the last few hours." The incredible story goes back many years to 1962 when Mangayamma first married her husband, now 80-year-old E. Raja Rao.

After years of trying to conceive, the couple thought they would never have children of their own. However, when they heard of a neighbor successfully undergoing IVF treatment at the age of 55, they decided to look into the possibility for themselves.

They turned to Dr. Umashankar to help them realize their dreams. "We conducted all the medical tests and found that she was medically fit through conception for IVF." As the woman had already been through menopause 25 years prior, there were some barriers that had to be crossed. An egg donor had to be sourced, with that egg then being fertilized with the sperm of Raja Rao. The first cycle of IVF proved to be successful, with the pregnancy first discovered in January.

As a woman without children, Mangayamma was often targeted by neighbors. "People looked at me with accusing eyes, as if I had committed a sin," she told The Hindustan Times. "Neighbors would call me 'godralu' [a curse word for a childless woman.]" The couple remained strong as the decades rolled by. Now, they are both looking forward to a new chapter with their daughters. "I am very happy. After 54 years, God has answered our prayers." Both mother and babies are doing well.

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