mom and toddler at home

The Most Common Household Injuries For Babies


Safety is always a main concern for a lot of parents, and especially moms and dads who have a newborn at home. Many parents do everything they can to baby-proof their homes, especially when their tots...

teen driver

Study Reveals Teens Are Too Scared To Drive


For many teenagers, driving represents the ultimate goal - freedom. Getting behind the wheel is like a rite of passage for blossoming adults, marking the start of something new and exciting. Although ...

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Teachers

House and Home

What does a teacher want (or not want) for Christmas? They already have plenty of coffee mugs sitting in their pantry and a million kitschy, teacher-themed knick-knacks lying around the house, so avoi...

gift cards

Watch Out For This Holiday Gift Card Scam


It’s that time of year again: shoppers are hitting the shops, malls or making all of their purchases online during the peak consumer season better known as Christmas. This year though experts are issu...

How To Determine A Fair Curfew For Your Teen


When your kids are little, it can feel like they'll never be old enough to have a curfew! It's all days of family time and wanting to be as close to mom and dad as possible at all times. But sadly, th...