TLC's 90 Day Fiancé Introduces 7 New Couples In Show's Season 7 Return

cast of 90 day fiance

TLC's surprise smash hit reality show 90 Day Fiancé is so popular celebrities such as Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin, Lady Gaga, Sophie Turner and Chrissy Teigen are all fans. It's hard to believe but season 7 of the popular franchise is about to debut on November 3 which means fans are about to meet seven new couples who all found love with someone who lives in a different country.

In the trailer for the newest season of 90 Day Fiancé fans are introduced to Tania, 29 and Syngin, also 29; Robert, 41, and Anny, 30; Michael, 41, and Juliana, 23; Emily, 28, and Sasha, 31; Blake, 29, and Jasmin, 27; Anna, 38, and Mursel, also 38; Mike, 34, and Natalie, 35. Each of the couples, who have filed for their K-1 Visa, have only 90 days to get married or their loved ones will have to return to their home country. While everyone seems madly in love at the beginning of the trailer, issues soon arise.

Emily reveals that she and Sasha are expecting a baby together, but Sasha has two other children from two other ex-wives who live in Russia, where the couple met. Sasha is convinced that their marriage will last, however, Sasha's first ex-wife doesn't seem too thrilled that he's found someone new and that he's planning on moving to the United States, either.

Forty-one-year-old Michael is outraged when his 28-year-old Brazilian model fiance Juliana is asked by immigration authorities during her Visa interview if she has been a prostitute in the past. Robert reveals that he only spend 8 hours with Anny during a visit to the Dominican Republic before he popped the question, but things seem to take a turn for the worse with Robert implying that Anny is only looking for money later in the trailer.

Anna and Mursel, who is from Turkey seem to struggle with a language barrier but this is one couple who seem to have a real connection. This wouldn't be reality television if there wasn't some drama of course and it seems that Mursel has kept Anna's three children from a previous relationship a secret from his entire family. That could be enough to tear the happy couple apart as we see Anna at the airport with Mursel, sobbing as she asks him not to leave. Jasmin has a hard time fitting in with Blake's friends which is causing friction between the couple, while Syngin refuses to sign Tania's prenuptial agreement.

We're looking forward to following along with these seven new couples when season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé premieres on TLC on November 3. Will you be watching? Check out the trailer below.

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