'90 Day Fiance': Paul Staehle & Karine Ask Fans For Support Without Breaking TLC Rules

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way are really appreciative of their fans. As the couple expands their online presence, they're asking fans for continued support. Paul took to Instagram to tell all their fans that Karine will be taking over the couple's YouTube page. She will also continue to make videos on Cameo and sharing updates on learning English. But they also have to be careful because of contracts they have with TLC.

The couple uses social media to give fans updates on their life, but they have to be careful. Because 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's first season is still airing, they've had to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements.) The NDAs prohibit what about their lives and the show they can share with fans. Usually it's stuff more specific to the show, but if fans are asking them questions, that information will certainly fall into information that can't be shared.

Paul took to Instagram to thank fans for their "amazing" support of Karine on Cameo. For those who don't know, Cameo is a website/app where you can receive personalized messages from your favorite celebrities. Of course, this is for a fee set by the individual celebrities. According to Paul, any money Karine receives through Cameo is used for her and the couple's infant son. He told fans “she is very excited about doing a lot more Cameos.” He added that she really likes it when viewers “request things in Portuguese" which is her first language.

Aside from the financial boost, Paul explained that making the videos keeps Karine happy. Making the videos and interacting with fans helps with Karine's “self-esteem and helping with her depression.” And he adds that because of this the interactions are “highly appreciated.” Karine left her home country and now lives with Paul in the United States.

Karine will also begin to create content for the couple's YouTube channel, promising the upcoming content “is very funny, I promise.” However, Paul noted that their content is “nothing that is going to violate any contracts.” Because of their non-disclosure agreements with TLC, what they post has limits. Paul believes their contractual obligations last “for a total of, I believe, five years.” So even though they're not currently filming as far as we know, they “still have to follow your NDA.” At least they're keeping busy and engaging with their fanbase.

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