90 Day Fiance Couple Laura & Aladin's Baby News Is Complicated

SPOILER ALERT: Don't Read This Post If You Don't Want To Know The Current Status Of Laura And Aladin's Relationship! 

The emotional rollercoaster that is Laura and Aladin on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has so many twists, turns, and loops that it may be time for everyone to hop off and take a break.

Recently, Laura dropped a bombshell on social media claiming that she had a "muffin in the oven". At the time, it seemed like a completely plausible story because the couple have been talking about expanding their family on the show. However, the show was taped months ago, and a lot has changed since then.

As it turns out, the couple has separated and is currently going through a divorce. When Laura posted the now-deleted announcement, Aladin was quick to comment with a joke about the father being a "toy" and not him. However, Laura later exchanged direct messages with a fellow Instagrammer saying that she was "totally surprised" and that she "just found out [she is] with child".

So who is the baby's daddy if the reality star confirmed the pregnancy, and Aladin denies the baby's existence?

Well, as it turns out, there is no baby. According to Laura, she was pregnant but later discovered it was an ectopic pregnancy that she would not be able to keep. However, she also admitted that she posted the announcement to get Aladin's attention because at the time he had blocked her from social media. Still, she "swears" that the pregnancy was legitimate but she, unfortunately, lost it.

Laura told the Instagrammer, "I am no longer with a baby and it crushed my world because I lost everything in life all at once it seemed. And I couldn’t even tell Aladin about the baby because he had me blocked. I wanted Aladin to see the post. I wanted him to know we almost made a baby … so close!"

To really bring the point home, the reality star also hosted a live Q&A with fans to discuss the pregnancy and the loss. She never strayed from her story and went into detail about how she is absolutely not going through menopause and assured everyone that everything is "working" in terms of her reproductive system. So, there's that.

It seems this rollercoaster is nowhere near the end of its run. Expect to watch the entire breakup unfold on the show in the coming weeks, and keep an eye on Laura in real-time because it seems there is more drama off-screen than on right now.

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