9-Year-Old Boy Catches Big Blue Catfish In New Mexico

Alex Flores doesn't need to make up any tall tales when telling friends about the size of the catfish he caught while fishing with his family over the weekend. The 9-year-old from New Mexico reeled in a massive 42-pound catfish while fishing in the Elephant Butte Reservoir.

Alex, who has been fishing with dad Kris Flores since he was just 1 year old, has the largest catch so far this year. Kris Flores, who owns a catfishing guide service called Muddy River Catfishing told KVIA that he was excited for his son and his big catch. “I was pretty proud of him for being humble about the whole experience. He was excited,” Kris Flores said of his son. “You know, it’s good to see that happen. In a way, I’m kind of sad because he beat me at my own personal record,” Kris jokingly added.

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Alex named his big catch Wailord after the Pokemon character, but after posing for a few pictures with the giant fish Kris released it back into the reservoir. Kris Flores posted a video of Alex's impressive catch on his YouTube channel which shows that Alex initially underestimated just how big of a fish he had on his line.

As Alex begins reeling in the catfish Kris can be seen grabbing the net commenting that this one is "going to be a netter." Alex disagrees at first, saying "he's not that strong" before quickly correcting himself and adding, "oh yeah, he's strong!" Kris can be heard guiding his son telling him, "when he runs you let him run, OK Alex!" before adding, "you just let him wear himself out," of the catfish.

The entire boat erupts in excitement as they get a glimpse at the huge catfish, with Alex proclaiming "it's Wailord!"

"I took the family out scouting for catfish during Veteran's Day weekend, hoping to find some active catfish for my upcoming guided trips," Kris captioned his YouTube video. "It turned out to be an amazing day! We caught a total of 25 fish with Alex's fish being, not only the biggest of the day but the biggest of the year weighing in at 42 lbs. I'm pretty proud of my son handling that fish all on his own. Congrats on your new personal best, Alex!"

Check out Alex's amazing catch below.

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