8 Children Taken After Being Found Living In A Home Covered In Feces

While terrible child abuse cases get plenty of attention in the media, child neglect cases don't make the same amount of headlines. Yet child neglect continues to happen, leaving many children negatively affected by their parents' lack of love and care. But that doesn't mean that those parents get away with doing such an awful thing.

In Newman, California, eight children have been removed from a disgusting feces-filled home. The unnamed children were said to range in age from 16 years old to just three months old, and it's unknown what the gender split was. They weren't alone, though; an unidentified 72-year-old Vietnam veteran who's unable to take care of himself was also found amidst this gross mess.

Earlier this month, a compliance check occurred at 1152 Q Street as part of a multi-agency probation sweep. What police from Stanislaus County found was disgusting and defies both explanation and disbelief. All eight children and the Vietnam veteran were covered in either dry or wet filth and feces. This was also discovered on a bed that the children were said to be sleeping on.

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But that wasn't all that was found. In addition to feces, the house was also covered with moldy food, trash and unused diapers. Police noticed one child eating ice cream that was said to be covered with flies. It was also found that the playroom had a water hose on the ground beside "numerous electrical cords that were supplying water and electricity to different parts of the house".

Five people have been arrested on suspicion of child abuse and elder abuse as a result of this compliance check. They've been identified as 58-year-old Victoria Davis, 46-year-old Ronny Soares, 40-year-old Teddy Davis, 39-year-old Johnny Davis, and 36-year-old Holly Davis. No more details of their arrests or charges have been made public as of yet.

Due to these findings, the eight children and the Vietnam veteran were promptly removed from the home. All of the children appear to be in the care of Child Protective Services (CPS), and it's unknown where they'll live. As for the veteran, he was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment. It's unknown if he's since been discharged, as well as where he'll go afterward. We wish the best for the children and the veteran who were forced to live in this disgusting house of horrors.

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