5 Ways Kim's Parenting Is Influenced By Cher (And 15 Celeb Moms Who Parent Like Kim)

It may seem a bit odd to think about, but both Kim Kardashian and Cher have similar ways of parenting. Both of them were influenced by their own mothers’ unorthodox lifestyles, they are not shy about the struggles they have gone through as mothers, and they are masters of social media.

For example, Closer Weekly writes that even after she was divorced from her ex-husband Sonny Bono, Cher tried to stay civil with him for the sake of her oldest son Chaz.

Kardashian is of a similar vein, as Redbook Mag points out, tries to keep the peace amongst her children; especially after she noticed that North was feeling a bit put out about becoming a big sister when Saint came along.

The Daily Mail adds that even though Kardashian is a loving mother to her children, she’s also relatively strict — especially when it comes to their nap time schedule. Momtastic writes that Kardashian isn’t alone, as stars like Kelly Ripa and Reese Witherspoon have also found it helpful to be strict parents.

Read on to learn more about how Cher has influenced Kim’s parenting style and other celebrity moms that are also strict moms — just like the famous Kardashian.

We're starting with the 5 ways Kim was influenced by Cher...

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20 They Are Masters Of Using Social Media To Promote Their Brand

Harper’s Bazaar points out that Cher is one of the old-school icons that successfully made the transition to the digital age and has become a social media superstar that is known for her oh-so-relatable tweets about life, motherhood and everything in between. Needless to say, her brand is better than ever.

Much like the famous singer, Red Book Mag adds that Kim Kardashian also has made waves in the celebrity world because she uses social media to artfully promote her brand and share her hectic lifestyle—including raising her children—for all of her loyal fans to see and comment on.

19 They're Open About Their Motherhood Struggles In Interviews

According to Closer Weekly, Cher has never been shy about the struggles she went through when she was raising her two sons Chaz and Elijah Blue, which has only made her more relatable in the eyes of her fans. Cher has bluntly discussed how it was difficult for her to be estranged from her younger son Elijah and how she had to come to terms with her older son Chaz’s lifestyle change back in 2009.

Marie Claire notes that Kim is also not shy about revealing how difficult motherhood has been for her. For example, she admitted in 2017 that she had a hard time because North wasn’t happy about being a big sister and there was a bit of sibling rivalry going on that made her fret. Admitting this in an interview showed her fans that she has to deal with the same exact kind of stressful scenarios that mothers all around the world have to deal with.

18 Kim And Cher's Work Was Influenced By Becoming Moms

Closer Weekly writes that Cher admitted that when she first became a mother to her son Chaz in 1969 that it changed her entire life—including how she ran her business. She would often let Chaz appear on episodes of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour because she adored her child so much and wanted the entire world to see.

According to Red Book Mag, Kim has a similar mindset when it comes to raising her children. Not only does Kim sometimes take her little ones to work with her, but after becoming a mother, she decided that she wouldn’t invest her time and energy into a project unless she was 100 percent sure that it was something she was interested and worth spending time away from her family.

17 Kim And Cher Can Never Turn Their Fame Off When Out With Their Kids

Red Book Mag points out that being a Kardashian led to a truly hair-raising incident in a Paris hotel room that hammered home the fact that she’ll always have a ton of eyes on her and her family all day, every day and that she shouldn’t really fret over material items.

The Week notes that while Cher didn’t go through a similar hair-raising incident the way Kim did when she was in France, but she also saw for the first time how fame affected her family when she took her sons out on a field trip at the zoo and Elijah told her after everyone was staring at her that he didn’t like the attention because “she can never not be Cher.”

16 Their Moms Being Untraditional Shaped Their Parenting Style

If there’s one thing that Kim Kardashian and Cher have in common, it is the fact that their parenting styles are largely influenced by the close relationship that they have with their own mothers. Both moms made sure that their children have the same kind of openness and honesty that they had with their own mothers when they were growing up.

People writes that Cher is thankful that her mother wasn’t stern with her when she was growing up and taught her children right from wrong by explaining to them the mistakes she had when she was growing up and the things she did right. ET Online notes that Kim Kardashian has also pointed out that when she was in her wild child phase, her mom never disciplined her. Instead, she had heart-to-heart conversations with her daughter that inspired Kim to clean up her wild child ways and start down a new path in life.

And here are 15 more celebs who also parent like Kim...

15 Kelly Ripa's Children Lose Phone Privileges If They Break Rules

The Daily Mail writes that Kim Kardashian admitted she’s a strict parent, but she’s not the only celebrity parent that sets down rules and boundaries for her children to follow.

Momtastic points out that Kelly Ripa has also been considered a strict mom because when they break the rules, she makes darn sure that they learn that there are consequences to their actions. For example, her daughter Lola was misbehaving one time and Ripa immediately told her child that she had lost her phone privileges. Needless to say, Lola definitely wasn’t happy about losing access to her smartphone for a bit!

14 Molly Sims Doesn't Want To Be Her Kids' BFF

Both Kim Kardashian and Molly Sims enjoy being “the fun parents” but have no problem laying down the law when it is time. For example, The Daily Mail notes that Kim has thrown lavish birthday parties for her eldest child North but made sure that North slept in her own crib when it was bedtime.

Momtastic adds that Molly Sims is raising her children in a similar manner and doesn’t want them to think of her as their BFF. One rule that she implemented was that when it is time to eat dinner, her children have to sit down at a table instead of lounging on the couch with their meal and watching television.

13 Nicole Ritchie Tries To Keep A Healthy Line Of Communication Open

Redbook Mag points out that Kim has said that she values healthy communication between herself and her children. For example, once her daughter North is old enough to join social media, instead of being a helicopter mom, she plans on talking with her daughter about the pros and cons so that she can make her own decision.

Another mom that values healthy communication between mother and child is Nicole Ritchie. Momtastic adds that she discovered that her children are on their best behavior when she allows them to make age-appropriate decisions and takes the time out to explains the pros and cons of things to them instead of sugarcoating it or being authoritarian.

12 Reese Witherspoon Teaches Her Children To Address Others As Sir/Miss

According to Redbook Mag, Kim’s pointed out that it has been one heck of an uphill battle to teach her eldest daughter North to have good manners and play nicely with her younger brother Saint.

Perhaps she should reach out to fellow strict mom Reese Witherspoon for help. Momtastic writes that the actress has previously admitted that she’s a very traditional mother and has taught her children to address people by using mister or miss and then their first name since that is how her parents raised her back in the day and she wants to instill good manners into her kiddos.

11 Sarah Michelle Geller Allows Her Kids To Make Age-Appropriate Decisions

Redbook Mag notes that Kim allows her daughter North to wear age-appropriate clothing of her choice at home (such as wild pajamas) but that, as a compromise, her daughter had to wear an outfit that her mom picked out for her when they are going to be out and about in the public eye.

According to Momtastic, Sarah Michelle Geller is another mom that doesn’t believe in sheltering her kids in a plastic bubble too much because she feels that it is a parent’s job to give their sons or daughters the skills they need to make age-appropriate decisions for themselves.

10 Victoria Beckham Allows Her Children To Play Soccer Inside

The Daily Mail writes that even though Kim was firm about making sure that her daughter North slept in her own crib when she was little most of the days, she wasn’t so strict about it on the weekends and would allow her daughter to bend the rules a bit by letting her sleep snuggled up next to her parents in their bed.

Victoria Beckham, who is another strict-yet-allows-fun kind of mom, would give Kim a high-five. Momtastic notes that even though Beckham makes sure that her kids say “please” and “thank you” to their peers and adults alike, she also allows them to have a bit of fun from time to time by playing soccer in the living room or throwing on the karaoke machine and singing their hearts out.

9 Heidi Klum Tries To Keep From Using Poor Language In Front Of Her Children

Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian are both fairly strict moms, although it is in slightly different ways. Magenta Magazine points out that Kardashian will allow her children to play in the house as long as they don't make a mess of the furniture. If they do, then it is game over.

Momtastic writes that with Klum, she is very strict when it comes to her children not saying bad words. To the point where, if they actually do wind up saying a bad word, she will have them sit down and explain to them that what they just said isn’t proper and they shouldn’t be using that kind of language at their age.

8 Christina Aguilera Doesn't Want To Raise An Undisciplined Child

Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian could definitely bond over coming up with creative ways to instill a bit of discipline in their children’s lives. For example, Redbook Mag notes that Kardashian came up with a creative way of allowing North to drink milk so that she wouldn’t feel left out when her mom was feeding her little brother Saint and feel resentful.

Momtastic adds that Christina Aguilera allows her children to express their emotions to a certain degree because she knows that they’re just trying to learn how to balance all of their feelings as they grow up, but she also has no problems setting the record straight because “she doesn’t want to raise an undisciplined child.”

7 Drew Barrymore Teaches Her Daughters To Make Better Choices

Much like how Redbook Mag notes that Kim Kardashian is planning on letting her eldest daughter, North, make her own choices about what to post online when she’s old enough and that she will be honest about her own experiences on social media; Drew Barrymore is another mom that is all about telling the truth to her daughters.

Momtastic writes that Barrymore plans on telling her children all about her wild child days because she doesn’t want them to grow up thinking that she was “pure as the driven snow” and hopes that they learn from their mother’s past experiences that making the wrong decisions doesn’t mean that a person has failed, it is how someone learns to make better choices in life.

6 Alyssa Milano Encourages Her Children To Express Themselves

Both Alyssa Milano and Kim Kardashian are all about giving their children age-appropriate choices and some degree of independence. For example, Fatherly writes that Kim will allow her eldest daughter, North, to pick out her own lipstick to wear to photoshoots from time to time but has admitted that while she lets her daughter wear makeup to some degree, she also sets limits by telling her child that fake lashes and dark colors are out of the question until she’s older.

Momtastic adds that Milano is another mom that tries to give her children as much independence as is appropriate for their age and feels that the most important aspect of being a parent is allowing their child to express themselves and encourage them to do so whenever possible.

5 Candace Cameron Bure Believes In Creative Consequences As A Reprimand

Redbook Mag notes that as a way to reprimand her eldest daughter for not allowing her younger brother Saint to hang out with her in her room when she’s home, Kim has established that her son is allowed to visit his sister’s room when she’s out at school, which is a pretty creative way to get around North’s behavior.

Momtastic adds that Candace Cameron Bure has also been forced to come up with some creative reprimands when her children misbehaved. For example, her daughter Natasha wouldn’t listen to previous attempts to get her to change her behavior so Bure took away all of her excess clothes and only left her with one pair of each to get her to change her ways.

4 Gisele Bundchen Refuses To Give In To Her Children's Requests All The Time

Redbook Mag adds that Kardashian is the kind of mother that makes sure her children that are still at home and not attending school or preschool get a nap at the same time every day in order to establish a daily routine to bring order to their lives. She also resists their demands if they ask to skip the nap or if they want to sleep in their parents’ bed during their nap time.

Momtastic writes that Gisele Bundchen has a similar parenting approach because she doesn’t want to constantly give in to her children’s wants. She admitted that she knows her children are smart and if she gives in once, then they’ll know that if they keep nagging, she’ll give in eventually and she doesn’t want to deal with the fallout of that kind of behavior.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Strict About Letting Her Kids Have Balanced Nutrition

Much like how Kardashian is firm about her children’s sleep schedules during the week but will bend the rules a bit on the weekend to let her little ones have a bit of fun, Gwyneth Paltrow believes in having a healthy balance too—especially when it comes to nutrition.

According to Momastic, Paltrow does her best to make sure that her children have healthy snacks such as carrots and hummus for lunch on a regular basis, but she also knows that they need to be allowed to eat traditional snacks such as Oreos from time to time. As long as it’s in moderation, Paltrow allows her children to enjoy sugary treats every once in a while when they are out and about.

2 Jessica Simpson Found A Routine Helpful With Her Children

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity mother to swear by instilling a schedule for her children to follow that makes their life—and hers—a heck of a lot easier.

Parents notes that Jessica Simpson admitted getting into a routine as soon as possible from the time that her second child was an infant helped keep her on track. For example, she established regular feeding times so that she wasn’t constantly hearing her son Ace exercise his lungs and trying to figure out if he was hungry, bored, or needed to have his diaper changed every day and night.

1 Kristin Cavalleri Wants To Teach Her Children Actions Have Consequences

The next time that Kardashian has to reprimand her daughter North for bossing her little brother Saint around and come up with a way to show her that her actions have consequences, she should definitely ask Kristen Cavallari for advice.

According to Momtastic, Cavallari says that one rule that she has implemented with her children is that if they are still misbehaving by the time that she counts to three, then either they have to go to a timeout corner or she will send them to their rooms and they will have to stay there for a period of time.

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