5 Halloween Treats Every Kid Wants (& 5 They'll Loathe)

It’s almost Halloween, when kids dress up in spooky or fun costumes, grab a bag, and head out with their parents or friends to go door-to-door in the neighborhood, trick-or-treating for candy.

Once home, the bags are inevitably dumped onto a table or floor so the kids can sort through the goodies. How many chocolates did they get? Gummy candies? Large items? Who got more than whom, and can we do some trades? Then, of course, which candies will parents sneak once the kids head to bed?

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While kids are thankful for anything they get, there are admittedly some items that are liked more than others. And let’s face it, a few items kids are more than happy to pass off to parents.

10 Bags of Potato Chips: Want

There are a number of reasons kids love receiving those cut miniature bags of potato chips. First off, while larger than mini chocolates and candies, they are lightweight, so you can add tons to your bag and it won’t become too heavy. If you get too many, they’re the perfect snack for eating while you walk, and sharing with parents.

Plus, they’re a nice departure from the ultra-sugary treats that are typical on Halloween, and they are great for adding as a special snack in school lunches once a week. Plus, with so many flavor options, kids can collect a whole variety pack.

9 Cans of Soda Pop: Loathe

Believe it or not, some households hand out cans of pop. It might be because it’s cost-effective, or maybe they’ve simply run out of candy, or forgot to buy some. In any case, it would be better not to receive anything than get this.

Not only are they heavy, but as kids run about, the cans will get jostled around in the bag, and thus likely spray all over you when you try to open them. If you want to give out drinks, at least opt for small bottles of water kids can drink on the spot.

8 Nut-Free Candy: Want

With so many schools going completely nut-free, handing out candies and chocolates that don’t contain nuts mean the kids can bring some to school as a lunch time treat, or to share with friends.

What’s more, this also satisfies the needs of kids who have severe allergies. You don’t have to go fully nut-free if you don’t want to. But try to mix things up and include a selection of both those that contain nuts and those that don’t. Tip: if you live in a nut-free household and are handing out exclusively nut-free treats, put a teal pumpkin on your doorstep.

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7 Toothbrushes and (Most) Other Non-Candy Items: Loathe

OK, so mini jars of Play-doh and cute erasers or pencils are sometimes nice to get. Kids, after all, can only eat so much candy. But there's always that one household that feels the need to declare a PSA about too much candy by handing out toothbrushes or dental floss. And they're just ruining all the fun.

Kids know they can’t eat candy all the time, and good parents will make sure that they don’t. It's also their job to ensure their kids practice good dental hygiene. But for the one night a year where over-indulging in candy is embraced, let them have their fun.

6 The Chocolate Bar Favourites: Want

You know the ones I’m talking about: the chocolate bars that everyone digs through all the candy to find - the cream of the crop. They're the first ones you gravitate to, or decide to pick up at the gas station. And the ones that are always first to run out.

There are far too many chocolate bar favorites to mention here, but these include Caramilk, Twix, Kit Kat, Snickers, MARs, Crunch, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and more.

5 Those Black and Orange Molasses Kisses: Loathe

Yes, these horrendous candies you remember receiving as a child are still around. Wrapped in an orange and black wrapper with a creepy image of a witch, pumpkin, or owl on the front, while some people like them, most agree that they are pretty gross. They’re the first to get tossed in the garbage.

Not only will your kids look at these puzzled, wondering what they are, but they might even bring back nightmares for you. For those handing out candy, consider going another route. Before you grab a bag of these, maybe opt for a colorful bag of lollipops instead.

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4 Sour Candies: Want

A couple bags of sour candies are always a nice treat, especially since so many households load up on chocolate. Sometimes you have a sweet tooth, but don’t necessarily feel like chocolate (again). So adding some sour candies to the mix provides a nice break from the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of chocolate.

Any kind of sour candy will do, including soft and chewy, hard candy that you suck on and/or have to bite into, little pieces, big – whatever kids get, chances are they will love these bright-colored packets of sugar just as much as the chocolate.

3 Tootsie Rolls: Loathe

Sometimes you might be in the mood for one of these super chewy candies. But let’s face it, most kids don’t like them, and there are much better options. They are usually quite hard, even though they’re supposed to be chewy. They stick terribly to your teeth, leaving a residue behind no matter how much water you drink after eating one.

What’s more, it will take you 10 minutes to chew your way through it, unless you give up and decide to swallow that last piece out of frustration. They don’t taste bad, but they require far too much effort to eat.

2 Full-Sized Candy Bars: Want

These are the Holy Grail of Halloween candies. When you find a house that gives these out, news travels fast. They become “that house” that hands out the big bars. Everyone marvels at the owner's generosity, and makes a beeline to that door as soon as the sun goes down.

If you have the budget and desire to hand out full-sized candy bars, consider yourself one of the most sought-out houses on the block, because these are hands down the best Halloween treat you can get.

1 Fruits: Loathe

Listen, Halloween isn’t the time to stress healthy eating. We get it. Parents get it. And if they’re good, they’ll ensure their kids regularly get their proper servings of fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy. But Halloween is one day a year when it’s supposed to be time to indulge. So handing out fruits on a night when kids expect sugar they probably aren’t allowed to indulge in so much the other 364 days of the year is just cruel.

What’s more, given that people coming to your house don’t know you, it’s best to stick to wrapped candies and chocolates. While you mean no mal intent, some parents are extra-paranoid and will simply throw the apple or plum right into the garbage.

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