30 Kids' Toys And Products That Were Recalled in 2018

It's challenging for parents to stay on top of which toys and products are still suitable for their kids. After all, every month there are a number of multi-nationwide recalls on popular products. That's right, it's not just obscure things that get taken off the shelves. Even some celebrity-endorsed items have been deemed unsafe by experts.

But it's not like everyone gets a newsletter about which items are okay or not. Sure, sometimes they end up on the news, but that's only good if you catch it. Everyone is sharing articles about these kinds of things that it's easy to miss them all by the sheer fact that it's a lot to take in. This is why we've created this specific list. We want moms and dads to be on the up-and-up about which products they should be taking away from their kids or avoiding online, where it's substantially harder to ban products.

This list will cover a number of children's products. There will be quite a few popular toys, baby accessories, activity kits, and even clothes. Yes, even some kid's clothes have been deemed unsafe for a variety of reasons. All of the sources for these product bans are located at the bottom of the article. So, if anyone has the desire to do further research, the information is there. Without further ado, here are 30 Kids' Toys And Products That Were Recalled in 2018.

30 Michael's Pottery Wheel Kits

Well, it looks like kids will no longer be able to reenact everyone's favorite moment from Ghost.  This  Creatology pottery wheel kit included 16 different parts not limited to paints, brushes, molding tools, and a heap of clay. It was recalled in May 2018, due to the fact that it posed the danger of overheating. In fact, it actually started a fire in someone's house as the battery compartment got too warm. This event sparked (no pun intended) the recall of the product.

So, if you have one, you may want to return it to Michaels, or wherever you purchased it, and ask for a refund. About 263,000 units were sold, so there's a chance that you may already have one.

29 Hauck Fun For Kids Go-Kart

via: Justifying Fun

When you think about it, go-karts may not be the best gift for a little kid. But a Hauck Nerf Battle Racer go-kart is definitely not the right gift for a kid. In fact, it was recalled in May of 2018. The hazard with this particular device is that the steering wheel had a high probability of detaching. This means that a child was at higher risk of getting hurt or colliding with others.

Customers found this out the hard way as there have been over 600 reports of the steering wheel detaching or cracking altogether. One would think that this product would be recalled early, but over 2,100 of them were sold in Canada alone.

28 V-Tech Lights And Lullabies Traveling Mobile

Via: Amazon

Who would think that a crib mobile would be harmful to children? Well, this one from Lights & Lullabies (sold in blue and pink) was recalled this year as it posed a high risk of falling off the crib.  This is because the clamp at the bottom of this portable mobile was poorly made and easily cracked. The company behind this kid's item received a number of reports that this had happened with their product. This caused them to make a quick decision and pull their item from the shelves. Hopefully, you'll be able to recognize if you've purchased this item or not. If you have, you may want to consider getting rid of it.

27 V-Tech Shake And Sing Elephant Infant Rattles


Unfortunately, VTech is responsible for a couple of the products on this list. This specific item is an elephant baby rattle that had ears that could easily snap off, which the baby could easily put in their mouth. Kind of the antithesis of what a rattle should be, don't you think?

Due to the success of VTech, the purple elephant rattle was sold at Walmart, KMart, Meijer, Mills Fleet Farm, Seventh Avenue, and online at Amazon.com. It was also only $8, making it affordable to a larger base of people. Given how sensitive the elephant's ears were, it's odd that this product made it past the testing phase.

26 Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chairs

For those who care about the aesthetic of their baby's high chair, it can be really hard to find something suitable. Most of the chairs on the market purely think about the baby's enjoyment and safety, versus how the chair will look in an adult's place. This is why 8,600 Tuo convertible high chairs were sold in Canada alone. The chair seemed to be beautifully designed and do all the things that a high chair should.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as well designed at it appeared. The legs on the high chair had a strong chance of detaching from the seat, which would send the baby to the floor in no time. Therefore, the product was recalled and everyone who returned it was offered a refund.

25 Meijer Zip-Up Hoodie

Yes, even clothing items made it to the list. Usually, parents believe that most clothes are safe for their children unless they are made with toxic chemicals and dyes. But these weren't the problem with Meijer's Falls Creek Kids hoodies. The issue with this popular item had to do with the detachable zipper slider. The fact that the slider could come off made it a risk for young children who may put it in their mouths. Therefore, it was recalled on December 6th, 2018.

It's pretty silly that the designer of a toddler hoodies included a tiny feature that could detach. Aren't they aware that little kids love to put things in their mouths? That should have been one of the first things on their minds, especially when it comes to things that kids wear all day long.

24 Fashion Accessory Bazaar Fidget Spinner Keychains

Via: Youtube

Fidget Spinners became all the rage in 2017 and 2018. In fact, you really couldn't go anywhere without seeing one. And it wasn't just children who used them. People of all ages grabbed a hold of this toy as it helped with their ADD and general boredom.

Fashion Accessory Bazaar created specific Fidget Spinner keychains for kids that were sold on Amazon and at Gamestop, Wonderland stores, and Bonita Marie Int. But they were recalled due to being a possible hazard as the center post on the spinner easily came loose. The recall involved a Pokemon Fidget Spinner keychain that was fairly popular among children.

23 HOMedics MyBaby Giraffe Nightlight

This MyBaby Giraffe Nightlight sure looks cute, doesn't it? It's something that tons of kids would love to have in their bedrooms at night. It casts a warm glow at night and looks pretty cute during the daytime. Unfortunately, the small feet on the giraffe-shaped nightlight have a high chance of coming off. It's been recalled, so you won't have to worry about purchasing it by accident. But since 3,000 of them have already been sold, there's a chance that you may have already purchased it. If you decide to keep it, just make sure that it's on a really high shelf away from the hands of kids.

22 Wolf & Wolf Petit Collage Children's Xylophone

via:Mapamundi Kids

This little elephant-shaped xylophone appears pretty appropriate for kids. It's bright, colorful, and gets kids to expand their creativity. All-in-all, the product is a great idea for little ones. However, the product seems to have been poorly made.

The reason that it was recalled was because of the little ball on the end of the beater stick. 

Not only has the product been recalled, but consumers have been urged to return it immediately. For those who'd like to keep it, Wild & Wolf, the creators of the product, have offered to replace the beater stick with one that's tested to be safe.

21 LILLE Active Care Baby Carriers

Via: The Bump

There is an incredibly large market for baby carriers. In fact, it can be a lot for some parents. Due to the sheer quantity of different makers of baby carriers, picking the right one for their little ones seems more challenging than explaining why Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up. Well, this recent recall has made it slightly easier on parents as there's at least one baby carrier everyone should be avoiding.

Active Series baby carriers were recalled due to the fact that their sliding chest-clip strap can easily detach from the shoulder strap. This makes it fairly easy for a little one to slip from the device and hit the ground.

20 HeForShe Boy Story Action Dolls

Via: Circa

Emma Watson and the HeForShe movement are incredibly well-meaning and effective but may have a couple issues with their special edition action dolls. In particular, their special edition Mason & Billy dolls have just been recalled, even though about 8,500 have already been sold worldwide.

The problem with these spritely, young-looking dolls is that their joints could easily break making them risky for children. The fact that they're made out of vinyl make them even more delicate. And young kids generally aren't great with delicate things. Therefore, it makes complete sense why the consumers have been urged to get rid of them. Hopefully, HeForShe can come up with a better way of reaching out to young kids.

19 Fantasia Cat & Jack Slap Bracelets

If you're a Millenial, chances are you've come across slap bracelets before. They were basically all the rage for those who went to elementary school between 1995 and 2008. There was something silly and aggressive about putting them on that kids just loved, especially when it came to slapping it onto other people's wrists.

Even though it seems like these slap bracelets have become less popular, Fantasia Cat & Jack bracelets still flew off the shelves. however, they were recently recalled since the metal in the wristband could pierce the protective fabric around it. This meant that the sharp edges could easily slip through and put the kids who wore them at risk.

18 Weeplay ED By Ellen DeGeneres Cover-Alls

Via: Yelp

For the most part, only the biggest fans of Ellen DeGeneres knew that she had a line of clothing for children. Sure, most of us knew she had the boxers and briefs, but the stuff for kids was a little more obscure. But good for her. She has almost always found a way of capitalizing on her expanding business empire while making other people happy.

However, she didn't make very many people happy when they found out that her coveralls weren't as safe as they appeared to be. The problem with them was a little bunny applique that easily detached from the body of the garment. This made experts claim that it was actually a risk for your children.

17 Yvolve Neon One Electric Skateboards

Via: Neon

We can't think of a kid (or an adult) who wouldn't love a Neon One Wheel electric skateboard. the things just look so cool. Not only do they have a design that appears to be lifted from The Matrix, but it also can get kids around in a speedy, elegant fashion. Gone are the days of having to use a manual skateboard. There's no need for the extra legwork, these things get kids around with minimal effort. Unfortunately, this specific brand is no longer available.

It was recalled after several complaints were made about the tires on the skateboard deflating. In fact, they deflated in such a way that it could actually be a problem for the rider.

16 BSN SPORTS Rubber Critters Toys

There's something a little off-putting about these rubber critter toys. It's almost as if they have a bit of a Chucky vibe to them. Yet, they were still sold all across Canada and The States. Unfortunately for the manufacturer, the baby toy was pulled from the shelves and banned completely. This is because the rubber critter toys were found to have contained a significant amount of lead. A little bit of lead is okay for the human body, but a lot can be very harmful. This is why there is a limit on how much can be included in products; especially when it comes to products aimed at children. If enough lead is ingested by young children, it can cause health issues.

15 Manhattan Toy Pull-Back Speedy Jets

Upon first glance, this toy looks beautifully designed. It feels like a bit of a throw-back to a time when toys seemed far simpler than they do today. Nowadays, everything seems so flashy and complicated. However, this particular item proves that maybe some of the newer designs are better.

This Manhattan Toy Pull-Back Speedy Jet was recalled after numerous complaints came in. They had to do with the rubber tires which tended to separate from the wheels themselves. 

Although the recall has been in effect since August, over 5,100 of these jets were sold; 930 of which were sold in Canada alone.

14 Creatology Spin Art Kits

Creatology Spin Art Kits were commonly sold at Michaels prior to their recall. They included 34 different pieces, not limited to a battery operated spin art wheel with a cover, paint, brushes, and paper to create cool art on. The idea for this product is in the right place. It certainly gets kids to be creative. Additionally, it pushes them out of their comfort zone a bit. However, the product itself posed a decent problem.

Some parents complained that the battery compartment on the art wheel overheated fast. This made it likely to start a fire. But kids could also hurt themselves if they rested their hand on the compartment by accident. Even though thousands of them were sold, the item had to be recalled.

13 Radio Flyer Electric Wagons

Wagons have come a long way since they were one of the more common items that Santa tended to bring for Christmas. No longer do they require a steep hill or a second person to operate. Electric wagons like this one from Radio Flyer seem pretty cool, to be honest. However, there were a couple reports of incidents where the wagon's motor randomly activated unintentionally. Although nobody was hurt, this could have been bad. It's not dissimilar to a car starting and moving without the operator being ready.

The reason that this happened was due to improper wiring in the wagon's motor. This caused there to be a recall of the electric wagon.

12 Cameron Company Kid's Tents

A backyard tent for children seems to be a great idea. It can provide them with a protected play area outside, as well as encourage their imaginations and creativity during playtime. it's also a great way to prepare them for actual camping. Unfortanly, not every kid's pop-up tent is made to perfection.

Playtime Pals Pop-Up Hideaway Hut Children's tents were recalled this fall due to 270 reports of tent rods snapping. This led to people gettting hurt. The reason why the rods kept snapping was that it was made of cheap fiberglass that wasn't strong enough to support the structure. Therefore, the tent was pulled from the shelves of Home Depot, where it was primarily sold.

11 Colorations Extra Large Crayons

Via: Fortune

Of all the items on this list, crayons should be the safest. How does anyone mess up crayons? Well, unfortunately, a fairly large crayon company did. How did they do that, you ask? Well, they were sloppy enough to let glass get into the crayons.

That's right, consumers and product testers found that there were actual shards of glass found in some of the extra-large brand crayons by Colorations. This poses an obvious risk to children who tend to be in love with their crayons. Consumers have been urged to stop using these crayons immediately and obtain a free replacement set wherever they purchased it in the first place. Perhaps we should stick with a tried-and-true brand like Crayola instead?

10 Paw Patrol Fire Marshall Helmet With Flashlight

Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol is a hit among children. Therefore, it shouldn't be odd that they love when their parents purchase toys and costumes from the show. Unfortunately, one Paw Patrol item was recently recalled. Somewhat ironically, the Paw Patrol Deluxe Fire Marshall Hat with a flashlight was pulled from the shelves because the batteries in the flashlight tend to overheat. Given the flashlights proximity to the ears, consumers should return this item immediately.

9 Dr. Brown's Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holders

About 590,000 Dr. Brown's Lovey pacifier & teether holders were sold across The States. And additional 10, 500 were sold in Canada. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is urging these costumes to return the product in order to get a refund. This is because the baby product was recalled due to the fact that the pacifier's ribbon could easily be detached. This made it likely that a child could put the ribbon in their mouths. Although nobody was hurt, there were 67 reports of the ribbon coming off.

8 The Company Store's Children's Robes

How could a company get bathrobes wrong? Is it even possible? Well, apparently it is. The Company Store had to recall their children's robes this December due to the fact that the product didn't meet the federal flammability standard for children's sleepwear. This made the robe a risk if there were ever any situation where a fire was near it. This seems like a pretty sloppy mistake, but at least it's getting corrected swiftly.

7 Okie Dokie Denim Patches Shortie Shorts

Via: ABC27

JC Penny is responsible for selling many fine and beloved products. However, one of their items didn't quite live up to the standards of the store. Just recently, one of their products was nationally recalled. This product would be their Okie Dokie Denim Patches Shortie Shorts - say that five times fast. The Shortie Shorts were recalled due to the rainbow and watermelon patches easily detaching from the garment. This meant that younger kids could easily put these patches in their mouths.

6 Jané Muum Strollers

People have been using strollers for hundreds of years. One would think that the design would be perfected by now. Unfortunately, Jané Muum Strollers didn't quite nail it with one of their recent strollers. The product was recalled as it didn't meet the expectations of the federal Stroller and Carriage standard. This is because a child could easily pass through the opening between the stroller armrest and the seat bottom. Over 800 units were affected and thus recalled.

5 My First Porsche Wooden Car

It's pretty diabolically intelligent for Porsche to be promoting their cars to young children. After all, they want to expand their market; what's better than starting young? However, one of their Porsche toys was recalled this past year. Their wooden Porsche (called "My First Porsche") was taken off the shelves since the wheels and the axles easily came off the body of the car. This made it a risk for children to put the pieces in their mouths. Over 2000 of these wooden cars were sold across North America. If you have one, you may want to return it.

4 Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seats

Via: VarageSale

There is a lot of literature out there that claims that bath seats aren't safe for babies, even when a parent is present. This recent recall backs these claims up. The Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seat was recalled across the country recently. This is because the bath seat could easily tip over while the baby is in it. Additionally, the infant could also slip underneath the front support of the seat. Luckily, fewer than a hundred of these bath seats were sold before it was recalled.

3 Allura Children's Pajamas

These pajamas sure look nice and snuggly, don't they? They definitely appear to be something that you'd purchase for your beloved little one. Well, these 100% polyester pajamas may appear to be good for your child, but that doesn't mean that they weren't sloppily made. They would have had to have been since they were recalled due to the fact that they didn't meet the federal flammability standard for children's sleepwear garments. So, you may want to return Allura Children's Pajamas and their "Sweet N Sassy" pajama pants if you have them.

2 Confer Plastics Curve In-Pool Step Systems

Although kids aren't the only ones to use a product like Confer Plastics Curve In-Pool Step Systems, they were the reason why it was recently recalled. After a few instances, the manufacturer found that children's limbs could become entrapped in the side openings of the step systems. The openings aren't large enough for most adults to become entrapped, but children could be in harm's way. This is particularly notable since water is involved. Over 100,000 of the In-Pool Step Systems were recalled.

1 Little Tikes Toddler Snug'n Secure Swings

Via: Pinterest

When you name your product "Little Tikes Toddler Snug'n Secure Swings", you better be sure that the swing is, in fact, secure. Since Little Tikes is such a notable company, one would be easily trusting of their products. Unfortunately, this proved to be a bit of a mistake. The Snug'n Secure Swing ended up being not so "secure", after all. The manufacturer received 39 reports of kids who were hurt while using this swing as the plastic seat splintered while they were swinging. As a result, over 540,000 of them were recalled.

Sources: ToyAssociation.org, CPSC.gov, GoodHouseKeeping.com, Parents.comSafeKids.org, Fatherly.

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