30 Baby Girl Names Moms Loved in 2018 (But Now We're Over Them)

What once was all the rage becomes soooo last year. The chicest trends, in retrospect, can become the stuff of comedy. And the best part? There’s absolutely no good reason in the world that parents need to care.

When naming a little love, what else can moms and dads do but follow their hearts — their own most excellent intuitions? As far as approaches to parenthood, that sounds like a pretty good plan to this mother of two tiny tots.

Yes, while some may seek out this list to find out what NOT to call their soon-to-arrive little bundles, others may see it as a magnificent map — a guide to all that is good when it comes to naming — because the names included aren’t trending evermore upward.

Like it or lump it, love it or not so much, there are certain names that were pretty much all the rage in 2018 (so far, and we’re pretty much done with it already somehow!) that have now started to take a dive.

Now, it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily continue this downward trend. All this mom/writer could do was look at the most popular names of the year, and gather the ones that are now dropping in popularity. Most were down many percentage points, with one or two simply not continuing their trendy rise.

So parents may do what they will with it, but at least now they know: Here are 30 baby girl names moms loved in 2018 (but now they’re over them).

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30 Charlotte

Via: IG

I will personally always think of her web (Charlotte’s, that is). And I think it is really a very pretty and nicely old-fashioned-sounding name.

According to Nameberry.com, though, the name Charlotte, which is at number 5 as far as hit names for girls in 2018 so far, recently dropped downward by about 4 percent.

Sorry to say!

It has French origins and means “free man,” also states the same site about this feminine name. Keep in mind it's #7 in terms of overall popularity.

29 Ava

Bonnie and Blithe

I’ve always liked short names, as well as “A” names, but then I guess I might be just a little biased… (see the byline of this article if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Ava was in the number 9 slot in the top girl names of 2018 so far but has recently dropped by about a percentage point.

Now, mind you this can change from week to week, but there you have it.

Ava is a Latin name, and means “life,” says NameBerry.com.

28 Iris

Via: IG

Some, I know, are really big fans of these quite robust and fancy-looking flowers. The iris plant blooms in a variety of interesting colors, leaving gardening fans astounded and intrigued.

And parents were totally picking up what they were putting down, it seems, in that the girl name Iris was all the way up at number 13 in popularity for the current year of 2018 so far.

However, in recent weeks, it’s dropped down about 12 percent, according to NameBerry.com.

27 Amara

Via: IG

I have never actually met an Amara, but seeing as it was the second-most popular girl name of 2018, I’m thinking maybe this will not last all that much longer.

The feminine name was recently about 5 percent less popular than it used to be, according to NameBerry.com.

This quite interesting moniker is Italian, Greek, and African and it is said to mean "grace or bitter.”

Overall, it’s pretty far down in popularity, at number 208 on that same site as was mentioned above. It’s considered strong and stylish and has a multicultural sound to it.

26 Aurora

Via: IG

I have actually met an Aurora! And yes, she was in fact named after the Disney princess!

Others thought the name was pretty cool, too, I guess because it was all the way up at number 6 in the popularity charts for 2018 so far, according to NameBerry.com.

The thing is, it was recently shown to have dropped about 3 percent, so this name meaning “dawn” (with Latin origins) might not exactly be on the rise anymore. We’ll see!

Overall, it’s at number 51 in popularity.

25 Cora


This name has been huge in terms of popularity. When I recently checked the charts, it was all the way up in the number 3 position for the year of 2018 so far (which of course is pretty much a wrap already).

Although keep in mind it fell about one percent at the time of researching these baby names, just so you know.

Greek in origin, Cora means "maiden," says NameBerry.com.

That same site says it’s sometimes classified by people as an “old lady” name, but what do they know?

24 Amelia


Again, because it sounds somewhat like my own name, I think I can’t help but be somewhat partial to Amelia.

Also, until recently, I wouldn’t have been able to think of much of anything except for that silly housekeeper from the children’s books (Amelia Bedelia) upon hearing this four-syllable stunner.

Folks fancied it this year, seeing as it was in the number 7 position in a list of the most popular girl names at NameBerry.com.

Additionally, however, when we checked it out recently, it had dropped down by about 2 percent.

23 Maeve

Via: IG

Grandma name alert! Sorry, but I mean… come on.

That’s probably why parents loved it this last year! Grandma names have been all the rage!

It was all the way up near the tippy top at number 11 in popularity, as was listed at NameBerry.com. But when we researched the name Maeve recently, it had dropped down by about 4 percent.

It has Irish origins and is said to mean “she who [electrifies].” Uh-oh, watch out! Maeve’ll getcha!

Used in both legend and fiction, Maeve is associated with a powerful Irish queen character and has been described as a name that “makes you go WOW!”

22 Violet


Well, if you don’t love that Violet has dropped a bit in popularity very recently (by about 7 percent actually, according to NameBerry.com), how about ditching the name that was in the number 14 slot for 2018 for girls and just calling your kid Purple?

That’s what it means, after all.

Just kidding, of course. I think Violet is quite cute, and makes me think of those lovely little flowers, especially the shy little violets seen in that garden scene of Alice in Wonderland (the animated Disney version, anyway).

21 Ophelia

Via: IG

Other English majors out there are probably thinking of nothing other than The Bard upon reading this four-syllable name for a girl.

She was that unfortunate heroine from Hamlet, of course, but parents were really digging it this year as a moniker for their female offspring. It was all the way up at the number 15 position on the popularity charts for 2018.

Recently, though, it dropped about 9 percent.

However, it started skyrocketing in popularity in 2015 and means “help” in Greek, says NameBerry.com.

20 Eleanor

Good Morning America

As you may have guessed, Eleanor is an English name and so far for 2018, has been all the way up in the 16th spot for popularity, actually!

I suppose we are truly seeing a revival of the “grandma” name!

When we checked recently, though, at NameBerry.com, Eleanor had dropped about 5 percent in popularity, so perhaps the name, coming in at number 35 in overall popularity, is one antique that will again fade into the past.

On the same site as above, it’s described as “a stately name that has been in and out of fashion.”

19 Esme

Squishy Cheeks & Cupcakes

Okay, so it’s not that it clearly dropped — it’s just that when we checked recently, it was no longer on the rise, having gone up zero percent recently.

The name Esme was listed at number 17 for the year at NameBerry.com, and it is French and Persian. It means “esteemed, beloved; emerald.”

Clearly, many parents have been quite dazzled by this name recently! It is at number 585 as far as an overall standing, and so its recent extreme popularity, alone, may make it somewhat interesting.

18 Luna

The Early Hour

I have not been able to do the work I do and not have strong pop-cultural associations with the name Luna. Guess when a famous actress and personality (who uses social media a lot) and a famous singer have babies together, it gets spread around the Internet just a little bit. Who would have thought?

The name Luna, though coming in at number 18 for the year so far, was recently said to be down by about 4 percent, at NameBerry.com. It is Italian and means, of course, “moon.”

The same site notes that it may be popular lately because it’s a Harry Potter name, too.

17 Imogen

See It Live

With Celtic origins, Imogen means “maiden” and plenty of parents loved it enough to choose it for their own baby girls recently.

It came in way up at number 19 for the year, says NameBerry.com, although it has been down a couple of percentage points in the past few months.

It’s said to be considered sort of an old lady name (see the trend here?), and it is Shakespearean and has long been cool beans across the pond.

NameBerry.com “experts” describe Imogen as “classy” and “distinctive” … What do you think?

16 Aurelia


Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only there was an interesting-sounding name for my baby girl that meant ‘the golden one’ in Latin…”?

If so, look no further, mams and papas (and future and potential mothers and fathers, of course).

Names are fun, right? And although Aurelia is said to be down at number 677 in popularity (overall) at NameBerry.com, it was way up at number 21 for this year! Wowza!

Lately, though, it’s been down by about 10 percent.

It’s said to be considered an antique sort of name, a feminine form of a classic Roman name, Aurelius, that was a hit back in the day of the Roman Empire.

15 Alice

The House of Hood Blog

Full disclosure: I love this one.

It’s a German name that means “noble.”

NameBerry.com lists that Alice is at number 22, making it very popular for 2018. However, it does also point out that this name has dropped about 6 percent in popularity recently. Overall, it’s pretty high, at number 70 in popularity (as in not just for this current year).

Apparently, Tina Fey chose the name for her daughter, which along with other "A" names have been majorly trending recently. (Does that make yours truly super cool?)

14 Ada

Via: IG

It’s short. It’s simple. It’s Ada.

This girl name was up pretty high, at number 23, for 2018 so far. However, it’s recently fallen somewhat by just about one percent, according to NameBerry.com.

Ada is a German name that means “noble” or “nobility.”

Overall, it’s at number 321 as far as the popularity charts of the same site as is mentioned above. It’s described as stylish, which it was at the end of the 1800s, as well.

Fun fact? Poet Lord Byron’s daughter was called Ada.

13 Arabella

Via: IG

Some might say that beauty is written right into this longer name for a little girl: Arabella

It was incredibly high this year on the popularity charts, at number 24, although it was recently said to be down one percent, as reported by NameBerry.com.

Arabella is Latin and means “yielding to prayer.”

It has been described as lovely and elegant, and if you read a lot of old English novels, notes the same site as above, you may know that it’s a literary favorite… (Sorry, can’t help the spelling jokes…)

12 Evelyn

The House of Hood Blog

Ding, ding, ding! “Name that’s commonly used for both genders” alarm sounding!

Okay, so I’ve noticed a trend in my writing about babies and the names that their parents choose for them lately:

Often, if a name that is used for both genders is going up in popularity for boys, it’s going down for girls, and vice versa.

Not this one! This name has been trending downward lately for both boys and girls.

Although Evelyn was in the number 25 position for girl names this year, it’s recently dropped 6 percent for girls, and 4 percent for boys, says NameBerry.com.

It’s English and means “wished for child.”

11 Lucy


A whole bunch of new moms and dads out there can say, in all seriousness, I Love Lucy.

I guess it’s been a while since that show first aired… and even a while, maybe, since it was a staple over on the programming at Nick at Nite.

In any case, Lucy was way up at number 26 this year, although it has seen a recent 4 percent drop, says NameBerry.com.

It’s Latin and means “light,” and though I have indeed met some very young Lucys lately, I have to say I have yet to meet a baby Lucille.

10 Hazel

Via: IG

Maybe it’s the color of your eyes… Maybe it’s your favorite nut!

In any case, enough parents liked this word as a girl’s name this year that it was pretty high up in popularity, at number 28, according to NameBerry.com.

It’s dropped a fairly significant 10 percentage points recently, though.

Hazel is English and means “the hazelnut tree.” Overall, it stands at number 43, says the same site as above.

That’s kind of a surprise to me, I have to say — that it is quite that high up on the charts.

9 Adeline


The three-syllable name Adeline was at number 29 for 2018 so far when we checked just now at NameBerry.com, although it was also listed as being down about 9 percent in popularity at the moment.

All trends aside, this French name for a girl means “noble” or “nobility,” and is really quite popular overall (as in not just for this year), coming in at number 64.

It is just so… French!

And, again, it means “noble,” so you know it’s “classy,” right?

Normans introduced it to England, and “Sweet Adeline” is an old barbershop quartet fave (you know, those guys singing in matching suits…), says the same site as above.

8 Isabella

Via: IG

Isabella is a feminine name with a Hebrew, Spanish, and Italian background that means “pledged to God.”

It’s way popular overall, way up at number 4, according to NameBerry.com, and was fairly high for the current year, at number 30 — although it did recently drop 6 percent in popularity, says the same site.

They also describe it as a “superstar” of a name, and note that in 2009 and 2010, the Twilight movies may have had a little something to do with that.

7 Thea


Ready for a cutie? The name Thea is listed at number 31 for this year over at NameBerry.com and has dropped a bit, by about one percent.

It’s Greek, actually, and is said to mean “goddess” or “godly.”

This name is said to be thought of as one of those names that is old-school but stylish all over again, and if you chose to spell it Theia, that would be the Titan “of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky,” says NameBerry.com.

6 Nora

Via: IG

Here’s yet another name associated with “light,” as far as meanings go.

Nora was fairly high up on the charts, at number 33, for 2018 so far, according to NameBerry.com, although it recently dropped by a noticeable 5 percent.

It is Irish and is said to be considered sort of vintage, so that’s fun.

Then there’s Norah, as in Jones, as in the singer. The same site as above describes the name Nora as a “quintessentially Irish” one that has been slowly but surely getting more popular (until now?).

5 Emilia


I hope I have inspired you or somehow given you some helpful information as you ponder all the interesting possibilities when it comes to choosing a name for a new girl (or not).

There are so many longer names, “E” names, and “A” names, right? So many old-fashioned or “grandma” sounding names, too!

And so here we are at Emilia, which is at number 34 for this year and not currently rising any farther, according to NameBerry.com.

Emilia is Spanish, Italian, and Hungarian, and means — wait for it — “rival.”

4 Anna

Via: IG

Anna is quite short and quite simple, and means “grace.”

The Hebrew name is coming in at number 36 for this year, it looks like, although when we checked recently at NameBerry.com, it was down by one percent in popularity.

Overall, it’s said to be at number 53. For years and years, it’s been a popular choice, and of course, there’s also Ann.

From the Tolstoy title to the character in the Frozen animated film (which, swear, I have unbelievably never, ever seen, and I’m a mom to two girls...), Anna’s popularity has been affected by a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

And hey, how about Anya or even Anja?

3 Elodie

The Leotard Boutique

Get ready for it: Elodie. This French name means “foreign riches.” Okay, then!

According to NameBerry.com, folks tend to think of Elodie as pretty cool and sort of international. It’s actually the name of a medieval saint, and it’s a hit over in France as well as in the U.K., in England and Wales, at the current moment.

It was way up at number 37 for this year, although it very recently was listed as having dropped a significant 10 percent, so there’s that.

2 Evangeline

Via: IG

We near the finish with, well, a bunch of E names, because that was sort of a hit as far as letters for starting names of girls this year, as it turns out!

Evangeline was up at number 38 this year! Although, at the time of writing this, NameBerry.com had it down as having dropped a whole 11 percent in popularity recently.

The name is Greek and means “bearer of good news.”

So, there you have it. Maybe the answer to “What’s good?” or “What’s the good word?” is… Evangeline!

1 Eliza

Roat Osha

Well, well, well… Look at you, Eliza, with your three syllables, trendy starting “E,” and even a spicy internal “Z” thrown in there!

Eliza is Hebrew and means “pledged to God.”

Although the feminine name was listed at number 39 for 2018 so far over at NameBerry.com, it was also said to have recently dropped by about 8 percent.

Overall, it is said to be at about number 140, so who knows… Maybe it’s rise to the top 100 was merely temporary?

Sources: NameBerry.com

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