30 Baby Boy Names Moms Loved in 2018 (But Now We're Over Them)

These names were amongst the 100 most popular names for baby boys (so far) in 2018, as of just last month. They were the names that were trending big-time, chosen by parents for their current and lovable sound.

They were so of the moment that they were irresistible to moms and dads who wanted a name that sounded just unique enough but also, to be quite frank, normal during this time that we now live in.

I went through all 100 names that were ranked the highest for boys during the course of this year. (It took a long time, by the way.)

If a name was trending upward in popularity, it did not make the cut for this list. If a moniker was trending downward (either just slightly or by quite a lot), or in a few cases just not growing in popularity at the current moment, I jotted it down and researched a bit about it.

What I wound up with was a carefully put together and thorough collection of names that are no longer on the rise, along with their standings and just how much they’re dropping down right now.

Now, it doesn’t mean they’re not still good names, but it does mean that they’re now being given to fewer babies (and hey, maybe to you, that’s a good thing!).

They are 30 baby boy names moms loved in 2018 (but now we’re over them).

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30 Atticus

Sure, it’s a nice little (er, actually kind of long) name. In fact, it’s so nice that it was ranked way up at number 1 in a list of the most popular baby names for boys in 2018 (at NameBerry.com).

However, Atticus, a nice name though it may be, was trending downward, and was actually down 4 percent in popularity this week, at the time of writing this article.

It has Greek and Latin origins, and it means “from Attica.”

29 Milo


With this name, I personally think of the punk legend of a lead singer for the band The Descendents. His name is Milo, and you’ve probably seen him, and his famous glasses, in cartoon form on many a T-shirt over the years, especially if you go to a lot of shows.

The name is actually in the number 2 position for the year of 2018, but it is trending downward by 2 percent, according to NameBerry.com.

The German name for a boy means "soldier or merciful,” and it is ranked at #224 on the overall popularity charts of the same site as above.

28 Asher


I know I’ve met some of these, boys given the name Asher in recent years, that is.

Although the male name Asher is ranked way up there at number 5 for the year of 2018, it is actually trending downward at the current moment, I must dutifully report. Nothing too drastic, but it’s down by like 2 percent, says NameBerry.com.

It is a Hebrew name and it means "fortunate, blessed, happy one.”

It’s at #59 on the overall popularity charts, says NameBerry.com, and it’s one of those Old Testament biblical names that has been in the top names for many years.

27 Theodore


I’ve always kind of liked this cute name, and called at least one pet “Theo” when I was growing up, actually.

But as far as giving the name to real people, the trend is going downward for the popularity of this masculine name.

Although it was actually quite high on the charts, coming in at the number 7 spot as far as rankings, it is currently down by something like 11 percent, says the site NameBerry.com.

The Greek name means “gift of God.”

26 Declan


Here’s an interesting name, which was way up there as the 10th most popular boy name of 2018 so far (just last month), according to the site NameBerry.com.

It is an Irish name, and it means “man of prayer.”

It’s at #116 for general popularity, according to the same site as above.

It’s said to be a likable name that was associated with an Irish saint. And a fun fact about it? It is the real first name of singer Elvis Costello. Ha!

25 Oscar


Aw, I love this one, even if I won’t ever truly be able to separate it in my head from that fuzzy green grouchy guy who lives in a trash can on a place called Sesame Street.

The boy name Oscar is ranked at number 12 for 2018 so far, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any higher, as — at the current moment, in any case — it is currently trending downward by about 2 percent, according to NameBerry.com.

It is an English and Irish name, and it means “God spear, deer-lover or champion warrior.”

24 Oliver


It certainly sounds current to me, and that’s because it is.

Oliver was all the way up at number 13 in the top names of 2018 so far, but now, it’s not exactly getting any higher on the charts.

It’s down by just a bit, like, 2 percent, according to the site NameBerry.com.

The Latin male name means “olive tree.” Cute!

Folks in England, Australia, and New Zealand apparently are big fans of the name, which entered the top 100 in the U.S. for the first time in just 2009.

23 Liam


Oh, Liam, how moms of 2018 loved you. In fact, little name, you were up at number 26 in the rankings for the year so far as of October!

However, this week, you are up, well, zero percent, showing that the love isn’t growing, not right now, anyway.

It is an Irish name, says NameBerry.com, and it means “resolute protection.”

Believe it or not, as far as general popularity (not just for this current year), it’s all the way up at #1! Crazy how these trends work, huh?

22 Elio


The name Elio is fairly popular; in fact, it is all the way up at number 27 for the year of 2018 so far.

However, it is making one of the steepest drops in popularity of any of the top 100 boy names!

It is down a whopping 20 percent at the time of writing this article. Yikes.

It is an Italian name that, according to NameBerry.com, people tend to think of as sounding “cool.”

That same site also describes the boy name Elio as “sunny and spirited,” and notes that it is a popular name over in France right now, as well.

21 Louis


Louis is one of those names that some consider, quite frankly, old-man-ish.

According to the site NameBerry.com, this "L" name is often added to such lists as “Old Man Names,” and while that may have just contributed to this one coming in high at number 33 for this year so far, it’s popularity is now dropping by a full 5 percent.

The name for a boy means “renowned warrior,” saysNameBerry.com, and it is ranked at number 277 in popularity overall.

20 Caleb


I’m sure that this one sounds quite familiar to my ears, and I spend a lot of time around people who have babies and young kids, seeing as I have two little people in my charge, myself.

Caleb was rather posh for the year of 2018, coming in way up at number 37, but it looks like that little trend is coming to an end because the two-syllable “C” name is down 8 percent in popularity recently, according to NameBerry.com.

The Hebrew moniker means “devotion to God.”

19 Elijah


If you don’t think of the actor, as in Elijah Wood, we are living on different planets — or at least grew up in very, very different eras.

Elijah was all the way up at number 43 in popularity during 2018 so far, but as of recent weeks, it’s down a whole percentage point.

The Hebrew name, according to NameBerry.com, means "Yahweh is God.” Overall, it’s like the eight most popular name for boys out there, says the same site.

The religious name has been popular with celebs over the years, especially since Cher and Greg Allman called their son by it in 1976.

18 Cassius

Best Ten News

Not to be confused with the similar-sounding brand of electronic keyboards found in so many homes during the 1980s, Cassius is quite a clever-sounding name that has dropped a full 3 percent in popularity in recent weeks, even though it was fairly high in the top 100 boy names of 2018 so far at number 44.

Cassius is of course a Latin name, and it means “hollow,” says the site NameBerry.com.

What’s wild is that it is way down at number 585 for overall popularity. But a few famous folks have used it over the years, even spelling it with a “K” sometimes. Kool!

17 John


If you are looking for traditional, you’ve found it, my parental friends. John is not a new name, nor is it incredibly cutting-edge or innovative, but it was quite popular, still, for 2018 so far, coming in at number 46 in the most popular boy names, as was included at the site NameBerry.com.

Now, though, it’s down 4 percent compared to where it was at before, showing that the trend is not upward for this classic.

The Hebrew name means “God is gracious.” Many celebs have been able to say “my son John” after choosing it for their offspring.

16 Xavier


“New house” or “bright” are some meanings of the Basque and Arabic name Xavier.

It has always had such an incredibly unique ring to it to my ears. Although it was incredibly high in popularity for the year of 2018 so far, way up at number 48, its drop has been rather steep lately, as its now down 9 percent in popularity.

To have an “X” name is rather rare, and this one is often used as a middle name, as is also included at the site NameBerry.com.

15 Caspian


It may make you think of the sea between Asia and Europe, which is a salty one indeed.

The romantic name given by C.S. Lewis to the hero in the Narnia fictional series for children was way up in the number 50 slot for 2018 so far, but in recent weeks it is down by 3 percent in popularity.

It’s at number 868 overall, according to the site NameBerry.com, and really I’m sort of amazed at what a hit it seems to have been in recent times. It’s certainly unusual!

The same site says the name is appealing to many “cutting-edge” moms and dads lately.

14 Andrew


Andys and Drews and Andrews everywhere may take great pride in sporting this first name, which means “strong and manly”! How about that?

It’s down in popularity by about 3 percent lately, though, according to the site NameBerry.com.

It’s at number 51 in the list of hit names for boys during this last year, and is in the number 40 position overall.

Maybe parents are looking for something a little more distinctive these days?

Perhaps the French André or Nordic Anders would be awesome choices…

13 Archer


Any guesses what the name Archer means? If you raised your hand and blurted out “bowman!” or “one of those guys who shoots arrows!” then congratulations, you get a virtual gold star.

The name Archer is in spot 53 for the year of 2018, but it’s down a whole 6 percent in popularity in recent weeks, so the English name for a boy doesn’t seem to be accelerating toward current stardom itself right now.

The masculine adult-cartoon character of recent years may have made it appealing to papas, notes the site NameBerry.com.

12 Matthew


This old name is at number 16 as far as overall popularity, and it means “gift of God,” notes the site NameBerry.com.

It was at number 55 for 2018, and it’s down a whole like 7 percent in recent weeks.

Matthew, Matt, Matteo, Mattias, and other similar names are of course everywhere and have been for a long, long time. In the 1960s, there were apparently many characters named Matt in Western TV shows, says the same site as above, causing the name to totally trend.

11 Hugo


People apparently think of the name Hugo as being hipster, literary, and of course Latin — because it is.

The site NameBerry.com also notes that the origin of the boy name is German, Spanish, and Portuguese, and that it means “mind, intellect.” Always good.

Although Hugo is ranked at number 56 for 2018 so far, it is presently down in popularity by something like 7 percent, so even though the name may wow and have a clear appeal to moms and dads in these modern times, its moment may just be passing.

10 Lewis


“Renowned warrior” is the meaning of the English name Lewis, according to the site NameBerry.com.

It is in the number 57 position as far as popularity for the year of 2018 so far, but it’s down an entire 15 percent, which is one of the steepest drops we’ll see today, and indeed one of the most drastic plummets that a boy name in the top 100 has taken recently this year.

Overall, it’s at number 541 in popularity, as is also noted along with the other stats at the site NameBerry.com.

9 Samuel


I grew up reading Green Eggs & Ham just like, well, just about everyone else I know, and so this religious name has come to have quite fun and flip associations surrounding it.

There’s Sammy, which is cute, too. And how about that handsome lone wolf of a bartender from Cheers, if anyone else’s memory happens to go back that far, or if they checked out the classic on Netflix…

Although Casablanca heroines may say dreamily “play it again, Sam…” Samuel is down a percentage point in popularity lately, although it was enough of a hit in 2018 so far to be in the number 58 position.

8 Luke


He’s the “man from Lucania.” He’s cool yet strong. He was a famous Greek physician in the first century, as well as an evangelist and buddy of Saint Paul.

All of this thrilling info and more can be found at the site NameBerry.com, but it doesn’t change the fact that the name Luke, coming in at number 59 for the current year so far, is down about 4 percent in popularity in recent weeks.

The same site also says that the boy name has a “relaxed cowboy feel.” To many, it has a distinct Star Wars feel.

7 Nathanial


You might choose to call the kid Nate or maybe you insist on the full and quite formal Nathanial. But whatever you do, you are choosing a name that is of course quite popular indeed, at number 112 overall, according to NameBerry.com, and at number 63 for the current year of 2018 so far.

In recent weeks, though, it’s dropped a full 4 percentage points in popularity.

The Hebrew name Nate means “gift of God,” and it was the given name of writer Hawthorne, general Green from the Revolution (who was actually Nathanael), pianist Nat “King” Cole, and of course many more…

6 Harrison


You might think of the last name of a Beatles member when you hear Harrison, notes the site NameBerry.com.

It is at the number 66 position for the current year so far, but it’s also down about 5 percent in popularity, notes the same site as is mentioned above.

The name is English and it means, well, “son of Harry.” Guess that makes sense.

As far as famous first-name Harrisons, ever heard of an actor with the last name of Ford?

5 Wilder


If I’m honest, yes, I have met someone who was recently given this name, and it just sounded so hipster. 

But that is just one little writer’s opinion, and so essentially worthless, I suppose.

So let’s instead turn to the stats, as included at NameBerry.com: Wilder, for a boy, was in the number 67 position for 2018 so far. Lately, it’s gone up zero percent for the little gentleman, and — get this — a whopping 1,000 percent for girls! And the baby I met who was given this name was a girl, so maybe my so-hip-it’s-ridiculous opinion isn’t really too far off the mark.

4 Nolan


I mean, it means “champion.” How could it not be a winner?

For the parents welcoming sons so far in 2018, Nolan truly was a supreme choice, enough so, in fact, that it was in the 69th position for popularity this year.

In recent weeks, however, Nolan is dropping down a bit, by about 3 percent, in fact.

It’s Irish, and it’s ranked at number 67 for overall popularity, according to the site NameBerry.com.

It has that whole last-name-as-a-first-name thing going for it, which I’ve observed is a major trend of late — in the previous years, anyway.

3 Lucian


Guys, we’re nearing the end, and I hope this list has been helpful for you as you ponder what to choose — and what NOT to choose — as a name for a little boy; whether that little guy is newly born, soon to arrive, or still just a twinkle in your eye.

Speaking of twinkles, the name Lucian is Latin, and it means “light.”

On a not so light note, though, it is apparently down a rather large 11 percent in recent weeks, and can be found at something like spot number 71 for the year of 2018 so far (according to NameBerry.com).

2 Jayden


This name has such a hip ring to it that I can’t NOT hear it said in like a super SoCal, blogger-mom type of accent. Jayden… This is my son Jayden…

Is that just me?

Although Jayden is at about the number 73 spot for happening boy names of 2018 so far, it is down a pretty ginormous 17 percent recently — and, interestingly, up a whole 39 percent when you’re talking about using it for a little girl. Guess the tides are shifting.

1 Gabriel


Mick Jagger named his son Gabriel, so does that make it inherently cool? That, my friends, is surely a matter of opinion.

But the facts are that for 2018 so far, the name Gabriel is recently at about number 75, and going neither up nor down in popularity.

Basically, it is NOT clearly on the rise right now, even if it is at number 31 in overall popularity.

It’s considered sort of an antique name, notes the site NameBerry.com, and of course is the name of an archangel.

Sources: NameBerry.com


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