3 Children Witnessed The Murder Of Their Mother By Her Estranged Husband

Trigger: Mention of death.

When it comes to a relationship between parents, sometimes things don't work out. Whether it's because there's too much fighting or because one parent refuses to pull their weight, these and others factors can cause the romance to deteriorate. It's okay if the relationship fails; what matters more is your children's welfare. But if one parent is extremely angry with their ex, something awful may happen.

In Vancouver, Washington, one estranged husband killed his wife in front of their three children. The estranged husband in question has been identified as Keland Hill, and the victim was Tiffany Hill. Fortunately, the couple's children (who haven't been identified in the media) were unharmed during the horrifying shooting.

According to reports, Tiffany and Keland were inside a minivan that was parked in an elementary school parking lot. In addition to the estranged couple and their children, Tiffany's mother was also in the van. Keland- who had made bail earlier that day- suddenly shot Tiffany and her unidentified mother in the car. Tiffany was killed at the scene, but her mother survived despite being shot three times. She's been taken to the hospital to undergo multiple surgeries and is expected to be okay.

Police have since revealed that Tiffany had an active restraining order against her own husband. Moreover, Keland had an extensive history of abuse and violence against Tiffany. He also violated the restraining order numerous times. Most recently, on Thursday, November 7th, 2019, Keland was arrested for stalking after he was caught poking around his wife's vehicle. A black box with a GPS tracker inside was found affixed to the car's fuel tank.

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Keland had his bail posted for $75 000 USD the very next day, but it later increased to $250 000 USD on Friday, November 15th, 2019. Deputy Prosecutor Lauren Boyd had wanted to increase it to $2 million due to a "danger assessment" from Tiffany showed "that the victim is at extreme risk of being killed by the defendant".

During the November 15th hearing, Boyd also requested an electronic monitoring device on Keland, but that motion was denied. However, "intensive conditions" would be set on him if he made bail. He did exactly that on Friday, November 22nd, 2019. He would then kill Tiffany just days later.

Keland will never get his day in court for murdering his wife and shooting his mother-in-law. Shortly after the shooting, he fled the scene and ended up getting into a police chase. He ended up committing suicide by shooting himself in order to avoid a trial and more jail time. Because of this, we may never know the full truth of why he committed the murder.

Our thoughts are with Tiffany's three children, her mother, and the rest of her extended family.

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