29 Most Beautiful Baby Names That Will Be Hitting The Charts Big In 2019

It doesn’t seem possible but 2019 is less than three months away. We’re way closer to 2019 than we are to 2017. Let that sink in this way—babies conceived now will be born in 2019 and will graduate high school in 2037. Crazy, right? What’s even crazier is that parents out there are trying to predict what the name trends for next year will be.

Will Emma still reign supreme or will something edgier, like Jade, finally unseat her? If we name our baby Jackson, will he be the only one or in a class full of others?

We know these things matter to parents, parents who know that a name can set a child on a certain path in life. Fear no more! Below are 30 names we see moving up the charts and into the discussion by the time 2019 rolls around. Each one is special and has either re-entered the charts or jumped several spots to claim a new spot of dominance in the past year. Whether it’s classics that make the top of the list or bold newcomers, there’s a little bit of everything in these high flyers. There are names of places and names of leaders, as well as names that were once exclusively for one gender but are now making the switch. Even we were surprised by the variety and charm of the names climbing the popularity lists the fastest.

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29 Bright As Day Bridget


Bridget, which has always been popular among Celtic communities, is making a comeback into the mainstream.

It’s sitting right in the middle of the top thousand most popular girl’s names, as mentioned by Oh Baby! Names. This is a powerful name meaning ‘strength and vigor.’ Brighid, a Celtic goddess, was the embodiment of fire. She represented the fire of healing and fertility as well as the passionate fire of the fighting arts. This may seem like a lot for a baby girl to live up to, but we’re always fans of setting the bar high and letting baby rise to meet it.

28 Luna, A Light In The Dark


Luna is already incredibly popular, sitting in the top 40 on Nameberry’s popularity list. Yet, it doesn’t seem the trend is dying down at all. Maybe it’s the unique and unflinching character of Luna Lovegood that’s propelled her so high. Maybe it’s the many, many celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Penelope Cruz who’ve given it to their own daughters that has bolstered it. Either way, it would seem that Luna is here to stay. While it may seem fresh and new, Luna actually was quite common in the 1880’s.

27 Reagan Who Rules


Baby Center reminds us that this name doesn’t just relate to a leader but also to nobility. Reagan means ‘little ruler’ in it’s original Irish. It’s currently sitting just under the top 100 in popularity, although we think it’s poised to change that. After all, Ronald Reagan was the unwavering hand that stood up to international antics and took the first steps to a lasting peace. Any baby boy or girl would only benefit from a legacy like that.

26 Another Little Leader


Hayes is another U.S. leader inspired baby name that we see rocketing in popularity. According to Baby Center Hayes is currently sitting in the latter 300’s in popularity but, between last year and this one, made a 78-slot leap. Celebrities are getting in on the trend, including Kevin Costner who in 2009 bestowed his son with this name. Another famous person, this time an actress, gave the son this name. He’s Hayes Alba Warren, and she’s Jessica Alba.

25 Jasper, A Gem


Jasper—which Baby Name Wizard tells us may be inspired by the third Magi in the Christmas story—is a name finding footing with parents today.

An earlier version of the word may have meant ‘treasure keeper’ in Persian, a title that seems nothing but smooth now.

One of the best parts of this name? The ability to call either your little boy or girl Jazz or Jazzy. Interesting fact- Jack Daniels’ founder wasn’t really a Jack. He was Jasper Daniel.

24 Milo Gaining On Us

Via: Mocha Dad

Milo is currently sitting right in the middle of the thousand most popular names for boys. However, with pop culture references—like the wildly popular TV series This Is Us, starring Milo Ventimiglia—and celebrities giving their children this moniker, we see Milo making a play to reach a much higher ranking.

The Bump also reminds us that Milo once made an appearance as a Disney character, the nerdy but lovable Dr. Milo Thatch, whose unwavering belief in Atlantis made him the laughing stock of academia—that is, until he found Atlantis and fell in love with its princess and spiritual protector.

23 Soaring Soren

Via: La Mother Tongue

Soren, an unusual name with the privilege of having a near perfect ranking by opinionated parents on Oh Baby! Names, means ‘stern.’ While this may seem austere or cold, keep this interesting bit of trivia in mind—Soren is the Germanic version of Severus. In Rome, the Severan family reached the heights of power and stayed there for some 40 years. Also, c’mon, Severus Snape is the misunderstood romantic hero celebrated by Harry Potter loving people all around the world. Naming a baby Soren could be a much subtler nod to that famed franchise.

22 Venus In The Sky

Via: Daphnie Pearl

Nameberry says that Venus is currently ranked in the 600’s on the list of 1,000 most popular girl’s names. With other goddess inspired names like Pallas, Selene, and Bridget getting attention, we could see Venus moving up as well. Venus was the goddess of love, the Romanized version of earlier Aphrodite. Venus Williams has made her own mark on the name. She’s won seven tennis grand slams and has a power ranking of number 21 in the world in women’s singles. She’s also part of the awesome twosome of sisters who’ll be forever remembered as titans in their own right alongside sibling Serena.

21 Rich Like Aster


Aster is the newly heralded, edgier version of Stella. They both mean ‘star.’ You can see it in front of several space-related words-asteroid, astronaut, etc. Baby Nname Wizard says asters are also a type of flower, one that is symbolic of September. In China, the aster flower signifies devotion and fidelity, two worthy virtues. If, like us, the name still makes you think of the haughty John Jacob Astor in Titanic, based on the real-life U.S. real estate guru, don’t worry. He spelled his name with the -or ending.

20 Ovations for Omari

Via: kjfclothing.com

Omari is waiting right outside the top 1,000 most popular names, coming in at 1,012, as cited by The Bump. We think these next few months could mark the time that Omari steps gracefully into the top thousand. Omari Harwick is currently the most famous bearer of the name, and we couldn’t love his story more. Though he’d always had an expressed love of the arts, Mr. Hardwick was drafted into the NFL. While playing for the Chargers, he was injured and decided to turn his attention back to his first love, acting. He left the NFL for school, to study and learn how to act commercially. He has since been a successful, working actor.

19 Likable Wynn

Via: Notonthehighstreet.com

Wynn has been a Welsh staple name for quite a long time. Nameberry states that Wynn is often added to lists for middle names. However, this short, breezy name is perfect for parents with longer last names. In England, Wynn tends to be a surname. Some people with the Wynn last name claim direct descent from a Powys prince who fought in a historical battle in 603 AD. The name itself mean ‘fair and pure,’ and we think it’s a wynn-er (we couldn’t help it).

18 Short And Direct, Vaughn

Via: Cameo Blog

Another one-syllable name moving up the charts is Vaughn. Baby Names Hub tells us that Vaughn was most popular in 1949, giving this direct name a vintage vibe. It also has the feel of ivy league names like Stanford or Cornell. This is because of Vaughn College of Aeronautics, a school that has very recently been voted into the number one spot for putting its graduates in high earning roles. The school also boasts its own Aviation Training Institute, and we can’t think of a better name for a child who may reach the stars.

17 Literary Darcy


Maybe it makes you think of the Mr., but we say that’s no check in the negative column. Mr. Darcy admitted when he was wrong, pined for a woman society told him should be beneath him despite her wit and charm, and stepped in to quietly help without asking for recognition. Aside from Jane Austen’s most famous work, Nameberry reminds us that Darcy also appeared in Gone With The Wind as a supporting character. The name was originally French and today could be given to boys and girls alike.

16 First Name Everett


Everett was once used only as a surname. Today, it’s more widely used as a first name and one standard bearer really stands out.

His name was Everett Blakesly, and he served in WWII as a pilot. He became a hero, flying 16 risky missions before his aircraft was taken down in a fire that severely damaged the plane’s brake system. In an effort to save lives, Everett put down his aircraft into an oak tree in England. According to The Tribune, his crew credited him for saving them from a certain demise.

15 Wolverine And Logan


One thing is for certain, according to Nameberry, Logan is experiencing the honor of being wildly popular. It’s used mostly for boys, but girls in the 1990s were also given this Scottish name. Tamar Braxton gave this name to her son in 2013, before it started climbing the charts at such an accelerated pace.

14 Earthy Azalea

Via: Domesticated Me

Azalea rose one hundred and f45 spots between 2017 and 2018, as cited by Baby Center. That’s a huge leap! It’s also a trend we see continuing for this next year. Why? Because Azalea with its middle-placed z seems to be the hipper sister of Aria and Amelia. Perhaps it has also become more popular due to rapper and mogul Iggy Azalea. The truth is—Iggy took on this moniker later in life. The name she was given at birth was Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

13 Strong Like Oakley


Baby Name Wizard says that Oakley appeared on popularity charts nineteen times in less than one hundred years—for boys. Now, we think the trend is changing to make this a unisex name with more little girls getting it than ever before. It sounds so much like Waverly and Everly but feels more grounded and less storybook. It translates to ‘Oak Meadow’ which sounds both enduring and peaceful, two things most parents wish their children to grow to be.

12 Caspian On A Mission


Caspian, as in both the prince and the sea, brings a swashbuckling feel with it. It’s in the top thousand now, and we can only see it rising. Nameberry reminds us of the coolest use of this name, on a character called Caspian Vander from the Sleepy Hollow Trilogy. The sea itself is incredibly interesting. Some say it isn’t a sea at all (because it is landlocked) but instead the world’s biggest lake. It is, however, a body of saltwater bordered on its sides by five different nations.

11 Camila’s Popularity

Via: Deskgram

Camila, despite sitting in the top thirty most popular girl’s names, continues to move up. Baby Center cites its origin as Italian, though other sites seem to think it’s much older than that. The name appears frequently on starlets like Camilla Bell, Camilla Luddington and Camille Guaty (as seen on Prison Break). Apparently, in Rome, the name stood for someone so pure they were able to serve as an attendant for religious rites. Fame or a higher calling, we can’t go wrong with this one.

10 What’s In An Isaac?


This name, despite its serious carriers, is happy and bright in meaning. Baby Name Wizard says Isaac means ‘he who laughs,’ which we think would fit smartly on any sweet baby. It also makes us think of apples and Newton, which again is no criticism.

After all, without Isaac Newton, we wouldn’t know there’s a reason that when we drop something it always fall downward.

Gravity would be a magic to us instead of a science. Therefore, even a somber natured child could gracefully bear this name.

9 Let’s Be Claire

Via: aliexpress.com

Claire is currently sitting right below the top hundred on the popularity list, according to The Bump. We think it’s an upward mover. Something about it seems like a throwback to the best of the 90’s when plaid skirts, berets, and Clarissa Explains It All made after school life so much more interesting. Claire is on television now as a mother of three and a sometimes hilarious manic wife on Modern Family. We love the character for the way she approaches every situation with a mix of humor and a heavy hand. That her son and daughters love her so much is a testament to how awesome this fictional lady is.

8 Theodore Knocking

Via: Pinterest

The best thing about Theodore is that, when not in trouble, parents could refer to their tyke as Theo. When in trouble, Theodore makes a very formal title fit for a lecture. Nameberry reminds us that Theodore was once ranked in the top forty of popular boy’s, not coincidentally right around the time Teddy Roosevelt took office. This is where the teddy bear took inspiration for its name, and babies thereon after have also worn it proudly. Famous musician Ted Nugent was also dubbed Theodore, giving parents an additional option for a nickname.

7 Aaliyah With Meaning


Aaliyah peaked in popularity in 2012 but is on the rise again. It’s meaning is beautiful, originally meaning ‘to ascend’ in Hebrew. Baby Name Wizard says the name remains popular in places such as New Zealand and Australia. While some of us remember the tragedy that robbed the world of the famous R&B singer with this name, the future generation won't have those same connections. If names like Antoinette and Bonny can come back from their much more mischievous infamy, Aaliyah deserves a chance, too.

6 Maverick In Action

Via: We Heart It

Nameberry says that Maverick is currently sitting in the top hundred most popular boy’s names and means ‘nonconformist.’ The name is just plain cool and stays that way attached to almost any middle name.

Maverick James? Awesome. Maverick Atticus? Two thumbs up.

The married mom of Teen Mom OG fame, Maci Bookout gave this name to her son. While that may turn some people off of it, never forget it was also the call sign for a certain fearless pilot played by a young Tom Cruise.

5 Verve And Vivian

Via: aliexpress.com

Vivian seems alive and vibrant, maybe because of the double v sounds in the name. The Bump reminds us that, though Vivian is written about as a character in Camelot, the name is actually fairly new. It has only been widespread since the 1800’s and only began to trend once again in the early 2000’s. One thing to know about the legend of Merlin and Vivien—notice the ‘e’ spelling there—is that she’s one of the only people magical and powerful enough to trap him. Whether or not they were companions depends on what version of the story you read.

4 Tessa The Climber


According to Oh Baby! Names, Tessa is experiencing the highest boost in popularity it has ever seen. We were surprised by this since it’s not that far of a cry from popular girl Jessa or Beth and Tess makes an appearance on several television shows and movies. In fact, Cher once played a woman named Tess in Burlesque (and if Cher touches it, it’s obviously gold). It seems that Tessa started out as a pet name for Theresa and happened to come into its own.

3 Draco’s Not Evil

Via: Talk Birth

While this may not seem like an obvious choice, (we think of Malfoy, too) Nameberry says its users prefer Draco to Drake. The meaning behind the name is pretty obvious, ‘dragon’ which is pretty awesome. Remember too that years and years have passed since Harry and Draco dueled each other in front of Snape. In fact, both boys grew up, and it can be argued that Draco became the more involved, loving father. We see Harry and him, as well as their best friend sons, interact in the play penned by J.K. Rowling.

2 Seeing Clearly With Clarity


Clarity is a name on the rise and Parents thinks it knows why. Clarity, it says, seems to combine mainstays like Clara with Charity.

We like it for its meaning. Clarity, both the name and the word, means ‘lucidity,’ but is much easier on the tongue. While some virtue names like Chastity and Temperance can be hard to grow into, Clarity is one that a child can really add their own flair to. This—we think—is much like the name Sunny. It’s unique and appealing without being too “out there.”

1 Roadmap To Ross

Via: MachoHairstyles

Ross, which The Bump tells us is of Scottish origin, is actually a place name. It means ‘the cape’ and brings to mind crags and water. It also brings to mind a certain professor on Friends, and because of that, we were surprised it hasn’t enjoyed greater popularity. Ross, after all, gets the girl, bets on romance and ends the series in a fantastic place. Recently, Ross has been given to girls as well as boys, upping its placement on popularity lists.

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