27 Percent Of People Regularly Log In To Their Ex's Social Media Accounts

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When people are in love they often see no problem in sharing everything, including their social media passwords. Whether they purposefully told their significant other their Facebook and Insta passwords or innocently logged on to Twitter from their device and forgot to erase the password, many people have no problem sharing their social media passwords with their significant other. However, a new survey is showing that more than a quarter of people are using those passwords to log into their ex's social media accounts after they're no longer together!

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Cybersecurity company Specops Soft surveyed 2568 people and asked if they had logged into their ex's social media accounts since they broke up. Shockingly, or not if you're someone who has done this, 27% of those surveyed admitted to logging into either Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, and even their ex's email accounts after splitting from their significant other.

So why are people still checking out their ex's social media accounts? According to the survey, 69% of those who said they creeped on their ex's Instagram said they did so they could check up on them, while 58% said they'd checked out their Facebook account for the same reason.

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If you haven't yet been convinced to change your email after a breakup, 29% of those surveyed said they've checked their ex's email after a breakup, Yahoo! reports. More than half said they decided to check out their ex's social media accounts so they could see if they have started dating again, while 11% said they were looking to seek revenge or pose as their former flame to speak to other people, Cosmopolitan reports, which is truly terrifying. Only 7% said they were checking to see if they were blocked from seeing certain posts.

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If you share your password to your subscription services with your significant other you may want to change those in the event of a breakup. The survey also found that 33% of those asked will still use their ex's Netflix account while 27% are still logging into their Spotify.

It's common to want to share your password to your subscription services with your ex or log into your social media accounts from their device, but perhaps after a break up when you've deleted all the couple pictures off Insta and changed your relationship status on Facebook, it might be a good idea to change your passwords at the same time!

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