25 Very Unique Baby Girl Names That Will Hit Big By 2020

Girls rule the world or we sure would like to think so. As parents, we want to ensure that we give our little girls the best monikers that money can buy—or at least the internet anyway. Most of us search our hearts and minds high and low to come up with the perfect combination of letters strewn together so our babies will have names fit for a queen, celebrity, model, actress or any other person who may have their letters emboldened on a billboard.

With the recent consensus data, there is definitely a shortage of boys being born right now. What does that mean for us? A whole lot of girls about to descend onto the earth with not enough names to go around. If you’re tired of all of the Janes, Marys, Kathys, Margarets—no offense, then you may want to dig a little deeper to give your girly something she can be remembered by and not be embarrassed from in the process.

Why? Because it costs about $500 to change your first name these days. So we scoured the net to find you the crème de la crème, that is sure to give them the best choices. Here are 25 Unique Baby Girl Names That Will Hit Big By 2020.

25 Isla—An Island Gem

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Her name comes from the Scottish origin and has been very popular in the English and Scottish traditions. Her name carries the tribute of an island off of the coast of Scotland and is shared with a 20th-century coinage, according to BabyNamesPedia.

In older times her name is said to be a derivative of the name Isabella and can be written in different forms such as Isela, Islah, Isletta, and Islyta. Her name has remained popular in the United States as of the past two decades.

24 Anastasia—Of Royals and Regality

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Via: PinterestThis name is born of the Greek tradition with a translation meaning "resurrection". The names history lies in Eastern Orthodox Christianity since the Middle Ages. It was adopted by the Greeks giving it the spelling of Anastasio or Anastasi.

According to Babynology, she shares a name with a tsars daughter Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna. Her character is one of an educator, researcher and a girl who likes to take charge and find her path in life. Her Vedic astrology sign is Rashi meaning mesh and moon.

23 Ranya—A Mothers Delight

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Ranya is a name which has remained popular in the United States since the last part of the 20th century. Her name comes from the Arabic tradition meaning "to gaze at," as well as the Sanskrit language meaning "delectable".

The Name Meaning tells us that her name is rooted in multiple societies which include Hindi, Arabic, Indian, and Muslim. Her name has soared in popularity among girls in the United States since the late 1990’s. In the Quran, she is considered one who is successful.

22 Leila—A Mystery Of The Night

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Leila is of the Persian origin and is also well known among the Arabic tradition. Her name carries the meaning "of a heavenly flower" or "one who is born in the night", according to She Knows. She is extremely popular among Middle Eastern culture.

In Hebrew, her name also means dark oriental beauty. Her name was also mentioned in an English poem by George Byon called “The Giaour,” according to Baby Name Wizard. She shares her name with the name of Laila Ali, the daughter of a legend.

21 Samara—Sign Of The Aquarius

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She is a derivative of the Punjabi or Sikh tradition, was originally written Samarinder in its masculine form. Some other derivations are Samaria, Samara, Samar, and Samawiyah. Her name means "capable".

A letter analysis of her name says that she is a charming individual who has a sense of freedom—and loves life. According to Babynology, her Rashi name is Kumba, which means she is of the moon sign. She is also a fixed sign that is protected by the one who bears water.

20 Neveah—Heaven And Earth

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Neveah has her newly minted roots is the English language and is the literal word for "heaven" spelled backward. It has risen steadily in popularity since the beginning of the last decade. It has been controversial as it is said to be one of the most divisive names in history, according to Baby Name Wizard.

She is a funny girl with a charismatic personality but having a big heart. She also keeps her promises and has a humorous side, according to Urban Dictionary.

19 India—Timeless And Without Boundaries

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India gets her name from a country that was made as a derivative of the Indus River. It became notable towards the end of the 19th century when it was under the rule of the British Empire, according to BabyNamesPedia.

She has multiple derivatives of her name which are Inda, Indeah, India, Indeya, Indeia, Indio, Inia, Indiah and many more. Her name can be chosen in a Vedic sense which in astrological terms can be called Jyotish, Swar Vigyan, or Namology.

18 Thalia—Most Charming Girl On The Block

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Her name comes from the Greek tradition with the pronunciation of (Ta-Lee-uh) and is derived from thallein. Her name means blossom or flourishing. There are multiple variations of the name in the English and Hebrew traditions which include Thalie, Talia, Thalee, Thalya, or Thaleigh, according to BabyNamesPedia.

In a numerological sense, she is a child who has leadership capabilities, is charming and is extremely careful about who she chooses to befriend or confide in, according to The Urban Dictionary.

17 Aaliyah—Ascending To Higher Dimensions

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Her name comes from a mixture of two origins. In the Hebrew tradition, it means "ascent", which is based on when the Jewish return to Israel which is their promised land. It is also stemming from the Arabic tradition which means "to ascend" or "go up to Allah", according to BabyNamesPedia.

Her personality is one who is a free thinker, a visionary who is compassionate and loves her freedom. Her symbol is a knife, and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

16 Mila—When Pleasantries Are The Norm

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Mila shares her name with a famous actress from that 70’s show which was popular in the early 2000’s. Her name comes from the Slavic origin which means "pleasant" or "dear". She is predominately known in the Czech, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swahili traditions, according to BabyNamesPedia. Some modern combinations of her name are Ludmila, Milana, Miloslava or Emilia. Amongst popular baby names in the United States, hers has steadily risen since the 2000’s and is currently in the top 100 preferred names.

15 Anaya—A Natural Trendsetter

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Her name is derived from the Arabic tradition meaning care or a protector and can also be be written as Inaya, Enaya, or Aneyah, according to Think Baby Names. In the Hebrew language, it also means answer of "God" or "God is listening".

A letter analysis of her name says that she is a creative person who loves to push the boundaries. She is given a moon sign with a cardinal energy in astrology. Her Indian zodiac sign is Mesha.

14 Celyn—Prime, Prose And Flower Petals

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Celyn is a girl who is kind and gentle with a loving personality. She often expresses her playful side and isn’t afraid to speak her mind on things, according to Urban Dictionary. She is also a person who is extremely social and a lover of humanity.

Her name is of the Welsh origin and means "holy". At times it has been known to be given to a boy. According to Our Baby Namer—hers is considered to be in the flower category.

13 Anika—A Rose Who Smells As Sweet

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Anika is derived from African-Hausa and Hebrew origins. Her names mean sweetness of face. Her name is also spelled multiple ways, according to several cultures. In Dutch, it is written as Anna, in Russian Annikka, but in English, some known spellings are Anaka, Anaca, Anecky, or Anikee, according to BabyNamesPedia.

Her personality is a child who is artistically talented and a big dreamer. She also thrives on being an older sibling when the time comes and is known for being an individualist some days.

12 Bronwyn—A Timeless Tradition

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She is someone whose personality shines through as a persevering and goal-oriented with an entrepreneurial spirit. Children with her soul urge number are said to be well thought and wise beyond their years. She strives for perfection and appreciation in all that she does and has classic insight. Her name comes from the Welsh tradition and has a meaning of "fair beast", according to Baby Names. Her name is timeless and has consistently been popular on the name charts.

11 Zaria—A Princess In The Making

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She is a natural born leader among her peers and displays native independence right out of the gate. Her nature is extremely idealistic and insightful as she does well at giving others directives. She is also ambitious and does well testing her luck in games of chance.

Her name comes from the Hausa tradition and has a city with the same name—formerly known as Zazza, according to Think Baby Names. Her name is a variant of the Hebrew form Sarah and Arabic form Zahara.

10 Calla—Lilly Of The Pond

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Her name is a part of the flower name tradition. Her name means "arum lily" or "water arum" and is derived from a plant that grows in regions of South Africa. She is noted by her pink and yellow leaves and scientific classification of C. Palustris, according to Brittanica.com.

Her name means beautiful and also has its origins in the Greek language. Her name has gained in popularity over the last decade and is also spelled as Kalia, Kalla, and Kallias.

9 Wynn—A Dose Of Southern Charm

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Her name comes from the Old English origin meaning friend and is also known in the Welsh tradition to mean "fair" and "white". Her name variations include Winn, Wynne, and Win (like the verb). Her name is also rooted in names like Gwynevere and Gwendolyn.

Her name was often used as a surname in other countries throughout the early 1900’s, according to Think Baby Names. She is a child who is inspirational with a creative flair and high intellectual capabilities.

8 Dinah—Humanitarian At Heart

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Her name stems from the Hebrew tradition as she was known in Christianity for being the daughter of Jacob. Her name interpretation means "avenged", "vindicated" or "judgment placed upon", according to She Knows.

As a child, she has a personality that will focus on problematic issues and be quick to try to solve them. She is an intuitive person who has a magnetic personality —and will be fulfilled in a job where she can give back or serve humanity.

7 Kaia—Inspired By The Ocean Breeze

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Kaia is a name that is derived from the Hawaiian tradition and has multiple meanings like “the sea, yew tree, restful place, forgiveness, willow, or wise child,” according to Think Baby Names. Her name can also be written as Kai, Kay, or Kaya. Her name is also popular in the Greek tradition which is given the meaning of the red earth.

In the popular futuristic game Tera, she was an ancient goddess of Amani and the protector of a kingdom called Kaiator.

6 Hadlee—Like A Child In The Garden

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Her name is derived from the English origin and has the meaning "of heather-covered meadows", according to Our Baby Namer. As a child, she is very ambitious and thrives in harmonious relationships with others. She is considered creative and known for her flexibility or understanding of others.

As an adult, she will have a firm grasp on her finances as she tends to be money conscious from a young age. Sometimes she can be too sensitive to others and will set herself up to go overboard with her generosity.

5 Mireya—A Blessing And A Miracle

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As a child, you won’t see much trouble out of her because she will have a cooperative demeanor. She may be an overachiever as she loves to feel needed and adores attention and praise from others, according to Our Baby Namer.

Her name originally comes from the Spanish tradition meaning "miracle" —and has been used in the Isreali tradition as well to mean God has spoken, according to The Meaning Of Names. In the Latin origin, her name also means admired.

4 Pandora—Full Of Twists And Turns

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Pandora gets her name from the Greek tradition and in a mythological sense was the first woman created who was mortal—or possessing the ability to live only for a certain time frame, and legend has it that she became mortal from opening a box given to her by The ancient God Zeus, according to Behind The Name.

Her name has been popular over the past few decades and only has few known variations which are Doura, Pandorra, Dora, and Pandoura.

3 Teegan—Leaves, Berries, And Sugar Plum Fairies

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Teegan gets her name from the Celtic tradition with a Gaelic meaning of "little poetess", "beautiful", and "bird", according to Our Baby Namer. Her name can also be written in traditional Irish as Tadhq, Taidqh, or Teq.

Her name was originally given to boys as it used to represent someone who is brave and valiant in character. It began to see a surge in popularity over the past couple of years. She is a child with a philosophical and spiritual nature. She is well represented by the moonstone.

2 Priya—Our Dear Beloved Heart

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Priya has her name in roots of the Sanskrit origin with a multitude of spellings depending on the region such as Supriya, Priyanka, Priyam, Priyanshu among many others.

Her name means "dear", "beloved", and "darling", according to The Meaning Of A Name. In Hindu tradition, according to Hamariweb, she is a calm girl with a quiet nature and is said to be lucky in life. Her name has great popularity among Hindu and Urdu dialects. A famous actress who carries the name is Priyanka Chopra.

1 Yani—A Composers Dream

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Yani gets her name from multiple origins which include Australian, Hebrew, and Aboriginal. Her name means "peace" or "peaceful". She shares her name with a famous Greek composer named Yannis Chryssomails who is well known around the globe.

A name analysis says that children with this name will be pleasant and affectionate. They are also known for being virtuous and having refined tastes. At times they can be super emotional and sensitive with a vindictive personality, according to What Is The Meaning Of A Name.

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