25 Very Unique Baby Boy Names That Will Hit Big By 2020

Choosing a name for a little baby boy can be an exciting, and stressful moment for the family. There may be a name that moms-to-be love, while dads-to-be would never consider in a million years, and vice-versa. A lot goes into picking a name, especially since most parents want to pick one that is unique and fits well within the family dynamic.

We all want a name to stand out and be more unique than the other person in the room. Back in the days, it was more popular to choose a common name, but luckily parents are breaking that rule and coming up with more unique names. Whether you name your child after a celebrity, or take a common name and make it your own, there is no right or wrong when it comes to naming a child.

Below, I’ve picked 25 of the most unique names for precious baby boys that will hit big by 2020. From biblical names to hipster and cool, there surely will be one or a few that make it in your possibility list.

25 Jonael

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Jonael is a very unique Spanish name that is becoming more popular because of the Jonael Santiago who won La Voz Kids, a Telemundo Spanish kids popular reality version of The Voice. According to Nameberry, as a result of this show, this name immediately entered the US Top 1000 at Number 919.

Back in 2004, only six boys received the name Jonael. It comes to show how unique this name is and there will definitely be on the rise by 2020, thanks to Jonael Santiago. If I am ever blessed with a boy, this will definitely big one of my top pick to choose from.

24 Koa

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Koa is a Hawaiian name with a fierce meaning. Similar to the name Noah, which was #1 in 2013, the name Koa is starting to get much more attention now. Koa means “warrior” and is ranked #939 in Nameberry.

Koa strikes a nice balance: part-gentle nature name, part-bold adventurer. This name also came from a type of tree in the islands used to build canoes and surfboards. Similar tropical names like Koa would be Aki, Reef, Kyree, Shelomi, and Miyo.

23 Titan

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We have all heard of the name Titan. Probably not as much besides on TV or when you're talking Greek mythology, but this name has been increasing tremendously in popularity over the last couple of years and will become a huge hit by 2020.

When you think of Titan, you think of powerful and defender. Not too surprisingly, the name comes from Greek mythology, where Titans were a band of immortal, powerful giants.

Similar names to Titan are Torben, Raynor, Sly, Thorpe, Vasilios, and Xerxes.

22 Killian

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Killian is becoming more popular and is ranked #249 according to Nameberry. This name is of Irish origin meaning “war strife or church.” This name is often found at the top of Irish baby names and is sure to become more popular by 2020.

A few downsides to having this name is that it has an unsavory first syllable, a turbulent meaning and a connection to the trendy brew. It’s a spirited surname that was born by several Irish saints.

21 Brixton

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Looking for a more hipster name for your son? Try Brixton. This cool, hipster name is thought to originate from Brixstane, meaning "the stone of Brixi", a Saxon lord.

There is not much information on the origin of where this name came from, but that’s OK, it’s what makes this name so unique. So if you’re like me, and you're looking for a name that is very unheard of, make sure to add this name to your list.

20 Wilder

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Wilder is most well known as a surname but is becoming more popular as a first name. This name is of English origin and was one of the fastest growing boys’ names of 2016.

Wilder is such a unique and adventurous name that will be sure to make it on a parent's top possibility list. This name got a huge boost in interest through Goldie Hawn’s grandson, Oliver, who was born back in 2007.

Similar names include Atlas, River, Arrow, Knox, and Porter.

19 Riaan

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Riaan, pronounced ree-ahn, is a very rare name meaning “little king.” This name derived from the name Ryan, and without knowing the pronunciation of the name, many people might be calling your son Ryan, just with a different spelling.

There was a South African adventurer, Riaan Manser, who introduced this name to the American and European world. His name became famous after writing books about his travels. Riaan hit #926 on the US popularity list in 2015 and will become a huge hit by 2020.

18 Matteo

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Matteo is another special name for a little sweet boy, meaning “gift of God.” The origin of Matteo is an Italian variation of the name Matthew and is ranked #187 on the popularity chart, according to Nameberry. A few celebrities, such as Colin Firth, Ricky Martin, and

Tom Colicchio, the main judge on Top Chef, has a boy named Mateo. There is a rise in this name and it’s sure to be a huge hit by 2020.

Similar names includes Mateo, Nico, Hudson, Luca, Tristan, and Roman.

17 Kyrie

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If you’re a huge basketball fan, and you’re a fan of Kyrie Irving, this name might be at the top of your list. Kyrie is a Greek name meaning “Lord.” This name is ranked #215 on the US popularity chart and is one of the boys name increasing fast nowadays. This hip and popular name can be used for both boys and girls, especially since an increasing number of names are becoming unisex.

Similar boy names to Kyrie would include Ellar, Braxon, Jayse, and Merce.

16 Haiden

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If you're looking for a “cool” name for your son, consider the name Haiden. It has gotten much more attention because of the popularity of Aiden names, which has been on the US top 1000 names for eight years.

When we think of Haiden, which can also be spelled Hayden, we think of masculine, cool, and strong. Parents of little boys, this is sure a name you do not want to pass on to put on your list of possibilities.

15 Kaison

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Kaison is a modern invented name that is ranked #578 on the popularity chart. It is rare to find the name Kaison, but its uniqueness is sure to make it a big hit by 2020. Kaison is a variation of Kayson, Kason, or Kaysen and was derived from the name Mason, which is thought to be Kardashianized.

An interesting fact is that the name Kaison is more popular in Texas than anywhere else. Similar boy names of Kaison is Weylin, Rowley, Brennon, and Braxon.

14 Jahziel

Jahziel is another name that is becoming more popular with its rarity and will hit big by 2020. Jahziel came from Hebrew origin meaning “chosen by God.” Jahziel was the eldest of the four sons of Naphtali, and grandson of Jacob and Leah. He founded the family of Jahzeelites. Jahziel is also called Jahzeel in the Bible.

It’s a very unique baby boy name that is worth considering for anyone on the hunt for a name that stands out in the crowd.

13 Huxley

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Looking for a hipster name for your little baby boy? You might want to add Huxley to your possibility list. Huxley is a name of English origin meaning “inhospitable place.” This name is definitely getting a rise as a surname, and the X is what’s making it cooler as a first name. Huxley is ranked #790 on the popularity charts and is usually seen in Hipster British baby names.

You can’t go wrong with nicknames like Hux and Huck.

12 Omari

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Omari is a beautiful name for both a boy and a girl. This name is of Swahili origin and is ranked #512 in the popularity chart. Omari is a variation of Omar and Amari, which have been in the US top 1000 for years. Interestingly though, it's not a name I've ever come across. Yet.

Actor Omari Hardwick is starting to make his name a trend so there has been more Omari’s after 2008 and it just keeps increasing. Similar names include Haim, Lazuli, Viliami, Darron, and Caylan.

11 Kieran

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Kieran is a boys name of Irish origin meaning “little dark one.” If you're looking for a strong, unique, and attractive name- this might be the name you have been looking for your little boy. This name can also be used for a little girl and is ranked #510 in the popularity chart, according to Nameberry.

I have only met one little boy with this name which fits him very well as little dark one, with his sneaky ways, and attractive unique attitude, his parents picked the perfect name for him.

Similar names includes Ronan, Killian, Aidan, Callum, Elias, Ian, Kai, and Keegan.

10 Zayn

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Zayn is another amazing, and unique name for a boy that is becoming more popular. The name Zayn is of Arabic origin meaning “beauty, grace.” With such a gentle name, who would not have this name in their possibility chart. Zayn is ranked #341 in the popularity list, and this name spiked up thanks to former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

This name is also spelled Zain, or Zane, and similar names are German, Emilien, Chris, and Brendyn.

9 Noah

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Noah is biblical name that is sure to get lots of attention. This name is of Hebrew origin meaning “rest, wandering.” Noah is ranked #2 in the popularity chart, according to Nameberry and has become a trending name after 2013. Noah, the name of the Old Testament patriarch of the ark, is one of those unexpected fashion hits. It seems Noah has definitely shaken off its ancient image.

Similar names includes Jonah, Elijah, Liam, Ethan, Mason, and Finn.

8 Liam

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Liam is a popular Irish name that has been booming throughout the years and has ranked #1 in the popularity chart. Liam means “resolute protection” and takes the crown for the best boys name in 2017.

Liam is short for William and has stood on its own for several years. It will become a big hit by 2020, no doubt. Irish-born actor Liam Neeson drove Liam up on the popularity charts as well as One Direction member Liam Payne.

7 Callum

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The name Callum is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "dove". Callum is ranked #611 in the popularity charts and is more popular in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland than it is here in the US. Callum was popular among early Christians because the dove was a symbol of purity, peace and the Holy Spirit. St.Columba was one of the most influential of the early Celtic saints.

Similar names are Killian, Finlay, Ellis, Malcolm, Rowan, and Rory.

6 Lucas

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The name Lucas is a boy's name of Greek, Latin origin meaning "man from Lucania.” Lucas is ranked #11 on the popularity charts and is steadily increasing in popularity. Parents are looking for a name similar to Luke, but more unique which has become a high rank on the charts. The name Lucas is starting to become popular worldwide, especially in Sweden and in the Netherlands. In my opinion, it also rolls off the tongue a lot more naturally than Luke.

Similar names are Luke, Logan, Liam, Ethan, Nathaniel, and Dylan.

5 Isaac

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Isaac is of Hebrew, Aboriginal origin meaning “laughter.” Similar to Isaiah, this name is becoming very popular among parents. Isaac also boasts the cutest nicknames, such as Izzy. Parents who are looking for a bright name of a baby boy who sparks up the room anywhere he goes, Issac is the perfect name of choice.

In the Old Testament, Abraham and his wife Sarah named their only son Isaac. There was also British scientist Sir Isaac Newton. This name will definitely hit big by the year 2020.

Similar names to Isaac includes Isaiah, Elijah, Caleb, Levi, Lucas, Daniel, and Ezekiel.

4 Elijah

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If you love Hebrew names, Elijah is one you will not want to pass up on. The meaning of this name means “Yahweh is God” and is ranked #8 in the popularity list, according to Nameberry.

Elijah is the name of an Old Testament prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire, which has become such a fashionable biblical choice for parents. Many celebrities have named their child Elijah, including Donnie Wahlberg, James Spader, and Tracy Nelson.

3 Alfie

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Alfie is another popular name well-known in England, and Wales, and is just now picking up in the US. The name Alfie is of Old English origin, from the word 'Aelfraed'. It means “wise counselor” or "elf counsel", according to She Knows.   

As we all can tell, Alfie sounds more like a nickname to the name Alfred or Alfredo, but Alfie gives the little boy a much more spunky flirtatious style to his personality.

Similar names include Alred, Archie, Albert, Archer, Finlay, and Ellis.

2 Jayden

Jayden is another one of those names that are used among both boys and girls. Jayden is of Hebrew origin and a variation of Jaden or Jadon meaning “thankful.” Jayden is ranked #26 on the popularity list. Brittney Spears chose this name for her child and it quickly started becoming popular, hitting top 5 names in the US, then in the late 1990s, Will Smith and Jada chose the name Jaden for their child which also helped with the rise in the name.

Similar names to Jayden includes Jaden, Jayce, Kayden, Kyan, and Kayson.

1 Finley

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Finley has become a beautiful name for both a boy and a girl. It is a very unique, yet becoming very popular among parents. The name Finley is of Scottish, Irish origin meaning "fair-haired hero". Finley is ranked #279 in the popularity list and has made it to the Unisex name recently. It did not favor the girls for a while until Harmon and Sehorn used it for their little girl.

Similar names include Finn, Flynn, Finnegan, and Finian.

Reference: Nameberry, SheKnows.com

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