25 Super Real Photos of Celeb Families Taken at Disney

Just like us, celeb families like to venture over to the Happiest Place on Earth with their kids. Braving the crowds, they maneuver their strollers, wait in line, take lots of pictures and –also like us, -- deal with toddler meltdowns. The biggest difference though is that they can afford to go to Disneyland every day if they wanted to, while most of us have to save enough for at least a couple of years, making sure to plan as effectively and efficiently as possible in order not to miss anything.

Another major difference between celeb families and regular families going to Disneyland is that although they take their own pictures (often official-looking ones,) they also inevitably get spotted by fans and undercover paparazzi. Fortunately, there are lots of super real photos of celeb families taken at Disneyland that they probably don’t even know exist. There are even dedicated social media accounts to sharing snaps of celebrities visiting The Magic Kingdom!

While celebrities have a right to their privacy, especially if they are out with their families, some of these famous celebs didn’t exactly try to hide who they are. Others, however, were clearly parents on a mission to makes their kids happy.

25 Melissa Joan Hart Racin' With Her Son

Via: People

While most families plan their Disneyland trips years in advance, Melissa Joan Hart didn’t hesitate to bring her son Tucker McFadden to the happiest place on earth for his sixth birthday in October.

Making this picture even cuter is the fact that as People pointed out, Melissa “rocked floral Mickey Mouse ears with a cutout of Cinderella Castle for the occasion.” The only thing missing is some cute Mickey Mouse ears on her son’s head too, but maybe next time!

24 Victoria and David Beckham - Picture Perfect As Always

Via: Pinterest

As hard as it may be to believe, the Beckhams are actually huge fans of Disneyland and have been spotted going around the 85-acre park on multiple occasions over the years. Never missing a chance to look picture perfect, Victoria Beckham unquestionably always looks amazing in every single picture of her taken at The Magic Kingdom.

Despite both Victoria and David being world-renown models, they’re still just like us. In some pictures, David can be seen riding the merry-go-around while holding a massive (and undoubtedly expensive) camera. What we wouldn’t give to see those snaps!

23 Busy Philipps Busy Enjoying Herself

Via: OK! Magazine

Admittedly, Busy Philipps looks a little less-than-impressed in this picture but to be fair, there are other pictures of this same day where she looks a lot happier to be at the happiest place on earth. This picture was actually taken on the day that they ventured over to Disneyland to celebrate her eldest daughter’s Birdie’s 10th birthday.

In none of the pictures taken of them do they ever look aware that they were being followed and yet, Ok Magazine has even written, “They were all in great spirits during their time at Disneyland, even when water came down and soaked the family on one of the rides.”

22 Vince Vaughn - Just A Regular Ol' Dad

Via: Daily Mail Online

We absolutely love this picture of Vince Vaughn. Despite a few hiccups with the law over the years, namely one that just happened this past June 2018, it’s great that he managed to pick himself up nonetheless and make happy memories with his children and wife just a few short weeks later at the end of July.

Like the Beckhams, Vince has previously been seen a few other times at Disneyland but this picture of him takes the cake and is one of the best.

21 Katie Holmes - No Looking Back

Via: Pinterest

Bye bye old life because Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise aren’t afraid to brave the world anymore. To be fair, Tom Cruise had taken his little Suri to Disneyland a grand total of about two times a few years ago but since his separation from Katie, it’s become abundantly clear which parent makes sure to dedicate as much time as she can to fulfill her little ones every whim and desire. And yes, that would be Suri’s mom as the web is flooded with plenty of pictures of the two of them going around the park.

20 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds - Even More Picture-Perfect Than The Beckhams

Via: Twitter

Can these two do no wrong? Even when Blake Lively is dressed down in just a casual long coat, baseball hat, jeans, and sneakers, she still looks absolutely amazing.

It’s unclear whether they were trying to remain incognito at the place that gets flooded by celebs on a daily basis but still, there’s no fooling us with those Clark Kent inspired black-rimmed glasses!

This celeb family is hands-down one of the most down-to-earth and we can only hope they never follow in Channing and Jenna’s footsteps.

19 Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton's New Family Adventure

Via: lifeandstylemag

Given how just three years ago, Blake Shelton was still married to Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani was with Gavin Rossdale, no one could have predicted their whirlwind romance. Yet, here they are, now a happy family. Although Blake Shelton doesn’t have kids of his own yet, he has embraced all three of Gwen’s children with open arms.

An insider has even previously confided to Life & Style saying, Gwen “sees how amazing Blake is with her kids and she told him she wants to give him his own child.”

18 Jimmy Kimmel's Son May Have Been A Little Tired

Via: TMZ

Disneyland is an exhausting place and although Jimmy Kimmel’s youngest son doesn’t look super ecstatic in this picture, we’re willing to bet he was just caught at an unfortunate moment. As TMZ pointed out in August, “Jimmy and his wife Molly took their kids, Billy, and Jane down to Anaheim and it had to be a pretty moving day for the fam.”

Little Billy’s first year has been particularly precarious as he had to undergo a life-saving procedure. Fortunately, everything went well.

17 Chris Pratt's New Life Chapter

Via: Star Magazine

Move over Anna Faris, there's a new woman in Chris Pratt's life... none other than the daughter of the man famous for saying, "I'll be back."

Anna Faris isn’t totally out of the picture though as the former partners actually reunited on Halloween to go trick-or-treating together… with their respective dates in tow.

At this particular Disneyland outing though, Anna was nowhere to be seen and it’s probably for the best. They didn’t just hold hands either as there are other pictures of the two of them full-on cuddling. Awh!

16 Christian Bale Is Back To His Old Self

Via: Pinterest

Looks like Christian Bale is back to his yo-yo’ing antics as the former Caped Crusader is now looking like his usual self. As standoffish as he may look, Christian Bale still isn’t one to snub the chance to bring his son to the happiest place on earth. He’s not exactly one of those celebs who can easily blend in with the crowd either and not too surprisingly, a few fans managed to catch candid pictures of him. As described by TMZ, one fangirl even “had a mini freakout” upon seeing him getting off the Storybook Land Canal Boats.

15 Natalie Portman - Forever A Fan

Via: TMZ

Can you guess what she’s watching?

With her husband Benjamin Millepied and their children, seven-year-old Aleph, and one-year-old Amalia, TMZ reported, “they hit up It's a Small World and Big Thunder Mountain, but with Queen Amidala in town, it was a no-brainer that she also sit in for a 'Star Wars' show. Some of the kids, including Aleph, took the stage for a lightsaber show against Amidala's grandson, Kylo Ren.”

Looks like she’s now a Star Wars fan for life and is passing on the passion to her kids!

14 Janet Jackson - A Brave Mom

Via: Pinterest

It’s one thing to catch one celeb at Disneyland but two? Now that’s something! As Entertainment Weekly described, “Today’s issue of “stars you never thought would have a Disneyland playdate together” features none other than Janet Jackson and Ciara.”

That’s right! Back towards the end of 2017, the two stars were caught visiting Disneyland together. While Janet’s son Eissa was only nine-months-old at the time and isn’t likely to remember the experience, Ciara’s son Future was three years old. Who are we kidding? Even Ciara’s son might not remember!

13 Drew Barrymore - Cool As A Cucumber

Via: ETCanada.com

Out of all the celebs, Drew Barrymore's picture from Disneyland is hands-down one of the most iconic. It’s also one of the pictures that best exemplifies a number of things all at once: not only does it perfectly sum up what it’s like taking kids to Disneyland but also what it’s like to be a parent, in general. Although celebs tend to only showcase the finest moments of their lives, it’s nice to see having to deal with all the same issues as us common folk!

Talking about the experience with Seth Meyers, Drew candidly said that although it “was the best experience ever, “if you've ever taken your kids to Disneyland or Disney World, it all ends at some point in mayhem."

12 Jessica Alba Is The Mom In All Of Us

Via: CelebMafia

We all know what an awesome mom Jessica Alba is but isn’t it that much awesome to see her wheeling around Disneyland as a mom-on-a-mission? As great as Disneyland is, it’s also a place filled with daydreaming people who either take their time walking and enjoying the sights or just stop in the middle of the path to take a picture.

Clearly undeterred, Jessica Alba couldn’t care less about the throngs of people. Like us, all she worries about is getting a decent picture of her kids.

11 Hilary Duff Is No Stranger To The Mouse Kingdom

Via: Growing Your Baby

How many times has Hilary Duff been to Disneyland? More times than paparazzi or fans can count. The web is absolutely filled to the brim of her visiting the place everyone dreams of going to and although she has worn different outfits each time, there’s one accessory she never leaves the house without… her Minnie Mouse ears!

She even visited the magical place while heavily pregnant at the end of September. Given how big Disneyland is, now that’s some dedication!

10 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden - One Of Them Has Other Priorities

Via: PopSugar

Just like Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have also been photographed visiting Disneyland quite a bit. In fact, they also visited the Kingdom in September, except that this time, Joel Madden’s enthusiasm simply wasn’t there.

“The 39-year-old Good Charlotte frontman kept his eyes glued on his phone as the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster started off,” reported the Daily Mail.

Uh oh? Trouble in paradise? Not quite. In a photo posted online, Nicole explained, “While one of us is excited for Fantasyland, the other one of us is more interested in Fantasy Football. #DISNEYLAND @disneyland.”

9 Kim Kardashian Looks Normal - Or Does She?

Via: Growing Your Baby

Given all her not-quite-all-the-way-there outfits, isn’t it funny to see Kim Kardashian walking around Disneyland actually looking normal? Her shirt is definitely as normal as it gets (at least compared to her previous Disneyland outfit when she was clearly afraid of getting lost and felt the need to don a neon yellow jacket).

But no, Kim K isn’t actually all that normal in this picture either.

If you look closer, you will see that she isn’t actually the one pushing North West’s stroller as her Sarah Silverman look-alike of an assistant is the one doing all the work (seriously, how is that not the funny woman?)

8 James Corden Braves The Crowds

Via: IG

Speaking of funny people, James Corden doesn’t just carpool with fellow celebs all the time. As this picture proves, he does sometimes get out of his car and actually goes places! In his case, it just happened to be Disneyland and it’s far from being the first time. There are a few other pictures on the web of him exploring The Magic Kingdom with his kids but there is a major trend in all of them… he’s certainly nowhere near as smiley as during his carpool segments!

7 Robin Thicke's Escape Plan

Via: NY Daily News

It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for the “Blurred Lines” singer but evidently, there’s only one way Robin Thicke likes to handle major life events. Back in 2014, NY Daily News reported that he had taken his son Julian to Disneyland just one day before announcing his separation from Paula Patton. He was also spotted still wearing his wedding ring.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Thicke is once again spotted at Disneyland but this time, as reported by the Daily Mail, “just a month after the birth of daughter Mia Love” with his current partner April Love Geary.

6 Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy Are #FriendshipGoals

Via: Just Jared

Remember what we said about seeing not one but two celebs at Disneyland? Just like Drew Barrymore’s toddler meltdown picture is one of the most iconic pictures ever, so is this one of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy with their kids at The Magical Kingdom. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when pictures of the two of them surfaced online and yet, isn’t it the most heart-warming moments ever given the amazing camaraderie the two share in their movie The Heat?

5 Carrie Underwood Can Finally Breathe Easy

Via: Star Magazine

Speaking of a tumultuous couple of years, Carrie Underwood is another celeb whose past couple of years have been on the rockier side. Not only did she reveal to CBS Sunday Morning that she finally got pregnant a second time after going through three losses in two years but there’s also her infamous accident that she skillfully turned into a promotional song and tour.

It’s nice to see that things have finally calmed down for the country music star as she was spotted showing off her bump at Disneyland just this past September.

4 Neil Patrick Harris - Matching As Always!

Via: E! Online

How amazing is this picture of Neil Patrick Harris, his husband David Burtka and their two children, Harper and Gideon? Like many of the celebs on this list, these two famous parents have often been photographed walking around Disneyland and riding the various attractions; but their matching outfits in this one certainly makes this picture stand out even more, especially since it’s not even staged! If you look closely, you can also clearly see that Harper is Alice and Gideon is possibly dressed in a Mad Hatter outfit.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow Tries To Be Common, At Least

Via: Radar Online

One moment Gwyneth Paltrow’s comments make her sound super relatable and the next, her comments about being “incredibly close to the common woman in that [she’s] a woman and mother” push her all the way back into celeb la-la land. Still, like us common folk, it’s nice to see her enjoying Disneyland with her kids.

As pointed out by Hello Magazine, “The family's outing also coincided with Mother's Day, and Gwyneth shared a photo of the sweet letter she had received from her son Moses.”

In it, he wrote, “You are wonderful because you always help me feed and play with the bunnies.” Ha!

2 Matt Damon Is The Kid In All Of Us

Via: eonline

Unlike many celebs, Matt Damon hasn’t been photographed at Disneyland all that much but this picture is certainly one of the best (although the one where he rides the Matterhorn Bobsleds in the front seat is a close second and certainly worth checking out.)

The funny part about both of these pictures is how much he clearly enjoys actually going.

According to a source who spoke to E! News, “He snapped lots of pictures and was 'smiling, laughing and having a really good time.' After his girls met the characters, he was very appreciative and thanked everyone for showing them such a nice time.”

1 Celine Dion's Taking Advantage of Every Moment

Via: National Enquirer

There’s no doubt about it, Celine Dion has been taking advantage of every moment. As the Daily Mail reported, “She looked to be enjoying herself at the happiest place on Earth, where she and her sons took in attractions such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant, King Arthur Carrousel, Storybook Land Canal Boats, and Mad Tea Party.”

It’s certainly very sweet to see her enjoying the rides with her kids, although she looks a little worried to be on the King Arthur Carrousel. Let’s just hope she made it around in one piece.

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