25 Super Cute Baby Boy Names We Can't Get Enough Of Right Now

Calling all expectant boy parents! Choosing a name for a newborn boy can be a tricky and lengthy task. With so many options to choose from, the task of choosing a name is understandably difficult to begin. Should the chosen name go the traditional route or lean towards what is trending and chic? There's also the consideration as to whether it should be a unisex name. Regardless of the name’s type, it’s important to make the perfect pick.

After all, a name is forever, so whatever name you go with, you’ll want to make sure both you and your partner will love it indefinitely.

When it comes to finding the perfect boy name, the pressure can be vast. So, how will you know it’s the right choice? When it feels right! And, while that may not be until you see your little boy for the first time, we’d like to help you prepare.

Without further ado, here are 25 of the cutest baby boy names we cannot get enough of. Some of these names are super trending, while others are less popular, but still, equally as adorable. Read on and discover a name you love.

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25 Ryerson

Via: Pinterest

Ryerson is an absolutely adorable male name of English origin. While the name was originally seen as a surname, it’s beginning to make its way on the U.S. baby name charts as a first name. According to Baby Center, Ryerson first saw its popularity peak in 2011, where 11 babies per million held the name.

Although Ryerson isn’t a chart-topper, it’s still a super cute option. Plus, the name sounds perfect for both a baby and a grown adult. So moms, if you’re looking for a name that can grow with baby into adulthood, Ryerson would be a good choice.

24 William

Via: Pinterest

William is a strong and sophisticated name of German origin. It comes from the Germanic name Willahelm, meaning “Strong helmet,” or “Strong willed.”

Popularity-wise, William continues to be a hit. The name currently sits at 18 on the U.S. baby name charts.

So, why do we love William? Well, for starters, the name has never really gone out of style. William has remained one of the most popular given names for boys in the last 100 years. Plus, it comes with some adorable nicknames: Willie, Billy, and Liam are our favorites.

23 Asher

Via: Pinterest

Asher is an adorable male name of Hebrew origin that literally means “happy.” Now, who wouldn’t want that? Not only does the name have an incredible meaning, but it also has rich, biblical roots. Asher is one of Jacob's sons. It was also traditionally seen as a surname for people who lived near an ash tree. Pretty cool, right?

Popularity-wise, Asher is currently hitting its peak as the 37th most popular boy name in America. And, we can totally see why this name is becoming a hit. Asher is just one of those names that, when heard, makes an instant impact.

Plus, it’s super cute! There’s really no going wrong with this name.

22 Evan

Via: Pinterest

Evan is a beautiful Welsh variant of “Lefan,” itself a Welsh form of the name John. In the Welsh meaning of the name, Evan stands for “Young fighter.”

If that isn’t a strong meaning, we don’t know what is! So, if you choose to name your little boy Evan, you could have a fiery little dude on your hands.

When it comes to the name’s popularity, Evan currently sits at the 90th spot. And while it has dropped in popularity from previous years, we still think it’s a winner. The name is soft sounding in pronunciation, but it also has a strong, impactful meaning. Win-win!

21 Lawrence

Via: Pinterest

Lawrence is a precious male name of Latin origin. In the Latin derivation of the name, Lawrence can be translated to “Of Laurentum,” which means someone from the place of the laurel leaves.

Not only is the name super cute, but it’s also associated with the current season: Autumn. So, if you’re expecting an autumn boy, consider Lawrence.

Popularity-wise, Lawrence is currently ranked 840. While the name sits low, it’s still a top choice for us. Why? The name is so versatile. Not only is Lawrence in its full version adorable, but it also comes with some pretty cute nicknames: Laur and Lawrie are our favorites.

20 Eli

Via: Pinterest

Eli is a lovely male name of Hebrew origin that means “high,” “ascended,” or “my God.”

The name is one of the most biblical names on this list and the most famous bearer of the name was The Old Testament’s priest Eli.

While the name has rich, historic roots, it’s also a hit today. Popularity-wise, Eli is on the rise. It’s currently seen as the 48th most popular boy name in America – up six spots from 2017. Short, sweet and absolutely charming, we can see why Eli is a becoming a more desirable choice for moms today.

19 Zane

Via: Pinterest

Hebrew meaning “Gift from God,” Zane is easily one of our favorite baby boy names on this list. Not only is it super trendy, but it’s also a perfect transition-type name. Seriously! Zane is one of those names that can easily transition from baby to adult.

Think about it: Zane is an adorable name for a baby boy, but it’s also a perfect fit for a handsome, grown man.

When it comes to popularity, Zane is starting to make its mark. The name is currently at an all-time high, sitting at 162 on the U.S. baby name charts. And while this may not seem like a chart-topper, Zane has jumped 53 spots in just five years.

Keep your eyes open, mamas! We’re expecting Zane to break into the top 50 within the next five to ten years.

18 Easton

Via: Pinterest

Originally seen as a popular surname, Easton has made its way onto the U.S. baby name charts as an adorable first name option. When translated from its English origin, Easton means “from the east town.”

The trend in surnames becomes first names is certainly starting to grow. Popularity-wise, Easton currently sits at 64 on the U.S. baby name charts – the highest it has ever seen and for good reason, too!

Easton is one of those names that screams “adorable little boy.” So, we completely understand why moms today are obsessing over it.

17 Ryder

Via: Pinterest

Ryder is another surname turned given name. And, despite its modern feel, Ryder is actually an older name, coming from the Old English word rīdere, which means “rider,” “knight,” or “mounted warrior.”

Popularity-wise, Ryder currently sits at 135 on the U.S. baby name charts. And while the name is seeing a slight drop, it doesn’t mean it is any less adorable. There is also an alternative-spelling variant for Ryder, which is: Rider, however, we prefer using the “y.” There’s just something fiercer about the name Ryder when spelled with a “y.” Wouldn’t you agree?

16 Lennon

Via: Pinterest

The name Lennon is a gorgeous male name of Irish descent. In Irish the meaning of the name, Lennon can be translated to: "Surname".

Ah-ha! Another surname (John Lennon being the most famous) used as a first name. And, an adorable one at that! In more recent years, Lennon has also been used for females; however, it’s more predominantly used for males.

Lennon used as a male given name is becoming more known. According to BabyCenter, Lennon is currently the 654th most popular boy name in America. And while this may seem like a low-sitting position, in just five years, Lennon climbed 113 spots.

15 Mads

Via: Pinterest

The name Mads is a lovely name variant of the Hebrew names Matthew and Mathias meaning “master’s gift.” Mads is primarily used in Scandinavian culture, most commonly in Denmark.

While popular in Denmark, Mads is not a chart-topper in the U.S. This could be enticing for North American parents looking for a boy name that is both rare and ravishing.

Considering Mads for your little boy? There’s really no going wrong! The name is not only super adorable, but it is, at the same time, strikingly awesome.

14 Kellan

Via: Pinterest

A Gaelic variant of Caelan, Kellan, which can also be spelled Kellen, is an adorable option for those looking for a name that’s not too common, but also extremely cute.

When translated from its Gaelic roots, Kellan means “slender,” or “fair.”

Popularity-wise, Kellan hit its peak in 2011. Since then, it has dropped, however, we expect it to rise in the next five years. Why? Not only is the name darling and delectable, but we are also seeing a trend in the rise of synonym-like names – much like how Kellan is to Caelan.

13 Carlo

Via: Pinterest

Carlo is versatile, not to mention, a delightful male name that is predominant in many cultures. Carlo has ties to the French, Spanish, and Italian cultures, and when translated from each derivation, Carlo means “strong.”

A perfect pick if you ask us. Who wouldn’t want a name with such a great meaning?

Popularity-wise, Carlo has seen better days. But, that’s not to say it’s not an adorable option. If you ask us, we think Carlo is a name to consider for your little boy. There’s just something about the name that instantly makes us smile – probably because we picture Carlo as a beautiful, strong-willed little boy.

12 Samson

Via: Pinterest

Samson is a gorgeous name of Hebrew origin. When translated from its Hebrew roots, Samson means “his sun.”

The name is a biblical classic, and at the same time, a trendy option for a baby boy born today. Plus, it has an association with the sun – and who doesn’t love the sun?

Popularity wise, Samson hit its peak in 2016 when it became the 578th most popular baby boy name in the U.S. Today, Samson currently ranks 760, but it will always be chart-topper in our hearts. Thinking of naming your little boy Samson? Consider this – it’s one of the cutest classical names to date. Plus, it can be shortened to the ever-so-adorable options: Sam or Sammy.

11 Jax

Via: Pinterest

Jax is a vibrant name of English origin. When translated from its English roots, Jax means “son of Jack.” While Jax is generally seen as a nickname to the more common Jackson, it has been recently used as a standalone given name – and we absolutely love it!

Popularity-wise, Jax is hitting its peak. It currently sits at 167 on the U.S. baby name charts – up 55 spots from just last year, and the highest rank it’s seen to date. Truth be told, there’s no going wrong with the name Jax.

Not only is it a striking name, but we also love its adorable nickname: Jaxie.

10 Keenan

Via: Pinterest

Keenan is a derivation of the Irish personal name Cianán – itself a diminutive of the name Cian, which means “ancient.” Because Kennan ends with the suffix “an,” then the name’s meaning can be then translated to “ancient one.”

When it comes to popularity, Keenan isn’t a chart topper. And while it may sit low on the U.S. baby name charts, it’s a winner in our hearts. Keenan is cute and empowering; perfect for your baby boy, but also for a strong, grown man.

9 Elliot

Via: Instagram

Elliot is a super adorable Greek name that is derived from the Hebrew name Elijah. Elijah, when translated from its Hebrew derivation, means “Jehovah is God.”

Both Elliot and Elijah have biblical roots and are traditional, not to mention, beautiful names.

Popularity-wise, Elliot is on the rise. In 2017, the name saw its highest position, ranking 162 on the U.S. baby name charts. Today, Elliot has dropped off six spots, but we expect it to break into the top 100 in the near future.

8 Sullivan

Via: Barefoot Blonde

Originally seen as an old Gaelic surname meaning “one-eyed, or “hawk-eyed,” Sullivan has become a new age first name choice for baby boys.

And while Sullivan is still predominantly seen as a common Gaelic surname, we think its absolutely adorable when used as a given name.

There’s always something impactful about a three-syllable name, and Sullivan doesn’t disappoint. Sullivan is a dynamic name that is both resilient and cute. Not only is it strong in sound, but it can also be shortened to one of the most adorable nicknames there is Sully.

7 Quinn

Via: Instagram

Quinn is a precious name that can be used for both boys and girls. And while the name is seen as a unisex option, it is predominantly given in its masculine form.

Quinn, pronounced “kwin,” is of Irish origin and when translated from its derivation means “counsel.”

Popularity-wise, the name Quinn is rising. Although it still sits quite low on the U.S. baby name charts at 306, it consistently climbs year after year. So, the future looks quite promising for this adorable name.

6 Brody

Via Pinterest

Brody is one of the cutest names on this list! According to SheKnows, the name Brody originates from Scotland and means “the second son.” With this meaning, Brody could potentially be a perfectly suited choice if you’re expecting baby boy number two.

When it comes to popularity, Brody is slightly dropping. It currently sits at 168 on the U.S. baby name charts. Despite this rank, we think Brody is an absolute hit. Not only is Brody adorable, it’s also a strong-sounding name that pairs well with an array of surnames. You can’t go wrong with that!

5 Cohen

Via: Pinterest

Cohen is a common Hebrew surname and a royal name in the Jewish religion. When translated, Cohen means “priest in a temple.”

Today, Cohen is making its mark as a first name given to males possibly because of the character Seth Cohen on The O.C., who was commonly called by his last name.

Cohen as a first name is one to love. It’s fresh, modern and strong sounding. So mamas, if you’re looking for something bold, but also very beautiful, Cohen would be a perfect pick.

4 Axel

Via: Pinterest

Axel, a bold, yet adorable name of Scandinavian origin is one worth considering for your little boy. When translated from its origin, Axel is the equivalent of the biblical name Absalom, which is derived from the Hebrew ‘abshālōm, meaning “the father is peace.”

Today, Axel can be directly associated with rock n’ roll. Pretty cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to their baby to have the same name as Guns ‘n’ Roses’ legend Axel Rose?

Even if you’re not a fan of rock n’ roll, we still think Axel is a name worth considering. Why? It’s the perfect choice that sounds super adorable on a baby, but at the same time, undeniably masculine on any grown man.

3 Leo

Via: Pinterest

Leo, traditionally seen as a pet name to Leonardo, meaning “lion,” has made its mark as a standalone first name choice. According to BabyCenter, Leo currently sits as the 22nd most popular boy's name in the U.S. – up 39 spots from just last year.

Talk about a hit! Why is Leo such a hit? Perhaps it’s because more and more parents are opting for nicknames as given names. So, if you’re into this trend, consider this ultra adorable name for your precious baby boy.

2 Roman

Via: Pinterest

If you picture your little one to be a natural born philosopher, then this is the name for you. Roman, Latin in origin, is an adorable male name that means “Man of Rome.”

According to SheKnows, Romans tend to be born mystics, philosophers, and teachers. They are also known to live in the mind and can seem aloof to others who do not see eye-to-eye with them.

Popularity-wise, Roman is on the rise. Roman is currently experiencing its popularity peak, sitting at spot 83, and we expect it to rise even higher next year. Truth be told, we absolutely love this name. Not only is the name in full a strong, yet adorable choice, but we also cannot get enough of the nickname Ro.

Seriously, though! You can’t get much cuter than that.

1 Jasper

Via: Pinterest

Alas! We’ve reached our number one. And while we think every name on this list is cute, Jasper lets off the biggest “cuteness overload” vibe. Jasper is a highly acclaimed name of Hebrew origin. When translated from its Hebrew derivation, Jasper means “treasurer,” and if you ask us, the name is a true treasure.

Popularity-wise, Jasper is currently trending way up for newborn boys in the U.S., earning the highest rank it has ever seen. Jasper is currently the 175th most popular boy name in America, and we only expect it to climb even higher.

Are you considering the name Jasper? We say go for it! Jasper is a sophisticated, not to mention, adorable name that is loved by SO many.

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