25 Super Cute Baby Boy Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2019

Babies are as cute as a button. Let’s face it—as time goes on—especially if we have more children—we fret over how to give them the perfect names. We keep tabs on the names of all of our neighbors’ and relatives’ children to be sure not to repeat those. On occasion, we carry on with tradition and give them a name passed down from our great aunt, great grandfather or our second distant cousin.

Regardless of what name we choose, we want it to be memorable or at least on the tongues of all of the other mothers in our play-groups. Secretly—we don’t always want to name our little ones after their fathers or give them mom’s middle name. So we search long and hard to come up with the perfect moniker, one that’s not too difficult to pronounce—just famous enough that it won’t elicit stares of distaste—or give our teachers a new lesson in phonetics.

After we’ve gone through our lists and checked them twice, we finally come up with a solution--then change our minds. For those of us with boys on the way, we have to be extra diligent to come up with something noteworthy. So, what’s in a name?

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25 Carter—The Carrier

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Carter is a name that comes from the Gaelic tradition and Irish origin. His name translation means ‘one who transports goods by cart.’ His name is also said to have been a derivative of the word “cairtear” which means "tourist" or "soujourner". The Anglo-French know it as “caretear” meaning carrier.

According to The Name Meaning, it’s often used as a name for boys as well as girls depending on the country. His name has steadily risen to popularity since the 90s and is ranked at 26 on the US birth charts.

24 Tristan—A Decision Maker

Tristan comes from the Celtic origin meaning "tumult" or "outcry". He was also the name of a famous knight at the roundtable in a tale of the same tradition, which is very popular in medieval folklore. His name represents noise in the Welsch tradition, while it is contrasted in the Latin origin as meaning one who is full of sorrows. It is a derivative of the name Tristam.

According to SheKnows, he is said to have leadership abilities with a tendency towards delegation of issues with large details.

23 Aidan—A Patron Saint

Aidan comes from the Gaelic and Irish tradition and means "little fire". His name has several variants such as Aedan, Edan, Eden, Aidan, and Aydin—just to name a few. According to Catholic.org he shares the name of an Irish monk and Patron Catholic Saint by the name of Aidan of Lindisfarne, who was also versed in the Bible and was known as the English Iona until his death in the year 651. His name is shared among famous actors such as Aidan Quinn and Aidan Gould.

22 Ryder—Sturdy As An Oak

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His name comes from the English tradition and has several meanings including "knight" and "mounted warrior", according to BabyNames.com. Ryder is historically known as an Anglo-Saxon surname and was derived from ridere and ridan in the seventh century.

According to SurnameDB, it is also a topographical name in Old English meaning "clearing in wood" with the spelling of “ried”. The first recorded spelling was in 1204 per the Azzie Court Roles of a man by the name of Thomas le Rider during King Johns reign.

21 Ari—In Deep Thought

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Ari is a name that comes from the Greek origin meaning "superior" or "best of thinkers". According to SheKnows, he shares a name with some of the greatest minds of the world, most notably the philosopher Aristotle and Onassis Aristotle—the shipping powerhouse.

In the Maori tradition it means "visible" or "clear", the Hebrews consider it to mean "lion" and Americans bestow him with the "flight of an eagle". His personality is goal oriented, proud and courageous but he can be stubborn and resent authority at times.

20 Gavin—Always Looking Within

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Gavin comes from the Welsh tradition and means "hawk of the battle or white hawk". It is a derivative of medieval times with an original spelling of Gawain. According to BabyCenter, he shares a name with one of King Arthur’s knights and a Saint Gavinus. The name has spiked in popularity since the end of the 20th century and is in the top 150 on the baby names list. He can also be seen as a loner and quite aloof as he is a person of deep introspect.

19 Reese—Ruler Of Your World

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Reese is derived from the Welsh origin and means "running". The name is also used in the English and Celtic origins to mean "ardent, ardor, fiery, passion or enthusiasm".

According to BabyNames.com, his name has several variations written as Rhys, Reis, and Reiss. Ancestry.com says that it is the derivative of Rhys ap Tewder, a ruler of the kingdom of Wales. Also, the Dutch and North Germans are very fond of this moniker, giving it the nickname rese, interpreted as giant.

18 Liam—A Protector For Mama

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Liam comes from the Irish tradition and is derived from the name Uilliam or William in some parts of the world. His name means "resolute protector". According to The Name Meaning, people in the Hebrew tradition regard him as a determined guardian, while the German see him as a person with will and protection. His name gained international notoriety after the 19th century when Irishmen were forced to flee during The Great Famine. Some famous actors with the name are Liam Hemsworth and Liam Neeson.

17 Ethan—Bound For Adventure

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Ethan is a Hebrew name that means "strong and firm". According to BabyNames.com, he has a lot of traditional variations including Eithen, Eitan, Eytan, Ethen, and is sometimes known as Eytie or Eddie with extreme popularity among the Australians. A very famous war general—as well as department store chain—shared the name Ethan Allen. He also shares the name with one of the previous founding fathers of Vermont—Ethan Allen Homestead—and a popular town in South Dakota.

16 Jacob—A Friendly Soul

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Jacob is a name that has origins across several places. According to BabyNames.com, it comes from the Latin word meaning Iacobus, the Hebrew language known as Yaakov, and the Greek tradition known as Iakobos. Although his name is more commonly known among religious scholars as the Husband of Rachel in The Bible—and the son of Isaac in the Quran, written “Yaq ub Ibn Ishaq ibn Ibrahim”. His personality is one of a friendly nature with a creative mind and team spirit.

15 Zayd—Son Of A Prophet

Zayd has a confident personality with a direct sense of being. According to Our Baby Namer, he is a natural peacemaker as he gets along well with others. His name comes from the Arabic tradition and is originally written as Zaid having a variation of Sayyid. Its meaning is "superabundance" and is shared with the Prophet Mohammed’s son. His name is extremely popular among the Muslim tradition. As a child, he will exude self-confidence but be cautious about speaking up on occasion.

14 Sebastian—A Spiritual Warrior

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Sebastian is used in several origins including German, Swedish, Norwegian, English, and Romanian amongst many others—according to Behind The Name. It’s earliest recorded origin is from the Latin Sebastianus which means "from Sebaste".

Having a natural fighting spirit indeed, he was a Saint who later was martyred by Diocletian. His name was passed on to royal tradition as the title of kings in Portugal and Spain around the 16th century. Sebastian’s personality shows as being spiritual, insightful and an attentive listener.

13 Joaquin—All The Feels

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Joaquin is the name of a famous Hollywood actor who had a brother named River Phoenix. According to BabyNames.com, it is of the Spanish origin and has a translation of raised by Yahweh or "established by God". It is a derivative of the name Joaquine. According to What Is the Meaning Of A Name—if you can say that five times fast—he is a child of well thought out actions, sharp fashion sense and can hold his own. He will also be an emotional and analytical person.

12 Chase—A True Gentleman

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Chase comes from the root of the English language and means "huntsmen". In the French tradition, it represented someone who dwelled in a house and was usually reserved for those of a distinguished nature. According to SheKnows, he has a need for being stable, compassionate and having magnetic personalities.

He has a grand humanitarian nature and may often be taken advantage of for his kindness. It is also a surname, which has been written as Chasse, Kase, Cale, and Case.

11 Wyatt—Not Just For Cowboys

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Wyatt is a product of the French Old English tradition meaning "wood" or "brave in war". He shares his name with a famous poet by the name of Wyatt Earp. He is also the main character of the popular children’s show Super Why, teaching toddler across the country how to read and spell.

He also shares his name with a popular character from the movie Westworld. His name has remained popular among parents in the United States since the end of the 1800s according to Think Baby Names.

10 Avery—He Gets Along With Everyone

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Avery is a name that comes from the Old English origin and has a meaning of "elf" or "magic counsel". Its variations include Averey and Avry. The French origin was a surname, which is spelled Alfred and changed for English usage. In the beginning of the 19th century, parents began altering his name to be pronounced as Aubrey.

According to Our Baby Namer, his personality is one who is cooperative and super friendly. He is also ambitious, self-disciplined; goal oriented and will likely be great with finances.

9 Dylan—Sweet And Sympathetic

Via: Pinterest

Dylan has a name that means "son of the sea" or "son of the wave" and comes from the Welsh origin. It is very famous amongst musicians and has steadily continued to climb in popularity since the 1960s, according to BabyNames.com.

He is a child who shows leadership capabilities with the ability to focus on major issues. He can also be a bit insecure, overly sympathetic and let worries get the best of him from time to time. He also thrives on independence and doesn’t mind being left alone.

8 Mateo—That 70s Baby

Mateo is found in the Spanish tradition with a literal translation that means "gift from God". It has been a popular surname in the Hispanic community as it is a form of the Hebrew name Matthew, according to Think Baby Names.

This name came to popularity in the United States in the 1970s and some variations include Madteos, Matico, Mateus, Matheu. and Matyas. He is an artistic child who has an immense flair for creativity but is also consumed with matters of the environment.

7 Jaxon—The Favored One

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Jaxon has the personality of someone who is extremely outgoing, spontaneous and is known for being the life of the party. According to Our Baby Namer, he has a strong spiritual sense and feels most relaxed in nature.

His name comes from the American tradition and is a derivative of John or Jacque (French). The meaning behind his name is of someone to whom God has shown favor or has received his graciousness. He also shares the name of a famous cartoonist Jaxon, whose birth name was Jack Edward Jackson.

6 Levi—The Harmonious Child

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Levi has an autonomous soul while he loves to explore life and its freedoms. He has an energetic optimism about him that makes him a potential motivational speaker according to Our Baby Namer. His name can be found in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The origin of his name is of Hebrew tradition and is given the meaning of "joined in harmony". A very famous blue jeans company is named after himLevi’s—which was created by designer Levi Strauss.

5 Caleb—Future Billionaire

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Caleb is a child of many talents and versatile nature. He is an extremely dedicated and ambitious person who thrives on acceptance in everything that he does. His name is of the Hebrew origin and means someone who is wholehearted, according to BabyNames.com. His name is actually a compilation of two words, “col” and “lev”. Sometimes his name is written as Kaleb or Kalib. He shares a name with the famous inventor of a multi-billion dollar soda company called Pepsi-co”.

4 Eli—An Entrepreneur

As a movie about life after the apocalypse—wherein a man had to travel cross-country to obtain a secret book—the name Eli seems to have recaptured the hearts of many. Having his origins in the Hebrew tradition, it is also widely popular amongst Yiddish and English traditions as well, according to Baby Names Pedia. Some variants of the name are mixtures of two languages such as Elias, Eliezer, Elllis, Elie, and many more. His personality also shines through as a persevering child with an entrepreneurial spirit.

3 Landon—A Believer Of Tradition

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Landon comes from the English tradition and means "from the long hill", according to SheKnows. Landon is originally and has mostly been used as an English surname since the medieval times, with slight variations such as Langdon or Laundon. His name was also found in multiple counties of Shropshire, Staffordshire, and Worcestershire, England according to SurnameDB. The first spelling dates back to the year 1050 by a gentleman called Aelfward aet Langadune.

His personality is one who has a keen sense of responsibility and who can spot emerging trends.

2 Brayden—He Dreams Of Fishies

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Brayden is a child with an artistic imagination and will be a classic daydreamer. He is also very appreciative of others with a big heart for generosity. His name comes from the English tradition but is also well-known in the Urdu dialect of the Hindustani language or Hindu from Pakistan, according to Hamariweb. His name is a variation of Braden and means "broad hillside" and "son of Bradam", which takes on the meaning of salmon in Gaelic tradition. He is also named in Irish Mythology as The Bradan Feasa.

1 Hunter—The Bird Catcher

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Hunter is a name that comes from both the English and Scottish traditions with a meaning of the same name. In some areas it is also given to female counterparts as it was said to be derived from hunta. It was originally used as surnames of men who took up the occupations as well as bird catchers according to BabyCenter. He shares his name with a famous American Journalist named Hunter Thompson who was known for the gonzo journalism movement.

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