25 Short But Sweet Baby Names That Are Simply Unforgettable

Choosing the name for a soon-to-be baby girl or boy can be a super stressful experience. Does a parent go with a classic name that will never go out of style or a trendy name that a kid might not even understand by the time they're in high school? It can feel like a tough decision; like there is a lot riding on this one name. Maybe some of us love our names and are so glad that our parents made the choice that they did. On the other hand, perhaps we're not the biggest fans of the name we were given and wished they had decided on something else.

If anyone ever told their parents they didn't like their name, their parents probably shrugged at the comment. It's not like they can do anything about it now. They chose the name because they loved it — it represented the child they were bringing into this world. And one day, when some of us have our own kids, we can make that same decision.

With bringing a baby into the world, it seems like there are so many things that need to be done in the nine months. Who even has time to discuss something as big as a name?! Maybe choose a baby name that's short but sweet? Short names are ones that have one or two syllables and they are easier to say, read, and pronounce. Or why not try something longer, more exotic? Whatever the decision is, here are 25 short-but-sweet baby names.

25 Ali


Ali is a two-syllable name that rolls off the tongue and looks really pretty written down as well. Some people are named Allie with a few more letters or sometimes Ali is short for Alison, but if we're looking for a short-but-sweet baby name, there's no reason why we can't just go with Ali. It works for both a little girl who will become a huge tomboy since it's not overly fussy, and it also works for someone who is into girlier things. Regardless of what that little girl is in to--Ali is perfect.

24 Jo


Talk about the very definition of short and sweet. It's hard to get briefer and more adorable than a name like Jo.

If anyone's a fan of Fixer Upper (i.e. Joanna and Chip Gaines), then they might already have this name on their radar since everyone calls her "Jo" for short. It's really adorable and it's a name that just makes see potential. Plus, think of all the adorable nicknames that can come from a sweet-but-short name like Jo, like Jojo.

23 Brie

Brie Larson is a famous actress, but she's also an actress with an adorable first name; a name that would fit a baby girl perfectly.

It's not as common as, say, Rachel or Sarah (those are beautiful names, of course, and great choices for any baby girl), but it's common enough to not be foreign. That's a good thing if you want a short name that you don't hear every day — or a name that's at least spelled uniquely.

Whether Brie is short for Brianna or Brianne, it's a name that's short-and-sweet.

22 Gia

Gia is an Italian name that is really popular, and even though it's used frequently, it doesn't lose its cuteness.

It's a unique name in the sense that while it's only three letters and two syllables, it's really sophisticated. It seems like so much more than the sum of its parts. Any little girl would be proud to have this name. If someone named their baby girl Gia, I'd be confident that she'd not only love it but would thank her parents for making this decision.

21 Ben

Unsure about what to call your soon-to-be born baby boy? Have you gone through an extensive list where you love a lot of names, but nothing feels quite right? Okay, well what about Ben!

Ben is a one syllable, three-letter name that couldn't be shorter or sweeter. It's adorable and giving a baby this name would make him 100 times more adorable (even though, of course, babies are always adorable). It's hard not to smile when you think about giving your baby this name. Plus, even though it's already short, there are a ton of adorable nicknames that follow it (like Benny!).

20 Jess

Jess is typically short for Jessica, but it's another name that can be a nickname and also a name in its own right.

A girl named Jess sounds like she's got her act together. She's on top of things. While we might think that it's too early to predict our baby's personality, particularly if you're still pregnant, you can always hope that your child will succeed (and that's the plan, of course). If Jess doesn't do it for you, what about Jessie?

19 Liz


You can name your baby Elizabeth and call her Liz for short; that way, you get two names in one. You get a longer, more beautiful one that is traditional and classic (if that's your style) and a shorter, sweeter name.

You can also give your child the choice of what they want to be called. They can go with Elizabeth or being called Liz. It's totally possible that she'll go back and forth between these two names as she ages or decide something differently depending on her day. She might love being called Liz in high school and once she graduates college, she may transform in to being called Elizabeth.

18 Kai


What a beauty of a name, right? Kai is a really gorgeous pick for a baby boy (or girl!).

Sometimes it's best to sit with something for a while before making a decision. That's true with anything in life and particularly when it comes to picking a baby name. No parent wants to rush into anything; it's a crucial choice. Yet not knowing what to do or what name to pick can feel crushing. Maybe Kai is the right choice for a mom or dad and they can sleep on that happily. That's a win-win.

17 Cait


Cait is a perfect name for any baby girl. While Cait can be short for Caitlyn, it can also be left alone. Might I add that this way of spelling Cait is a tad more trendy than the norm?

We're used to hearing the name Caitlyn (or Kaitlin or Catelynn or however it's spelled). And while Cait is sometimes just a nickname for those longer names, I kind of like Cait as is. It's hard to think of a more adorable name for a baby girl.

16 Matt

Maybe your partner has thrown out every single name that you have suggested so far. Maybe you're throwing your hands up because you're frustrated and have no idea what else to suggest or what they're thinking. Maybe you can't agree on any name and are just trying to keep the peace. Well, if that's the case, what about Matt?

Matt is a cool, one syllable, four-letter name. And chances are, if your partner wants a name that isn't too different but still, of course, amazing, they'll be happy with Matt. It's also short and sweet, so it works if that's what we're looking for.

15 Ava

It seems impossible to think of the name Ava for a baby girl and not go "Awwwww." It's simply adorable.

When short and sweet is the (baby) name of the game, this should be at the top of your list. Or at least a really strong contender. This could be the winner when you're stuck and not sure which name to go with. It feels like a really difficult decision since, of course, it's so important, but you can have some fun thinking of potential names as well.

14 Eli

Photo by Denafi Sy from Pexels

Eli is a beautiful name for a baby boy and might not be something that you've thought of yet. There are some names that seem extra well-suited for a baby name and this is one of them. I'm not sure why that happens but it just seems to.

Can't you just see yourselves welcoming baby boy named Eli home and setting him up in the adorable nursery that you've spent months working on and perfecting? Isn't it just the cutest scene ever?

13 Mac

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

Are you having a baby girl? If you and your partner are fans of the name Mackenzie, you can go with Mac; naming her something short, sweet, and fabulous. Mac sounds like a chic and fashionable name. You would be giving your baby girl an awesome head start in life with a great name like Mac. It'll set her apart.

If you're having a baby boy, Mac is also a perfect name. It works for both boys and girls. This is a great name if you two want to be surprised when you're at the hospital and haven't found out the gender ahead of time.

12 Juli


Juli might have four letters, yet it's just as short and sweet as a two-letter name. For some reason, seeing this name without the "e" (which might be the more popular or typical version of this name) just makes it seem so much sweeter.

A little girl named Juli sounds really cute. Of course, all little girls are cute, particularly when dressed up in all of the typical baby clothes that feature bows and animals. But there's something special about Juli...

11 Jack

Are you expecting a baby boy and are super stuck on what to name him? Maybe you and your partner have your own list of names and just can't seem to agree. (Hey, it happens. It probably happens to many couples.)

Not everyone agrees or likes the same things, and since a baby's name is so important, it can feel like a huge deal when you can't agree on this. So what about calling your baby boy Jack? It's traditional and classic but also has a cool ring to it.

10 Pete

If your partner isn't a fan of the short-but-sweet name Jack for your baby boy, maybe Pete will be the winner.

It's four letters, one syllable, and really adorable. Picture welcoming your baby boy into your family and calling him Pete. It just sounds good and you'll want to give him all the cuddles (and so will your friends and family since no one can resist a sweet baby). Everyone will be over the moon for you and your growing family.

9 Cole

Cole is a short and sweet name perfect for a baby boy. It may have four letters, yet it's only got one syllable, so it fits into this category. I mean seriously, does it get any cuter than a baby boy named Cole? I definitely don't think so. Any mamas-to-be who are having a boy would most likely agree that this is an awesome name. It's fit for a friendly, smart, funny, cool boy who gets along with everyone and loves to get outside and play.

8 Lexi

Photo by Kha Ruxury from Pexels

Choosing the perfect name for our baby boy or girl can feel hard (okay, that's putting it lightly). We can hem and haw and wonder if we're on the right track, and you only have nine months! It can be a good idea to think about names that are typically nicknames when you're in this situation. Maybe a nickname is actually the perfect name for a child, especially if you're searching for a name that is both short and sweet.

7 Jill

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Jill is another nickname (for Jillian, of course) that's perfect for a short and sweet name. It's so simple and fresh. Just imagine holding baby Jill in your arms for the first time at the hospital. Imagine calling you belly Jill. Does it feel like the right choice and the best possible name for her? If you can answer yes, then this is it. You've found your baby girl's name, and it's pretty sweet. If Jill doesn't sound like the winning ticket, then what about the next name below...

6 Zoe

Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

Zoe is a girl's name that sounds super mysterious. Maybe that's not the vibe that most new parents want for their baby girl, but it's also a name fit for a cool girl. You know what, it's a name for any girl. Zoe is a popular name on the rise, my friends.

Zoe is an interesting, different name that parents should definitely be proud to give their baby girl. She'll grow up hearing compliments on her name left and right and people will always say that she's got the greatest name. As her parent, you probably can't help but smile every time someone compliments her name.

5 Kat (Or Cat)

Kat (or Cat) could be short for Katherine and Catherine, which are all equally beautiful names. There is just something so cute about calling someone Kat (or Cat, depending on the spelling that you want).

If you're in the market for a short-but-sweet baby name and are expecting a girl, this seems like a great choice to make. You'll be so relieved that you figured something else out (and now it's time to make all those other decisions...).

4 Lucy

Lucy is a gorgeous name. It's short since it has two syllables and is a nice name to say, read, and write down.

Are you interested in calling your baby girl Lucy? The good news is that you can call her "Luce" as a nickname, which is also a really cute idea. Lucy is a bit of an old-fashioned name but there's something really precious and special about that. Classics are classics for a reason and everyone will love this name.

3 Joe

Joe is a nice, sturdy name for a baby boy. I can picture it now: he's got the prettiest big blue eyes and a mop of brown or blonde hair, and he smiles at everyone. As a result, he has won the hearts of anyone who crosses paths with him.

Joe is a great name for parents who want to pick a baby name that is short and sweet. It's also pretty old-school, so it works for people who want something on the more "classic" side. Especially if they have more traditional parents themselves. And hey, maybe Joe is a family name!

2 Sky

Sky is sometimes short for Skyler (or Skylar depending on how people want to spell it) but it can be a name in itself as well.

Sky is a magical kind of name. It's a name for nature, lovers, and hippies (or people who live in big cities but love to pretend to be hippies from time to time). It works for a girl and a boy, so no matter what you're having, you can think about whether you want to give your newborn baby this cute and sweet name.

1 Mike

Mike just sounds like a nice person. He's friendly, talkative, and he's always willing to lend a hand. He's the kind of friend that everyone wants to have. Is there any reason why we shouldn't name our baby boy Mike? Nope — not for me, at least. There is literally no reason not to because it's a short name, it's a sweet name, and it's going to make him seem 10 times cuter. And now we can rest easy knowing that we've picked out our baby name and can cross another decision off our list.

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