25 Products Younger Moms Are Using To Make Parenting Simpler Than Ever

When it comes to parenting and baby products the industry is so big, and honestly, it seems as if new products are coming out on a daily basis. And while some of them are amazing and super useful inventions, others are just utter nonsense. Which is exactly why we decided to help any new parents out there by assembling a list of 25 useful baby products that modern parents love to use to make their precious little one happier, healthier and safer.

One thing that people can tell by going through this list is that young parents love to use technology to make their lives easier, that they tend to care about the planet and sustainability a lot, and lastly, that they want to make their child as independent as possible from an early age on. From monitoring systems, and food prep, to silly little devices that make it easier for the parents, this list covers almost everything. Readers are bound to find something they'll end up buying!

Now here they are, 25 pretty cool parenting products that younger moms are using to make their baby's and their own lives that much easier!

25 Secure-A-Toy Straps

Little kids drop things all the time. And parents need to pick them up. Well, younger parents have started buying these toy/bottle straps and honestly, they are total lifesavers and anyone with a small child should get one! You can use them in the car, on the stroller or any other place you put your child to sit. Not only does this mean they don't lose the item, but when they are a bit older they'll learn to pull on the strap and get the thing back themselves.

24 Raybaby Monitor

Baby monitors are not really a new thing per se, but the newer versions are a lot more convenient, and younger parents know that. This Raybaby Monitor version is a no-contact and no-battery monitor that is a super sophisticated and high-end tech way to monitor your child's sleep and breathing. It's connected to an app and it works up to 5ft from your baby, so investing into one of these will definitely pay off, as it will minimize your worries.

23 Lactation Massager

Breastfeeding can be pretty painful for some women, and massaging is recommended, as it enables the ducts to not get clogged with milk. But massaging daily can also become a hassle as it can cause finger and wrist pain, especially when done with too much pressure. And that is exactly why every breastfeeding mom out there should invest in a good lactation massager that will take that burden from her, and make this period of her life a bit easier!

22 Solly Wrap

Okay, when it comes to baby wraps and baby slings, younger moms care not only about their child's comfort and safety but about some other things as well. They care about the sustainability of the product as well as their own comfort while using it. Which is exactly why Solly Wrap is such a big hit! It's much lighter and thinner which means it won't overheat you or your child, yet it's still durable enough for you not to worry.

21 Project Nursery Alexa Speaker

Alexa was very popular this year, and this Project Nursery Alexa Speaker has become kind of a modern baby parent staple. The Speaker includes an Alexa Enabled Baby Monitor Camera as well, and it allows parents to check in from anywhere using their phone. You can of course, also use Alexa to ask questions about anything baby related, as well as have her create lists. It's just all around a great modern-day baby monitoring device, and it's super easy and user-friendly.

20 Diaper Genie

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Okay, there are many different diaper disposal bins offered out there, but we opted for the Diaper Genie because it seems to be a big favorite amongst the younger parents. Anyway, as much as you love your little bundle of joy, there's no doubt that you don't really love their smelly diapers, and the Diaper Genie ensures the smell stays inside of it so that you don't have to throw your trash out every time your precious did their number two.

19 The Snoo Smart Sleeper

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Young parents love anything high tech, and honestly, the main reason is because it makes parenting way easier. The Snoo Smart Sleeper is a first smart baby crib, that senses when your child wakes up in the night and rocks them back to sleep. It offers womb-like rocking and white noise that not only ensure your child easily falls asleep, but also stays that way. Because it minimizes the need for parents to soothe their child back to sleep, it also encourages your baby to be more sleep independent.

18 BEABA Quick Baby Bottle Warmer

Honestly, having a super quick baby bottle warmer should be every a staple in every parent's household, because ain't nobody got time to do it on the stove, and the microwave can often overheat the milk. This BEABA Quick Baby Bottle Warmer warms the baby milk to a perfect temperature in just two minutes, and on top of heating, it also works as a sterilizer, which means you can sterilize the baby bottle in it. This is definitely a parenting product essential!

17 Beebo Baby Bottle Holder

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Getting a baby bottle holder might seem a bit extra at first (you do have two hands after all), but once you get one you will definitely change your opinion on it. Not only does it ensure that you can hold your baby better, but it also allows you to use one hand freely to entertain them. Meaning this invention is absolutely perfect for all those parents who would love to read their little one a nice bedtime story while they're eating.

16 Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changing Pad

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This Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changing Pad is a huge hit amongst young parents, because it not only ensures your little one can't roll away, but it also doesn't need any additional covers, which makes the cleaning of it so easy: you pretty much just need to wipe it down, and that's it. And on top of everything, the design looks cool and sleek and it allows you to put it on top of any table or dresser you already have.

15 Kids Munch Mitt

Kids love putting their fingers and hands in their mouths. Which is exactly why this mitten is a genius invention, as it is pretty much a teether toy! Not only is the design made to ensure your baby's teething experience is being soothed, but it also stays on their hand meaning they won't drop it a ton of times like they would any other teething toy. It may not be every baby's cup of tea, but it sure is worth a try!

14 Hatch Baby Rest Night Light And Sound Machine

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Instead of going for a regular night lamp for the nursery, why wouldn't you invest in a nightlight that is a bit more purpose customized and comes with a sound machine? The Hatch Baby Rest Night Light And Sound Machine is a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert all in one, and it comes with an app which is super user-friendly. The best part, it changes depending on your child's age by using different lights and sounds, making it a way better investment!

13 Kizingo Spoon

Teaching your child to start eating on their own is definitely not an easy (or clean) task. But this sleek Kizingo spoon can make that process a whole lot easier, as it is specifically designed to adapt to a child's grip. And the thing about young parents is that they tend to try and teach their kids to be independent as early as possible, and having your little feed themselves with this spoon is a big step towards their independence.

12 Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

The Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is a great invention for feeding your child on the go, as it makes sure you only need one thing, instead of bringing the food, bowl, and spoon separately. It also has a spoon cover to ensure that the spoon stays clean while you bring it along. It's super easy to use and once you try it, it is bound to become your go-to baby eating equipment for on the go.

11 Banz Bottle Ball

This bottle ball is perfect for all of those who've just had it with their baby dropping the bottle because it can't hold onto it hard enough. You can't blame the child because their grip isn't strong enough and their hands aren't big enough yet, but what you can do is get them one of these balls they can stick their baby bottle in. These make it much easier to hold and drink from the bottle, again, making your child slightly more independent!

10 Beaba Babycook

One thing parents should definitely try out is making their own baby food - it's so much tastier and healthier for the child! And a great product to help with that is a Babycook, like this one from BEABA. It perfectly preserves nutrients, and it gives your child a fresh, healthy meal in under 15 minutes. Trust us, once you decide to make your own baby food, and you realize how easy it is, you will never again go back to any store-bought kind!

9 Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

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Another great monitor for your little one is this Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor. It's so unique because its essentially a sock that comfortably wraps around your baby’s foot and monitors their heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep. As with most modern monitors, it connects to an app which gives your 24-hour insight into your baby's health. This one is a great product for those parents out there that tend to be a bit more stressed out over whether their little one is doing fine.

8 Bambino Mio Miosoft Diaper Set

Young parents care about the environment, as they should - they are leaving this world to their kid after all. Which is exactly why many of them opt for reusable, eco-friendly diapers instead of the disposable ones. Sure, it is something to get used to, but once they learn how to properly clean and maintain them, the parent's seem to be absolutely hooked! Not to even mention all the money you end up saving by going reusable with your baby's diapers...

7 Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

Last on our list of cool and super useful parenting products you should get is a vibrating mattress pad because it will keep your kid calm and asleep and it thereby gives you more "me time". And anything that ensures your child sleeps longer and better also means you get to be happier and more rested as well. So consider this as one of those baby products that you're not just buying for your child, but also kinda for yourself. You're welcome!

6 ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer

Getting an electric nail trimmer is another great example of how technology can make a parents life that much easier. New parents dread nail trimming their constantly moving baby because they do not - under any circumstances- want to cut too much and hurt their precious little one, but they also need to cut enough so that the kid can't harm themselves by scratching. And well, an electric nail trimmer takes a lot of this stress away from the parents, making this task a very easy one!

5 Skip Hop Grab & Go Signature Pronto Changing Station

A small, portable changing station is another essential young parents love, because let's face it, sometimes the baby needs to be changed in the most awkward places. Having this in the car, or in your stroller can be such a lifesaver in those situations, and honestly, this one by Skip Hop is so small, once folded, that it really won't add too many lbs to what you're already carrying around. Trust us, this one will be so useful, you won't know how you lived without it!

4 Bumbo Floor Seat

This baby floor seat is so useful to have around, seriously it will make any parent's life so much easier. It is made to perfectly hold your baby up straight, but still, allow them to have a little freedom while sitting. It also makes it nearly impossible for your kid to fall out of it, and it can be used on any solid surface. It's totally easy to clean, and since it's not too heavy it can be brought anywhere.

3 RazBaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier

If there's one thing that you decide to get from this whole list of products, please let it be this one! A pacifier that keeps itself clean is probably the greatest baby invention of all time. After the pacifier itself, that is. This one automatically shuts its protective shield once it's out of the baby's mouth, meaning that if the baby drops it on the floor, there's no need to go and wash it, it stayed protected and clean.

2 Puj Tub

The Puj Tub is a soft, foldable baby bathtub that easily fits in any sink. It has holes on the side ensuring that too much water doesn't gather in it and because it's so adjustable and soft it pretty much fits anywhere. Besides, washing your baby in the sink instead of a bathtub on the floor is so much more convenient and won't ever cause you any knee or back pain! This is definitely a product you won't regret getting!

1 Baby Dam Bathtub Divider

If your baby is a bit bigger - aka won't fit the sink anymore - getting a Baby Dam Bathtub divider is definitely a good choice. It's like having a bathtub that grows with your child until it eventually won't be needed anymore. Besides, kids love bubble baths, but filling out the whole tub can be not only time-consuming but also more wasteful. The bath dam solves it by allowing you to customize the size of your own bath to each kid individually!

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