25 Photos Of Jennifer Garner #LivingHerBestLife (Without Ben Affleck)

Ariana Grande honored Jennifer Garner by portraying Jenna Rink from 13 Going On 30 in her new music video for "Thank U, Next". Jennifer played Jenna in 13 Going on 30. After Jennifer saw the video, she was touched. She tweeted Ariana and let her know that she found the tribute adorable.

Jennifer has a lot to smile about these days. She's having fun and living her #bestlife (without Ben Affleck).

Jennifer Garner is a woman who is committed to motherhood, but she always finds time for her career, her friends, fashion and fitness. She's active, down-to-earth and pretty low-key for a rich and famous Hollywood actress. She's also involved with some worthy charities.

There is something gracious about Jennifer. She's really the ultimate all-American girl next door, even though she plays edgier roles sometimes. Remember Alias, where she played a spy? One new and edgy role is Riley North in Peppermint. Riley is an avenging angel who wants to right wrongs.

Jennifer did all that she could to help her ex-hubby, Ben Affleck, deal with his problems. Now that Ben is getting professional help for his issues, it's time for Jennifer to put herself first. It's also time to take a look at Jen as she lives her best life, post-divorce.

25 She Hangs Out With Daughter Violet


Jennifer's daughter, Violet, bears a strong resemblance to her mother. Violet's full name is Violet Anne Garner and she was born in 2004, on the 1st of December. Violet has a great relationship with her famous mother. There are lots of pics of them smiling together and being physically close. While Violet has lighter hair, her bone structure is very much like her mother's.

In June of 2018, Jennifer and Ben attended Violet's elementary school grad ceremony together. They co-parent effectively and that's a good thing.

24 She Dazzled At The 2018 Oscars


Jennifer glowed in an electric blue at the 2018 Oscars ceremony. Her hair was long and swept to one side and she wore eye makeup that matched her glam gown. Her show-stopping dress was designed by Atelier Versace. Atelier Versace is known for its runway-ready high-fashion frocks. Jen is into fitness, so she's able to get the supermodel look in evening gowns. Jennifer takes good care of herself and it shows. She's 46, but could easily pass for ten years younger.

23 She Is So Radiant


Jen doesn't need to dress up to look amazing. She's just as comfortable in jeans and t-shirts and casual clothes suit her so well. She's not a woman who wears a lot of makeup or high-fashion clothes and accessories on regular days. She dresses down a lot more than many famous actresses. Her clean-cut look is appealing. Jen's had her hard times. She went through a divorce and that's always painful. Now, she's come out of those tough times and she's smiling a lot.

22 She Enjoys Community Events


Jennifer likes to be a part of her community. Like Reese Witherspoon and Gwen Stefani, she's often photographed attending church on Sundays in Los Angeles. Like Reese and Gwen, she usually brings her kids along with her.

No matter where Jen goes, the paparazzi are near. Her life isn't normal, but she goes about her business as though it is. She smiles for the cameras most of the time. Her vibe is always polite. She probably wishes for more privacy, but handles fame so well.

21 She Still Cares About Ben


One of the most impressive things about Jennifer Garner is the way that she's there for Ben Affleck, no matter what. Some women find it hard to be around their ex-husbands, especially if they have issues, as Ben does. Jennifer is willing to co-exist with her ex and even help him. She wants the father of her kids to be happy and healthy. Jen has been photographed taking Ben to treatment centers.

She's not his wife anymore, but she's the type of friend that he can always rely on.

20 She Got A Star On The Walk Of Fame


Jennifer dazzled in navy blue, ankle-strap high heels and a cool lob haircut when she received her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August of this year. Her kids were there to watch mommy receive this big honor and so were other family members and friends. Jennifer has given some memorable performances. She may have been overshadowed by Ben Affleck in the past, but she's coming into her own. She's stepping out of her ex-husband's shadow.

19 She Dotes On Daughter Seraphina


Seraphina is Jennifer's middle child and she looks a fair bit like her dad. Born in January of 2009, she's a little sister to Violet and a big sister to her brother, Samuel. Jennifer is often photographed walking hand in hand with her daughter. Jennifer certainly seems like a devoted mother. There's something pleasantly old-fashioned about the way that she's always there for her kids. She's taking them to activities, picking them up from school and generally delivering caring parenting 24/7.

18 She Takes Her Son, Samuel, To His Basketball Games


Jennifer's third child is a son named Samuel Garner Affleck. He was born on the 27th of February, 2012. There are so many cute shots of Jennifer with her son. She takes him to his basketball games and does other typical mom stuff with him. Sometimes, Jennifer has a cup of what looks like coffee in hand while she runs errands with her kids. Jennifer does love coffee. As a mother of three, she may need some caffeine to make it through the day. She definitely seems like a very busy person.

17 She's Got A New Man


Moving on after a marital break-up isn't easy, but it can be done. Jennifer is an example of someone who took her time before entering into a serious relationship with someone new. Her new guy is a burger CEO, who runs the company that owns Caliburger restaurants and other business ventures. His name is John Miller. He's a Stanford Law School grad. A source describes Miller as a good guy. He doesn't mind living a low-key life with Jennifer Garner.

16 She Starred In Peppermint


Peppermint did pretty well at the box office, even though some critics gave it both thumbs down. Most critics did find Jennifer's performance in the film to be good. In the movie, she plays Riley North, who wants justice...for very good reason. North transforms herself from regular citizen to avenging angel. Jennifer is able to play a lot of different types of roles. She's got great range as an actress. She's good in comedies and intense dramas and everything in between.

15 She Stays Fashion-Conscious


Jennifer doesn't dress up too much during the day, but she brings a lot of style to some of her casual outfits. Her style is clean. It's modest. She's not one to wear a lot of revealing clothing. While she'll pull out all of the stops for the red carpet, she tends to prefer classic looks off-duty, such as slim-fitting jeans, cozy sweaters and sneakers. These fashion choices suit her. She doesn't need a lot of ruffles and sparkles to look her best.

14 She Keeps Up With Her Daughters


Jennifer's daughters are young and Jennifer keeps up with them all of the time. She looks like a big sister sometimes, rather than a mom. Photographers capture Jen and her daughters while they're out on the street, heading from one place to another. Her daughters aren't being ferried around by nannies. Jen used to have a nanny and may regret hiring her, because the nanny was later linked with Ben Affleck. These days, she's taking care of most parenting tasks on her own, or with Ben.

13 She's Gracious With The Paparazzi


It's probably better to smile at the paparazzi than to scowl at them. Jen knows this and she does her best to smile politely. It would be strange to have roving photographers around everywhere that you go. It would take some getting used to. Jen's been dealing with the paparazzi for years, so she knows the drill. She smiles, gives the photographers the pictures that they want and then gets on with her day. There is something so mature about Jen.

12 She Shares Her Happy Moments With Friends


Jennifer Garner enjoys sharing special moments with her BFFs. She's friends with Keri Russell, with Matt Damon's wife, Luciana, and with lots of other women. Her girlfriends may have helped her to get through the rough patches in her life, not that she isn't strong enough to handle things alone. Jen was photographed with a female friend (actress/director Judy Greer) during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. The two women looked close and very content. Jen honored her friends (and family) during her speech.

11 She Goes To Kickboxing Classes


Exercise is a great way to boost mood and general health and it's good for the figure, too. Jennifer keeps her youthful look and youthful energy by working out regularly. She's fond of kickboxing classes. Kickboxing is a hot trend among Hollywood's elite, and some supermodels, such as Gigi Hadid, believe in it, too. Kickboxing is intense exercise and it's also a good way to get rid of negative energy. If you want a change from yoga, why not give it a try?

10 She Does Press Junkets


Jennifer Garner gets dressed up when it's time to promote her projects. She'll don heels and expensive designer clothes to help her projects succeed. Most celebs dislike doing press junkets, because they are repetitive and tiring. They are contractually obligated to do press for their films and other creative projects, so they hit the interview circuit when their new projects launch.

Jen seems to favor the color blue when it's time to dress up. It's a classic choice that suits her coloring.

9 She Celebrated The Fourth Of July


Jennifer went out in the sun to celebrate the 4th of July. She didn't dress to call attention to herself. She put on comfortable clothes and blended into the crowd as best she could. Of course, people noticed that a star was in their midst. Jen carried a US flag and watched the festivities, surrounded by children and other community members.

She looked relaxed and happy. She seems to have a gift for normalcy. She likes to do fun family activities that are really wholesome.

8 She Co-Starred With Josh Duhamel


In March of this year, a lot of people thought that Jennifer Garner was enjoying a romance with Josh Duhamel. That would have made sense, because both were coming out of fairly long-term marriages and embracing single life. However, Josh laughed off the stories about his life with Jennifer. He did describe her as incredible, though.

Josh used to be married to Fergie (Black-Eyed Peas) and Jen was married to one of the most famous actors around. She's now chosen to date a non-actor.

7 She's An Ambassador For Save The Children's "Head Start" Program


Jen helps others by acting as an ambassador for Save the Children. She promotes a program from Save the Children, which is called Head Start. In late October of this year, Jen went to an education and wellness center to spend time with kids and their families. She posted video of her playing with the kids and the children seemed to be having an amazing time. Jen is a mother of three, so she knows how to entertain little ones.

6 She Got Real With A Makeup-Free Selfie


Jen has her tired days, just like the rest of us Moms...and everyone else. She has not shied away from posting pics of herself without cosmetics, when she's truly exhausted. She's not known for wearing major makeup, so she doesn't look radically different in her tired and makeup-free selfies. She looks like an attractive woman who needs a nap. It's pretty trendy to post these types of pics. Actresses who get glammed up for movie roles seem to enjoy showing people what's underneath the foundation, powder and highlighter.

5 She Appeared On Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jen does go on prime time talk shows to promote her latest films. She seems to enjoy these TV appearances. She's even baked goodies for Jimmy Kimmel. She made him a dessert called Blueberry Buckle. Jimmy is very lucky to get a homemade treat from Jennifer Garner. She's actually baked treats for lots of people. If she indulges in a lot of Blueberry Buckle herself, she burns off the cals kickboxing and running around Los Angeles with her three kids.

4 She Had Some Tender Moments With Her Kids


Jennifer's devotion to her kids is wonderful. They respond to her love and care by loving her back and caring for her. Some tender moments with her three children were captured when she got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The kids were smiling and looking so proud of their mother. There was a lot of cuddles and hugs. Ben Affleck didn't attend this special ceremony. Ben is there for his children, though. It's just that he was dealing with personal issues when Jen was honored in Hollywood.

3 She Showed Her Strength


Jen's moved past relationship problems and seems to live her live with a positive spirit. She has showed her strength in so many ways. From supporting her ex during his tough times, to taking care of her three kids, to doing new film projects, working on her fitness and staying close to friends and beyond. She's got so much energy to give to others and to her career. She does seem like one of the better role models in Hollywood. She just keeps getting better.

2 She Turned 46 Years Old In April


Jen's 46 now, if you can believe it. She stays youthful by having fun, working out and taking fulfilling and challenging roles. When she's not baking in her kitchen, she's out and about, parenting and taking care of business. This dynamic woman has built a great life for herself. She makes juggling a career and taking care of a lot of kids look easy, even though it really isn't. She's a good ad for clean living. She's also branching out into entrepreneurship.

1 She Became An Entrepreneur


Jennifer Garner co-owns a company called Once Upon a Farm, which sells organic baby food. Jennifer believes in giving babies pure food that isn't full of additives and artificial ingredients. She's branched out into entrepreneurship in middle age, even though she's already very busy. Remember, she's also very wealthy, so she does have help around when she needs it. She can get help anytime. She's able to explore different aspects of herself as she lives her best life, after Ben Affleck.

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