25 Of The Most Adorable Child-Dog Relationships Online

There are two words that bring lots of responsibility, messes to clean up, and years of love and joy: kids and dogs.

Children and dogs are like a far more fulfilling, soul-gratifying version of peanut butter and jelly. They go together so well but unlike a sandwich, they love and inspire us for years to come. (Sorry to rag on sandwiches — they’re really great, but even if we made the best sandwich in the world, it won’t care for us when we’re older.)

Now that the difficult truths are out of the way, it’s obviously time to examine some adorable child and dog friendships. Is there anything more adorable than seeing the family pet bond and care for a child? It can be scary to allow an animal around a little one, but there are so many examples of the way that trust can help a child blossom into an empathetic, confident young adult. It really can’t be underestimated what having a source of unconditional love can do for a child. Sure, parents love their children unconditionally as well, but a dog never tells them to clean their room. If that feels unfair — yeah, that's one of the many downsides of not being a dog.

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20 Biggest And Smallest

Now this seems like the only snuggle buddy a child will ever need if they had a big doggo as their four-legged companion. These two partners in crime obviously trust one another. It's not everyday such a gentle giant in the making is going to be so peaceful and calm, but you can see the bond the two have. The dog here is a Great Dane puppy named Bravo and he’s lucky enough to have a little brother and sister. (Well, little for now. They’ll all get much bigger.) Until then, it’s days and days of adventures and napping and some more adventures.

19 Two Princesses

That little white dog is so happy to have found her fellow diva. And why wouldn’t she be? They’re perfect together. This is Mimi and Maggie and not only are these best friends on each other’s level style-wise, but it’s a pretty huge compliment for a child to turn their personal shopping cart into a stroller. A kid is used to being the one pushed around in a little stroller, so for them to play grown up and take the less fun position is huge. But when your dog fits so perfectly in the shopping cart… you just have to take them for a little drive.

18 Partners In Crime

It’s hard to tell who the trouble maker is in this photo or who even made the mess that ended up with that little patch of white on Harley's head. As the parent, you’d have to play detective, and it seems like the parent guessed it was Zoey who got her pup into trouble. That dog never meant to misbehave but he just got mixed in with the wrong sort of crowd; which, in this case, was his adorable baby sister. Who knows if she wanted to give puppy a bath or if that’s powdered sugar on his head — these two are having so much fun together.

17 The Best Kisses

Dogs might be one of the few creatures or things out there that’s totally adolescence-proof. As you get older and enter that awkward phase, maybe toys feel too baby-ish and clothes or even behaviors aren’t cool anymore. And, of course, the biggest victim of this cool purge is typically parents. But dogs don’t just become uncool. They’re perfect for all ages, like board games that claim to be for ages "3-99." They’re one of the few individuals you can trust to want what’s best for your kid and they’re never uncool in a teenager’s eyes. The family dog is your inside guy.

16 Total Bliss

What is more peaceful than a dog and a baby napping? A gentle brook? A silent forest? I don’t think so! And who in this world could possibly have sweeter dreams than these two? And what’s a better use for a dog than as cuddle partner? Obviously we’re all jealous of these two. I'm also jealous of the adult who got to witness that much cuteness. That’s such a gentle dog that they’re just letting baby sleep behind them like a wall. Ugh, what more is there to say? These two. They’re way too much.

15 Just Happy To Be Along For The Ride

It’s common knowledge that when your dog is down for wearing a birthday hat, they’re officially a great dog, right? There’s other indicators of a great dog but that’s one of those conclusive tests. This Bernese Mountain Dog (Biggie) is definitely a friend to little Ruby to wear that silly pointed hat for even a second, and especially for a picture. This picture is just so obviously a memory that the parent, child, and (possibly) dog will have forever. It’s a whole beautiful story about growing up with a trusted friend by your side, always ready to go on adventures with you. Especially to the lake.

14 Babies Together

I mean, what could possibly be more evocative than the knowledge that these two will grow up together and experience so much of life at the same time? This picture tells a story as intense as the look on that puppy’s face. That puppy is little Lincoln and his girl is Ellie. They’re totally at the same stage in their lives and even as the kid grows more slowly than the puppy, the puppy will probably be at the same emotional stage as their little brother. Human siblings are one thing, but they’re definitely not fluffy or fuzzy. It’s not their fault — it’s just life. It’s just another reason that no family is complete without a dog.

13 When Your Bud's Looking Out For You

That Pomsky (Pomeranian Husky mix) is possibly the greatest stowaway/secret weapon of this baby’s life. Of course transforming a stroller into a sort of baby/dog double decker is the adorable key to perfection. This baby already had a sweet deal getting pushed around, but getting to check on Sera (the pup below) is amazing. Your parents push you around while you get to pet your puppy? Yes, sign us all up to be any part of that equation. Also, this puppy is at perfect arm’s reach to share Cheerios with. Sure, you’re not supposed to, but it’s still super fun to feed your little downstairs buddy.

12 Two Deep Thinkers

You just need to see the shirt to know that we’ve got two best friends here. Honestly, that dog would be slightly better off with a bowtie that has his little baby's face on it, but I won’t ask for too much. Who doesn’t want their own dog on a t-shirt? I’m talking about any age. The parents should be jealous if this onesie wasn’t sold in their size, and if it was, they better be behind this camera sporting it (a t-shirt, that is... not a onesie). Is the dog confused by personalized clothing or the level of adoration he has? Whatever, he probably returns all the love he gets and then some to this little baby.

11 Tiny And Tinier

Sure, one of them has a pacifier in his mouth and the other is a dog, but I’m positive they’re in the middle of a conversation. And they’re discussing something really deep and serious. Despite laying on the floor, they look so much like two old friends catching up over espresso. Or Benji, the pup, is just a great babysitter. I stand by that statement, even though both of them are equally likely to drool all over someone's lap. It’s so funny and odd how this dog will appear big to this baby at one point in his life, but that will eventually change. Those are such wonderful memories to always have.

10 Never Enough Napping

Again, how do you possibly have sweeter dreams than when you’re getting spooned by a dog? It does not get better than this for everyone involved, or at least for us as the observer. The thing is, this level of cuddling is already so precious but the feeling of getting to be the little spoon to a dog… that’s a level of joy some people never get to experience in their lives. For a dog to be big enough to be the big spoon and gentle enough to do that for you — ugh, that dog is such a little masterpiece. Inside and out. Mia and her girl forever.

9 When You're Both Ready To Jet

That’s a sweet ride for little Elsie and an even sweeter sidekick. If anyone is down to play with a motorized car indoors—while not even getting to ride in the car—it’s puppy Duggie. Everyone else would definitely want you to play outdoors or be included, but nope. What this dog’s got is enough and it’s so perfect. If there’s ever been two faces to get by doing stuff they’re not supposed to — it’s totally this little pair. Sure, break the rules without ever getting scolded, you two little blonde cuties. Destroy it all and leave a path of ruin in your wake — you two are some seriously adorable BFFs.

8 Two Buds Working Together

No one’s more engrossed or impressed with what you’re doing than your dog. Even a kid usually can’t be as impressed or as excited as a dog after a certain age. If anyone can make you feel interesting when you’re just going about your business playing with bright crafts — it’s this flower-wearing dog. Buddha, the dog, is clearly so gentle and attentive with little Siena while also being a perfect playmate. What’s better than that? Also, as if this picture wasn’t too much to handle, that little girl’s cardigan is just making me explode inside. Kids in cardigans is almost as cute as kids and dogs... but not quite.

7 A Baby's First Friend

I’m so overwhelmed by this cuteness but still a little bit confused as to why these parents assumed they could take on so very much. Three puppies and a newborn? Okay… You do you. Best of luck. It could turn out very well or disastrously or both. Then again, maybe they took the leap because of the cuteness, which is a pretty hard factor to argue with. I mean, the four squishy faces in this picture... Most pictures don’t have one squishy face, let alone four. And these puppies and baby have matching milk tummies. You’re not real BFFs unless you got matching baby tummies. Just four silly sausages taking naps together.

6 And As The Years Go By

Ugh, one of the best things about these pictures is that the epilogue to a picture like the one above with a puppy and a newborn looks something like this. It's one of many great things. Years later, both Esme (the girl) and Buster (the dog) are still just children together, loving it all. All of the stages in between and after this are all so adorable and sweet. It’s such a gorgeous, open-hearted bond that makes you melt every time, at any age, and any setting. Who better to teach you how to have fun and live than the purest, most adventurous little dude?

5 Two Adorable Criminals

I really don’t know which is the best: a little baby with a little dog or a little baby with a big dog? Or a little baby with both kinds of dogs? A big baby with a little dog? All these combinations are so Instagram-ready and heart melting. Yeah, put a baby in any costume next to a dog who loves them and obviously the chemistry will make an adult melt like a pad of butter into warm pancakes. It’s just too cute to handle. And is the dog his prison warden or his cellmate? This adorable fantasy is vague but I don’t even care.

4 It Isn't Gross If Your Friend Is Also Messy

Kids and dogs are operating on the same level in so many ways; there’s the loving hearts and the gigantic enthusiasm for everything the world has to offer. And there’s also being gross and eating foods off any surface. Sure, it’s not ideal behavior but as the kid living it, it’s definitely fun to have such a cute enabler. Also, before you are too aware of how much your dog licks themselves, those kisses are the best. I mean, they’re even great when you know how gross they are, so who can blame this little babe? Or that dog... the smooches gotta happen.

3 Two Curious Buddies

Part of what’s so adorable and hilarious about watching dogs and kids interact is that neither tries to hide their curiosity at all. Anyone else of any other age would most likely be enchanted by a dog or baby, but definitely not confused about what it is. The only person who would wonder what a dog is, is a baby. And the only little walking, gurgling thing a dog couldn’t understand is it’s first human baby. They’re each other’s small wonders and that’s one important part of what’s so special in this bond. Nothing can replace that feeling of being amazed by your buddy.

2 Just Loving Each Other's time

What could make a rainy day at the park even better? Obviously a friend. Now, whether your friend wears an adorably tiny vest and stretchy pants (and is named Morgan) or a collar (and goes by Charlie) — that’s your call. But these two definitely have each other, whether the sun is out and shining or if the wood is all wet and will make your butt soggy. These two look like the best reasons for an adult to get out of bed in the morning and do their best to have a great day. How do you not live life to the fullest when you’ve got these two being best friends?

1 A Baby And A Beast

It’s so unbelievably beautiful to see something (or someone) so tiny and delicate love and completely trust something that totally towers above them. But that's Abbey and her little Harvey — just a baby and a beast in total harmony. Y’know what makes someone little feel huge? Being the best bud to a mountain of a dog. It’s exactly what life can be when transformed by love. Basically the world is what you make of it and when dogs and babies are making the world their’s, it’s got a pretty good chance of becoming a wonderland. And we’re all so lucky to be able to get a glimpse of that fantasy land.

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