25 Most Extra Requests Hollywood Nannies Found In Their Contracts


When celebrities have babies, it takes their complicated lives to a whole new level. When it comes to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie, it’s hard to be that successful without the help of a nanny. We always see celebrity baby sightings wherever we go; after all, it’s big news. We see chic Suri cruise in her adorable dress and heels, and we can’t help but see Jolie and her kids because they are just so plentiful.

We often wonder how these celebrities keep their lives together as they are going to benefits, arriving on set for a new movie or even going on tour. How do they manage to fit motherhood into their crazy schedules?

It always looks so easy and a lot of these women are still managing to keep handsome husbands happy at home as well. It’s no wonder that regular women often feel like they can’t compare. It looks easy but it’s not and these parents often have a lot of help. Nannies are often saving the day so that these women can have it all. Check out these 25 most extra requests Hollywood nannies found in their contracts.

25 Madonna Kept Her On Call All Day Long

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Madonna totally seems like the kind of powerhouse female that would be a bit intimidating to work for. Angela Jacobsen went public in 2009 to talk about her nanny job for Madonna’s adopted son, David. It made news because the nanny left the job quite upset. She posted this on her social media page, "I'm not putting up with this crap (sic) anymore." The nanny was furious because she claimed that she was expected to be "on call 24 hours a day,” and not only that but everyone in the home including the nanny was expected to adhere to a strict macrobiotic eating plan.

24 Nanny Phillippa Christian Wore Unacceptable Jewelry


Nanny to the stars Philippa Christian has been working as a nanny for almost her whole life. Now she teaches women how to be a nanny. She has some crazy stories about being a celebrity nanny. She’s not naming names as she is under contract not to tell but she did write a book about her experiences as a nanny called Nanny Confidential. “All of the staff had to wear [that symbolic] eye jewelry - which is gold necklaces and gold bracelets with a little eye on them - to deflect any negative energy and negative spirits from the house and from the children,” Christian said of one celebrity family.

23 This Nanny Had To Be Beyoncé’s Choreographer

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When you are a celebrity of Beyoncé’s caliber you can probably ask for just about anything. One of her previous employers had to actually learn choreography from that hit "Ladies" song so that she could perform for Blue Ivy. She had to perform every time that Blue Ivy asked her for it. We hope Beyoncé pays really well because that’s an over-the-top request. That was the only thing that would calm down little Ivy when she was upset. We’re a little surprised that someone would agree to that but if the price is right.

22 Julia Roberts Has Them Wearing Red Wigs

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It can be hard juggling a Hollywood job and having a normal family life. Julia Roberts has gotten to the point in her life that she can now stay home with her kids. She only takes projects that she is really passionate about. When it comes time for her to go to work, she makes sure that there are nannies available for her children. When the children were still little, she would ask the nannies to wear red wigs so that they would think that it was her putting them to bed. “It was a bit weird, but I get it,” the nanny said. “She hoped they would think it was her putting them to sleep instead of the sitter.”

21 Kate Gosselin Gives No Days Off

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Kate Gosselin is known to be a bit of a nightmare for employees who work for her. She has eight children which would be a handful for even multiple nannies. She has a lot of turnaround when it comes to hiring nannies and she’s had at least 12 over the years leave her. Ariel Cantara quit her job and had no problem talking about it after. She said that Kate could be "controlling and a neat freak.” Ariel stated, “Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.”

20 Philippa Was Taking Children To Their First Day Of School

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One thing that celebrity nanny Philippa Christian experienced when she was a nanny was the idea that parents expected them to be the ones to take children to their first day of school. She tells a story about a time that she took a little boy to his very first day of school. “I got there and all these rich mothers are high-fiving each other saying 'yes they’re in school' and going off for their champagne breakfast to celebrate the fact that they don’t have their kids at home anymore,” she said. “I was the only one there that wasn't a parent and I was the only one crying my eyes out.”

19 Angelina Jolie Pretends They Are Just Friends And Not Nannies

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We don’t always see celebrities photographed with their nannies and sometimes they even appear more like friends than nannies. There’s a reason for that. Beth Torre, spokeswoman for Celebrities Staffing Services, which supplies a steady stream of nannies to the rich and famous says, "Celebrities want to be seen as regular people," theorizes Torre. "They don't want to be seen as living in a castle." Celebrities like Angelina prefer their nannies to appear as if they are friends instead of employees. "Nobody can do the amount of work they do, and all of the traveling they do, and all of the social activity they do, without nannies," says Torre.

18 Victoria Beckham Says Don’t Talk To Anyone

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When you work for Victoria Beckham, she wants you to know your place and not venture off where you don’t belong. She wants you to do exactly as she says and not talk to anyone unless she tells you that it’s okay. Her nanny, Abigail Gibson, learned this the hard way. She was nanny to the three children and was caught talking to Victoria’s former stylist, who Victoria doesn’t like anymore. The former stylist had claimed she had a past with her husband, so when she found out that her nanny had talked to this stylist, she was not impressed.

17 Charlize Theron Says Don’t Make Eye Contact

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Charlize Theron seems like the nicest person in the world, but she has some odd practices when it comes to her nannies. Theron does not like it when her staff bothers her in any way. “I wasn’t allowed to speak or even look at her,” says a former nanny. “It was odd.” We wonder how her staff is able to communicate the needs of her children with her if she is so strict in the way that they approach her. Actress Tia Mowry had a similar experience with her that makes this one a little more believable. She saw the actress at a soul cycle class and when she approached her to talk to her, Charlize rolled her eyes and walked away.

16 Angelina Lets The Kids Stay Up All Night

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Angelina Jolie has an army of children, and with that comes multiple nannies. But the nannies have stated that the house is in chaos because the children don’t have any rules and are allowed to run rambunctiously through the house. Angelina doesn’t believe in saying no to the kids and the kids never go to bed. They can set their own bedtimes and that means the nannies are expected to stay up with them. If the kids want to stay up all night and watch TV then the nannies are on night duty.

15 Kim And Kanye Don’t Want Their Slumber To Be Disturbed

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Kim and Kayne don’t mess around when it comes to their sleeping schedule. The couple has a rule that if they are woken up in the middle of the night by one of their kids then they will cut the nanny's pay. They currently pay the nannies $2,000 each for the night if the kids don’t bother them. It gets lower significantly if little children interrupt Kim and Kanye while they sleep. Is that legal? We’re not sure but we are betting that the nannies are doing anything in their power to keep the children in their own beds at night.

14 Philippa Christian Would Never Sell Family Photos

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Philippa Christian has actually been asked by multiple news agencies and paparazzi for photos of the inside of her client’s homes and they are willing to pay big bucks for them. She used to work for cricketer Shane Warne when he was married to Simone Callahan, and the paparazzi offered to pay her $280,000 for one photo of the couple in their home. Considering she makes half a million a year for her job she wouldn’t want to do anything to mess that up. “Every week this price would get higher and higher because the paparazzi couldn't get their hands on the two of them,” she said.

13 Kris Jenner Wanted Broccoli

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One of Kris Jenner’s nannies claimed that the matriarch of the family was not quite right. She is known to be a demanding person when it comes to her staff and considering the empire that she’s built, we’re not going to argue the fact. One nanny talked about a time that she was doing grocery shopping for the family and forgot to buy broccoli. Kris lost her temper on the nanny and she remembered never to forget broccoli again. The nanny learned that things had to be done Kris’ way all the time.

12 Kate Gosselin Wants Nannies To Tend To The Chickens

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You would think that tending the chickens would not be on the list of tasks for a nanny, but in Kate Gosselin’s home, it’s on top of the list. We already know that Gosselin is not an easy person to work for but this might be way over the top. One nanny claimed that not only was Gosselin mean to her but she expected her to tend to the family’s flock of chickens. Gosselin also insisted that when her staff walked around that they would walk “lightly.” She’s another employer that expected her staff to do exactly as she said.

11 Kourtney Kardashian Expects To Be Called Madame

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Kourtney at times seems to be the most down to earth of the Kardashians but that’s not the case according to the nannies. One nanny stated, “She asked me to call her madam at all times.” It’s hilarious to think in this day and age that it would actually be a rule. “I once slipped up and called her Kourtney, and she threw a hissy fit," continued the nanny, “I never made that mistake again.” It seems as if Kourtney expects to be the queen of her household and don’t you forget it.

10 Halle Berry Says No Kisses Or Hugs

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Halle Berry is a hard actress to get a read on. She is a very different person in interviews and she is rarely seen in public. She is a very private person so it’s hard to see what she’s really like. When it comes to her nannies, she has a rule that you don’t hug or kiss them. It’s kind of sad that she doesn’t allow her nannies to get close to her children. Many kids get attached to their nannies. If the nanny is spending a lot of time with the children sometimes it’s nice to get a hug every once in a while, especially if she is the one putting the children to bed at night.

9 Mariah Carey Wants To Hear She's Beautiful

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Mariah Carey has always been known to be a bit of a diva. She lives a very lavish lifestyle and she likes a lot of attention. She loves the finer things in life and she especially loves being complimented. One nanny stated that Carey needs to be praised by the people in her household, even her twins. Her twins have been asked to call her beautiful and talented every day. The staff and the nannies are also expected to tell the songstress that she’s beautiful. It’s a little weird, to say the least.

8 Jessica Simpson Wants Her Nannies To Look A Certain Way

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Jessica Simpson isn’t even playing around with her nannies and she also isn’t going to have one steal her husband. She has certain criteria when it comes to choosing a nanny and that means she better look like Mrs. Doubtfire. There will be no beautiful women working around her husband if she can help it. Her husband “has a real thing for blondes, so the last thing she wants is temptation in her house,” a pal suggested, “The night nannies that she hires aren’t exactly blessed in the looks department.” Way to go, Jessica!

7 Sarah Jessica Parker Expects Songs To Be Sung

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Imagine getting a job with a high-profile client like Sarah Jessica Parker and then being asked to sing, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” to her children? That’s exactly what Parker’s nannies are expected to do. The song helped put her children to sleep one time, and now she’s obsessed with it. A source told the Star, “Her nanny has to sing ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ over and over until the drift off.” We couldn’t imagine what it must be like to work for Parker when she expects tasks like that.

6 Gwen Stefani Says They Must Wear Spandex

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Gwen Stefani only hires male caregivers, and that may have something to do with her ex-husband becoming involved with their nanny. Can you really blame her? She says the reason she hires guys is that they look the best in spandex. That’s needed for the superhero costumes she wants them to wear. “Batman, Superman, Spiderman—you name it, I’ve dressed up as it,” revealed a former nanny of Stefani’s. “She once promised it as a treat for the boys if they went to sleep, but I ended up doing it every night!”

5 Gwyneth Paltrow Expects A Healthy Lifestyle

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We know that Gwyneth Paltrow lives a very healthy lifestyle and she offers us tips on that through her lifestyle publication and blog, GOOP. She has a couple of cookbooks available as well that are not for the faint of heart. You must be kind of extreme to want to go there. She promotes healthy eating and she wants the same for her children. We understand that but is it okay for her to expect her staff to live the same rigid lifestyle? If you want to work for her, then that is what she expects. If you can’t live on beans and quinoa, then you won’t be working for Gwyneth.

4 Phillippa Couldn't Have A Boyfriend

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There are some celebrities that actually expect their nannies to never get a boyfriend. It has a lot to do with the idea that they want you to work for them as long as their kids need you. So that means that they wouldn’t want you to fall in love, get married and then quit your job. Celebrity nanny Philippa Christian experienced that herself with some of her clients. “They don’t want you to fall in love and leave the job and get love sick,” Christian told Daily Mail Australia. In order to get a $500,000 paycheck, Philippa was forbidden to have a boyfriend, go out past 10 pm or drink alcohol, even when she was off the clock.

3 Victoria Wants Nannies To Answer To “Jo”

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Victoria Beckham once had a nanny named Jo for her daughter, Harper, but she eventually left the family. Harper was so devastated that the nanny was gone that now when a new nanny comes around, she has to answer to “Jo” as well. You would think mom and dad would just sit her down and explain the situation but instead they have to put a nanny through taking on a different name. “Harper was absolutely devastated when the original Jo stopped working for the family, and since then, she’s continued to call every new minder by the same name,” a source told the Star.

2 Speak Spanish While They Sleep

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Chris and Elsa Hemsworth read somewhere that children can absorb languages while they sleep so they instructed their nanny to speak in Spanish for two hours before the children went to bed. That’s a lot of talking. The worse part was that they didn’t have a Spanish speaking nanny at the time. “I didn’t even speak Spanish,” said the couple’s former nanny, “I used to read from a book and make up funny phrases that made me laugh.” Thor may just have gone a little too far with this nanny request; it’s definitely a little “extra.”

1 Nicole Kidman Wanted Nanny To Go Down Under

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We love that Nicole Kidman is from Australia and that she wants her children to appreciate their heritage, but there are many ways to do this without involving the nanny. Kidman instructs her nannies to wake the children up in the morning by saying, “G’day Mate!” We’re not sure if that’s the best method of bringing heritage to a child’s life. “I always thought it was a bit of a joke,” said one of Kidman’s former Nashville nannies. “But I was never quite sure, so I said it every day just in case.”

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