25 Most Elegant Baby Girl Names Straight From Italy

A part of the European Union, Italy is known for its green, red and white flag, and delectable cuisine. This beautiful country is also renowned for its high-style, from fast cars to fashion, architecture, art and beyond. It's a nation with tons of beauty, character, and mystique. By this same token, it's also home to some of the most inspiring and beautiful baby names.

Moms-to-be who have Italian blood or just a taste for all things Italian will adore the twenty-five baby names on today's list. They are stylish, romantic and so memorable. Choosing one of these names for a baby girl will be an ideal way to evoke all of the enchanting charms of Rome, Milan, Tuscany, and Florence.

Any little girl who grows up with a beautiful Italian name may wish to visit Italy someday. When she does, she'll be able to hear her name spoken with the proper Italian pronunciation.

Some names on the list are simple and elegant. Others are longer and a few are quite unusual. There are an array of options for Moms-to-be to choose from. As a general rule, pairing a shorter first name with a longer last name, or vice versa, will be a great way to create a full name that is perfectly balanced...but feel free to break the rules!

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25 Bella


There is more to the name, Bella, than its association with sparkly Twilight vampires. It's a name with Italian heritage. According to Babycenter, this name is a shorter variant of Belle, which means, "beautiful".

When you see your baby girl for the very first time, the word, 'beautiful' is likely to be the first word that comes to mind, so this name will be a perfect way to express your admiration and love for your newborn girl, right from the very first moment. Bella will also be a gorgeous middle name.

24 Donatella

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Donatella Versace is a famous fashion designer who heads the ultra-glam Versace fashion house. Her name is purely Italian and you may want to name your daughter Donatella, too, especially if you're a bit of a fashionista! This four-syllable first name for baby girls is dramatic and so stylish.

It is the feminine form of the masculine Italian name, Donato, according to Behind The Name, and it has Latin origins. The name means, "given". This masculine version of Donatella has Christian connotations, as many early saints were called Donato.

23 Bianca


Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, married a woman named Bianca shortly after the Swinging Sixties ended. She was his first wife, but not his last! Mick's former wife is Nicaraguan. Bianca is a popular Italian name which is also popular in Latin America.

According to Wikipedia, this name is a female first name or an Italian surname. It's meaning is, "white" and it's the Italian version of the name, Blanche. Since it has three syllables, it's not too long or too short. It pairs well with almost any last name, although it will probably fit best with an Italian surname.

22 Electra


This Italian name sounds amazing. It calls to mind electricity, energy and light. If you love the sound of the name, Electra, you should know that it's the "Latinized" version of a Greek word. Electra means, "sparkling", according to SheKnows. Other sources cite its meaning as "amber" or "shining".

Choose the traditional spelling (Electra) and change it up by adding a "K" (Elektra). This is a name that's exciting and hard to forget. Its bold energy may be just right for your baby girl.

21 Gia


Famous (and tragic) supermodel, Gia Carangi, whom Angelina Jolie portrayed in a film shown on HBO, made this name famous. Gia was a wild child who didn't have a happy ending, but it will be different for your daughter. If you love this loaded with charm Italian name, in addition to being easy to spell and say, it may be an ideal choice for your baby girl.

Since it's a two-syllable name, it's also a great middle name option. The name, Gia, means, "god is gracious", according to BabyCenter.

20 Letizia


If you want to give your baby daughter a name that people in the USA and Canada don't hear every single day, you may want to consider Letizia. It's unusual enough to be really interesting.

This pretty Italian girl's name means, "gladness", according to Nameberry. This is a great meaning, isn't it? It's happy, upbeat and filled with positive energy. Shorten the name to Letty if you wish, or use the full version, which has a little bit more drama.

19 Mirabella


Former American Vogue editor, Grace Mirabella, who was replaced by current Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, was very well-known and respected. She brought the last name, Mirabella, into the spotlight, but it's also a popular first name for girls.

According to Nameberry, this name has the meaning, "wonderful". Since its meaning is so joyful, you'll be bestowing a blessing on your baby girl when you choose this name for her. It's a pretty choice which is fancy enough to stand out.

18 Ravenna


There is a city in Italy named Ravenna. If you love the sound of the name, Ravenna, just like I do, you may wish to give your daughter this offbeat and amazing first name.

Like most Italian names, it's dripping with high drama. It's the type of name you'd expect an opera diva or famous Italian actress to have. It's not commonplace in any way. This name may be an "elaboration" of the word Raven, which is the name of a blackbird, according to Behind The Name.

17 Miuccia


This is the first name of the founder of the very Italian Prada fashion house! Miuccia Prada is hugely successful, thanks to her inventive clothing and accessories, which are an enticing blend of retro influences and modernity. Prada's spin-off line, Miu Miu, actually comes from Miuccia's childhood nickname.

If you love fashion, giving your daughter the same first name as Ms. Prada will be fun. The name, Miuccia, is Italy's diminutive form of the name, Maria, which means, "sea of sorrow", according to Babynamewizard. While the meaning is a little dark, the shortened version, Miuccia, is a very cute name.

16 Ornella


A famous Italian actress, Ornella Mutti, has this charming first name. Ornella Mutti played the part of Princess Aura in the sci-fi flick, Flash Gordon, which was released in 1980. According to Nameberry, this lovely first name means, "flowering ash tree".

If you love names with nature meanings, this one may evoke your soul. It's always best to choose a name with a meaning that makes you smile. Feminine and refined, the name, Ornella, is different enough to be enchanting.

15 Ottavia

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The mother of Anthony Bourdain's daughter is named Ottavia. While Bourdain has sadly passed, Ottavia is still here and she will make sure that their beloved child gets the very best of care.

Ottavia is a beautiful name which has four syllables. It's got that romantic Italian sound and cadence. The name, Ottavia, means, "eight", according to Nameberry, so it may be a cute choice if your daughter is born during the eighth month. However, lots of female babies born in other months of the year have this pretty first name.

14 Serafina


One of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's daughters is named, Seraphina. It's an unusual and exciting first name, with a pleasantly soft sound. Also, it's very easy to shorten this name to "Sera".

This name may be spelled in the traditional Italian way, as Serafina, or be spelled with a "ph" (Seraphina). However it's spelled, it means, "fiery one", according to Behind The Name. If you want a first name with passion, this Italian girl's name may be the ultimate pick for your baby girl.

13 Izabella

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Izabella with a "Z", instead of an "s" (Isabella) is an interesting option. It's a fun and exciting way to spell this popular name. While Izabella is a name that most people are familiar with, the "z" version has a bit of extra flair. This name may call to mind former Lancome model, Isabella Rossellini, or '"Izzy" from Grey's Anatomy.

However you choose to spell it, selecting this name for your daughter will be a great way to give her a romantic and feminine name that many people love. The name, Izabella, means, "pledged to god", according to Nameberry.

12 Sienna


Sienna Miller has appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine more than once and she's probably the most famous woman with this gorgeous Italian first name. Her romance with the actor, Jude Law, put her in the spotlight, but she stayed there because her beauty and style are right on point. T

he name, Sienna, is a place name in Italy and the place name was derived based on the red-orange clay in the area, according to Nameberry. If you love the rich, earthy color of Sienna clay, this Italian name may be the right choice for your little girl.

11 Teresa


This name has Portuguese, Spanish and Italian origins and its meaning is, "to harvest", according to Nameberry. It's a name that is synonymous with a giving spirit because it's linked with Mother Teresa and Saint Teresa. This name may be shortened to Tessa or Tess.

If you're interested in giving your daughter an Italian first name which is classic and charmingly old-fashioned, Teresa may fit the bill. Its enduring beauty makes it special. It's truly timeless and a perennial favorite.

10 Rosmunda

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Rosmunda is an Italian version of the Latin first name, Rosamund, which means, "pure rose", according to Thinkbabynames. If you love roses and this overall romance and magic of this name, why not give it to your daughter?

It's more unique than Rosamund, but has the same pleasant meaning. Just be aware that a lot of people will probably call your little girl, "Roz" or "Rose", just for the sake of brevity. Make sure that you like the shortened version of this Italian name for girls, as well as the full-length name.

9 Simone


This Italian first name for girls means, "one who hears", according to BabyCenter. It's also the surname of legendary singer, Nina Simone. If you're a music-lover and want your little girl to be just the same, then choosing this pretty and soft first name may be a smart decision.

Simone is an Italian name that isn't too different. It's familiar to most people in North America, and it's simple for most non-Italians to spell and say. If you want something a bit fancier, consider calling your daughter, Simona, which is a nice variant of the same name.

8 Adelina


According to Nameberry, this name means, "nobility" or "noble". The name does have a very elegant sound, so its meaning is rather fitting. Adelina sounds upscale. Its Italian sound and four syllables give it a lot of impact. If you choose this beautiful girl's name, you may want to call your daughter Ada or Adele for short.

This is a name that you're not going to hear everywhere. If you call your daughter Adelina, she'll probably be the only girl in her classroom with that name, once she's old enough to go to school. This can be a good thing.

7 Amidala


Of course, this name brings to mind Queen Amidala from Star Wars - Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. It's an Italian name that now has a distinct sci-fi vibe. With this in mind, it's probably best that you're a Star Wars fan if you are considering giving your daughter this pretty name.

Other people are going to think "Star Wars" as soon as they hear it! Naturally, it's been around long before Natalie Portman began portraying Queen Amidala, under the direction of George Lucas. The name, Amidala, means, "beautiful flower", according to Nameberry.

6 Bria


This name has Italian origins and its meaning is "liveliness, vigor", according to Nameberry. Names with "bri" in them are very popular these days, from basic "Brie" to "Brianna" and beyond.

If you want something unusual, which is still trendy and modern, choosing the Italian name, Bria, which is pronounced, BREE-A, will be a good decision. Also, the meaning of this name is very strong and positive. It's all about powerful life force. A name meaning with good connotations is always a great thing.

5 Carina

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The name, Carina, is just so pretty. It's really a romantic choice, and so feminine. Also, it's possible to shorten it to Cara, which is quite a popular name these days, in part thanks to model/actress/singer, Cara Delevigne. According to SheKnows, this name means, "beloved" or "dear".

In Italy, the term, "Cara" is often used as a term of endearment. For example, a husband might call his wife, "cara", as a way of saying, "sweetheart". The romantic spirit of the longer version of Cara, which is Carina, is definitely heartwarming.

4 Carmella


There is Carmela from The Sopranos and Carmella from WWE. These are two famous Carmellas who have a lot of Italian-American spirit. One spelled her name with a single "L", while the other spelled her name with two "L's". If you want a name for your daughter that makes people think, "Italy", then Carmella may be the one!

Also, this name is pretty well-known in the USA and Canada. It's not off the beaten track, but it's not extremely common, either. The name, Carmella, means, "orchard" or "vineyard", according to Babynamewizard.com.

3 Donna

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Donna is simple, timeless and refined. It's powerful, because it means, "woman", according to Wikipedia. In Italy, the word, Donna, was sometimes utilized in order to show respect. For example, a man might call the lady of the house a donna, in deference to her.

Of course, terms like "prima donna" (first woman) have the name Donna in them. Donna is an elegant Italian name that is quite popular in North America. It continues to be chosen because of its beautiful simplicity. If you want a name for your daughter that screams, "girl power", this one may be ideal.

2 Elena


According to Orcca.on.ca, the name, Elena, means "bright one". If you want to give your gorgeous baby daughter a name with a positive meaning, which is empowering for her, then you may love Elena. Plus, the soft syllables of this name sound amazing.

Also, it has three syllables, which is enough to offer drama, without being too long or fancy. Basically, this Italian name has a lot of pros and few (if any) cons. It's a good choice if you want an Italian name with a lot of elegance.

1 Elizabetta


The Italian girl's name, Elizabetta, is very attractive. It's the Italian version of Elizabeth, which, as we all know, has a regal quality, because it's the name of so many queens. The Italian version of Elizabeth feels more glam because it ends in "betta". This gives it an elegant quality.

Elizabetta is a dramatic name. It's fun to see in print and fun to say. This name means, "My god is an oath", according to Behind The Name. Give this name to your little one if you want her to feel like a little princess.

References: Babycenter.com, Wikipedia.com, Sheknows.com, Nameberry.com, Babynamewizard.com, BehindTheName.com, ThinkBabyNames.com, and Orcca.on.ca.

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