25 Lively Baby Boy Names Moms Wish They Thought Of First

The great thing about the baby naming world is that it is constantly expanding. Global imports aren't limited only to products and exciting names are mixing with old favorites and historical references to give parents more choice than ever before when searching for the perfect moniker.

Searching for the right name can feel more difficult than looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. In desperation, parents may comb through historical tomes, ancient mythologies, or turn to a friend for inspiration.

Sometimes friends find that perfectly unique name first, and then the search goes on for a baby boy name that isn't shared by five other classmates, isn't a series of random letters, and will suit baby in all the stages of his life. That's a tall order, and some parents really feel the pressure as the due date draws nearer.

Often baby name lists just rattle off the same group of boy names, and maybe none of them sound quite right with the last name, or don't cause that spark of excitement that tells a parent, this is it!

Some names might be new or original, but feel cumbersome or too sedate for the anticipated bundle of awesome boy-ness. A child full of life needs a name full of life and meaning, too. Here are 25 Lively Baby Boy Names Moms Will Wish They Had Thought Of First.

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25 Look Out For Lysander


Lysander is a Greek name that means 'free man', so it would be hard to imagine anyone keeping this baby boy down for long.

It's never been ranked in the top 1000 names in the U.S., but many might recognize the name Lysander as the Spartan commander, the Shakespearean character, or even from the Harry Potter book series, as per Baby Name Wizard.

Lysander stands out with confidence, free as air and unafraid of his own uniqueness.

24 Clever, Kooky Kiran


It's uncommon enough already to bestow baby boys with a name beginning with K, and this rare gem of a name has a lot of energy.

Kiran is of Sanskrit origin and means “beam of light,” according to The Bump, so this is a name for a bright and active child. This Hindi name is not well known in the U.S., so it scores high in originality.

Kiran is a version of a name that also originated in Irish culture and means “dark-haired,” according to Baby Center.

23 Manqoba, My Son


Many parents believe that the feelings and meanings associated with names can contribute in some way to a baby's personality.

Manqoba, a popular baby boy name in Nigeria, is a Zulu word that has a truly uplifting meaning, as per Baby Migo.

Translating as “one who conquers in hopeless situations,” parents might imagine that the name Manqoba serves as a strong name that indicates a bright future for a boy who will win through any difficulty life throws his way.

22 Happy Healthy Huitzilli


As bright and attractive as its namesake hummingbird, this Nahuatl name, pronounced 'Hweet-zeel' sounds lively and is a truly standout name that honors Mexica culture, as per Our Baby Namer.

This baby boy name has never made it onto the Social Security Administration's popularity lists, which means that in the U.S. less than five babies were given the name.

This is hardly surprising since there are not many Nahuatl speakers in the US, but that shouldn't stop parents who are interested in meaningful names.

21 You Go, Yukio

Via: AliExpress

We love the sound of Yukio for a baby boy's name. This Japanese name means “snow boy” and is often given to babies born in December, but not because they're quiet or calm babies, according to Nameberry.

Babies in Japan are often given the name Yukio to convey a sense of independence and has experienced a significant uptick in popularity this year, but remains rare enough that parents may want to consider it before it catches another parent's eye.

20 Fun Lovin' Frankie


Frankie certainly isn't original, but while it has remained well known through characters and celebrities, it has fallen out of favor as a baby name, as per The Bump.

Despite this or perhaps because of it, Frankie should be considered for baby boys because it's a fun and light-hearted name that is ready to be a fresh and trendy choice again.

Often a nickname for the more formal Frank or Franklin, Frankie can easily stand as a first name on its own.

19 Jammin' With Jalani

Jalani is such an original that there is no one else like him. This baby boy name is so rare that less than 0.001% of the population shares it—so parents will always have a one of a kind, according to The Meaning Of The Name.

This gender-neutral name even sounds active and will surely gain in popularity in the future as parents continue to search for names based less on tradition and more on personality traits and the ability of the name to stand out from the crowd.

18 Tell Me About It, Taddeo


Taddeo is the Spanish and Italian version of the English name Thaddeus, which in turn is a biblical name and means “gift of God,” according to Nameberry.

Bursting into the top 1000 baby boy names in 2016, Taddeo is the first name of many artistic and creative painters.

Baby Taddeo may have an inquisitive, restless mind—combined with cleverness and intelligence that will keep parents on their toes. Taddeo is easily shortened to the nickname Tad or Taddy for boisterous boys.

17 Darling Danilo


A lovely variation on the English Daniel, Danilo is the spelling more commonly used in Eastern Europe, the Philippines, and in Spain, as per Name Doctor.

As a derivative of the same root as Daniel, it comes from the Hebrew for “God is my judge,” but because Danilo is less common in the U.S., it doesn't sound as formal and traditional as Daniel.

The biblical Daniel was a prominent prophet, and Danilo is a great way to honor a child with a version of a biblical name other kids won't have.

16 Cuter Than A Chickpea Cicero


Sometimes hipsters go for pretty cool names that hearken back to historical figures, are striking and fun, and aren't so weird that people feel put off.

It's a guarantee that Cicero won't be common these days, but that may change soon as parents continue to look to the past for name guidance.

Cicero, which is a Latin agnomen or nickname and means 'chickpea,' was once a much more common choice, but besides Roman times, that was last in the year 1910.

15 Go, Go, Go Gerry


Often a nickname for Gerald, Gerry can stand on its own as a much more lively version of Gerald that still transitions easily from the playfulness of youth to active adulthood.

Gerry means “one who rules by the spear,” as per The Name Meaning. It is of English and old German origin and remains more popular in the U.K. and Ireland than in the U.S.

That's precisely why it's a great choice for parents who want a name that is familiar yet uncommon—a difficult combination to land successfully.

14 Superlative Serafin


In Hebrew and in The Bible, the Seraphim were huge angels, and the name translates literally as “the burning ones,” according to Think Baby Names.

Serafin is a spelling often seen in Spanish-speaking countries but has not become popular enough to rank in the U.S. among baby names.

It's not often that boys' names have a truly elegant sound, but Serafin fits that description and is a modern-sounding name with an ancient meaning. Fiery Serafin is full of grace and power.

13 Check Out Chester


There's nothing wrong with picking an oldie but goody baby name sometimes. Chester as a name was long ago taken from the British place name Chester, which in turn is a variation on the Latin word castrum, meaning 'fort,' as per British Baby Names.

In the 1500s Chester moved from being primarily a surname to also being used as a given name and from there traveled across the pond to the U.S. Chester has begun to leap up the name lists especially in Wales.

12 Rock 'N' Roll Raddai


Raddai is an ancient biblical name who is mentioned briefly as the son of Jesse and older brother of David and has no other story beyond that, according to Abarim Publications.

It has survived through the millennia as an unusual name that gives its owner an air of mystery. Even the meaning of the name Raddai is uncertain; some sources indicate it means 'to rule' or 'Yahweh has subdued.'

Any kid named Raddai is likely to be intelligent and self-driven.

11 No Brush Off For Basil


Basil isn't just the name of a delicious pesto ingredient; it has a much more prestigious history. The name Basil is derived from the Greek word for 'king,' according to Behind The Name.

While the name has up until recently fallen out of favor in the U.S., it has remained a strong choice in eastern orthodox communities likely because of Saint Basil.

As millennials look for interesting baby names that hearken back to yesteryear, quaint names like Basil are given new life and are beginning to experience a revival.

10 The Universe And Jagad


Full of universal energy, Jagad is a baby name that will likely raise a few eyebrows. Just tell them it's derived from the Sanskrit word for 'cosmos' and the name Jagad will grow on them.

While it's never been ranked in any U.S. baby name lists so far, as per Baby Names Pedia, that may change as global influences are integrated more and more into our everyday lives. Jagad is a much more common name in many parts of India.

9 Rally Time Reilly


These days parents are looking at Reilly as a great given name option for a baby who is very likely to be on the go from day one. Reilly means 'courageous' and 'valiant,' and this Irish name has a long and glorious history, as per Baby Names Of Ireland.

The name Reilly is associated with the rough and tumble, adventurous type. The powerful O'Reilly clan held sway traditionally in county Cavan, as chiefs in Breffny—valiant indeed, as per Irish Surnames.

8 Best Time, Boswell


Following in the trend of bringing last names forward in the lineup, Boswell is a hipster choice that is quirky and fun worn by the little munchkin and ages into something quite distinguished once he reaches adulthood.

Boswell is somewhat more common in the U.K. and especially Scotland, and means 'well near the woods,' as per Nameberry. The baby boy name Boswell is a name list shakeup, with literary overtones that are sure to spark the liveliest of discussions.

7 Super Duper Swift


The most amazing thing about the name Swift is that as a surname, it has survived with very little change for over a thousand years and its meaning has also stayed the same, according to House Of Names.

There's never a dull moment with a boy named Swift as he is all go and at top speed.

One of the most famous of that namesake was the brilliant Irish writer and satirist Jonathan Swift, so Swift is a great way to add literary flair to a baby boy's name.

6 Calling To Cantor


A family of singers might love the name Cantor for a baby boy and would certainly have a solo artist on their hands.

Cantor is an incredibly rare first name choice and is from the Latin word meaning 'singer,' and is usually associated with the choir leader, as per Names.

The official who chants the prayers in a synagogue is also known as a Cantor, and the name implies a feeling of leadership and not being afraid to let his voice be heard.

5 Happy Little Hero


Hero was both the tragic lady love interest of Leander in Greek mythology and romanticized by Ovid and Christopher Marlowe, as per Encyclopaedia Britannica, as well as the male mathematician of Alexandria.

Although never a wildly popular gender-neutral name, Hero could be a confidence-building name that also alludes to a genius born nearly 2,000 years ago. He reportedly created steam engines and conceived of the idea of vending machines, according to Famous Mathematicians. This is one baby who will never fail to get a Hero's welcome.

4 Peppy Pal Perseus


Greek mythology is full of men of action who are celebrated for completing whatever quest they set out to do, and Perseus is one of the most well known and loved.

Parents may also know the name Perseus from the Percy Jackson books, as per Baby Name Wizard. The name has a long and heroic history and is ready to step forward to accomplish great things.

Perseus knows how to act decisively to take his destiny into his own hands. A constellation also bears the name Perseus.

3 Share The Love Shorey


Shorey is either a Hindi name commonly given to boys in India, as per Names List, or it is an English surname that has been co-opted as a first name, as per House Of Names.

The English version of Shorey has been known historically in Derbyshire since possibly before the Norman Conquest but has only recently moved forward in the name lineup for boys although still quite rare.

Shorey, in India, is very common as both a given and a surname.

2 Incredibly Ideal Aadarsh


In Sanskrit, Aadarsh means 'one who has principles,' according to Baby Names Pedia.

Sometimes also translated as 'ideal'—according to Baby Names Direct—Aadarsh is a name that English speakers may have to try out a bit.

But most will find with time that the upbeat meaning behind this Indian name makes this a great choice that implies a man who will actively do the right thing, and a good name can have positive effects throughout a lifetime.

1 Gung Ho Gunnar


From the Old Norse word for 'warrior,' Gunnar is ready for all the battles life sends him.

The name Gunnar is etymologically distinct from Gunner, and may also be a reference to the character in Norse Mythology most famous for being married to Brünhildr and being involved in many adventures, according to Oh Baby! Names.

It's an extremely popular Icelandic baby boy name choice, as well as in the Faroe Islands, but has yet to hit its high mark on U.S. name lists.

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