25 Life-Saving Products Parents Of Twins Swear By

Having twins can be rough. Yes, they are cute and cuddly. They are a miracle and a marvel. People always want to stop parents on the street to gawk at their doubles. However, being a parent of twins can also be stressful. It's double of everything, wildly expensive, and of course, beyond time-consuming.

Thankfully, technology has advanced over the years. We now have products that tailor to twins – products that are meant to make the lives of parents of multiples way easier. Some of these products are so clever and advanced that we have to ask the question, what were parents of twins doing before these were invented? 

I will admit that some of the old-fashioned items are still just as good—if not better—than the new inventions. That being said, parents of twins deserve to cut corners wherever they can. So, if that means double-sided everything, well, bring it on. Even having one baby is something to stress about so I can only imagine how crazy and hectic it can be to have multiples. Even when both parents are in the picture, it can still be overwhelming and tiring. Hopefully, these products can bring a little bit of ease to parents of twins around the world.

25 Weego Twin

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Weego Twin is one of the most clever products for parents of twins to come out in a long time. The product allows parents to carry both babies on a single person. It's officially called a baby carrier and works just like a single baby carrier would work, only it’s for two. So no more struggling to strap two carriers side-by-side or figuring out a way to coddle two babies at one time. You can feel like you are giving each child equal time by being able to strap both of them to your chest and go.

In addition, dads love it.

24 Twin Z Pillow

The Twin Z Pillow is actually a six-in-one nursing pillow. It can be used for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy time, support, infant reflux, pregnancy pillow, and a toddler pillow. The best part is, it was designed with twins in mind. The pillow is actually double sided so your twins can do all these things at the same time — effectively cutting down feeding time. You can even have it stitched with your babies' names (you know, just in case you forget which one is which when you’re dealing with mommy brain). One of the best parts about this pillow is that the photo ops are plentiful and so cute.

23 Vija Skin To Skin Cami

The Vija Skin To Skin Cami is another version of a baby carrier. It takes its idea from the kangaroo pouch. Essentially, you are enveloping your child in this soft cami that you wrap around your body. It attempts to recreate the feeling of being swaddled for your child. There are several ways to wrap it, which create different ways to carry the baby in it according to their growth rate. It’s a little harder to carry two babies at one time as they get older, but it’s super cute to see the newborns wrapped up on either side of the parents, just hanging out and most likely sleeping.

22 Trolley Cover

It is sorely impractical to take your double baby stroller to the grocery store. How are you going to push the grocery cart and the stroller at the same time? This is something that many new parents overlook, twins or not. So yes, eventually you will have to strap your babies in that god awful, germ-filled grocery cart. This is where the trolley cover comes into play. It is literally a cover that goes into the front seating area of the grocery cart and covers all the way over the handle. So you don’t have to worry about your babies touching the handlebars and putting their fingers in their mouths. Plus, it's double-sided, and made for two babies.

21 Portable Play Yard

A portable playpen is so handy, one has to wonder how any parent of one child got through a day without one. It’s compact so you can take it anywhere. You can’t always be holding two babies at one time; you will build a lot of muscle but you will be exhausted.

With this playpen, you just set it up and plop the babies down. Obviously, you still have to keep an eye on them but they can’t go far because they are enclosed. One tip I will offer is getting one with mesh sides so you can see right through the walls. Graco has a great one. Don’t get caught up in how pretty the designs on the non-mesh ones are — this defeats the purpose. You will have to get up from relaxing every five minutes just to look into the playpen.

20 Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser

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This formula dispenser by Baby Brezza is designed to automatically make warm bottles for your babies to enjoy. It isn’t designed specifically for twins but I can only assume that parents of twins would find this device more useful. Parents don’t have to waste time measuring and mixing bottles, which can be stressful especially when a baby is screaming out for food. Yes, I realize there is this whole controversy surrounding breastfeeding and formula feeding but let’s be honest, every woman’s body is different, so would you rather spend time arguing about breastmilk vs. formula or would you just rather feed your baby and call it a day?

19 Diaper Genie

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If you don’t have a Diaper Genie (or something similar), get ready for a stinky house. Yeah, I guess you could just throw the diapers in the garbage but having several dirty smelly diapers mixed in with the trash is not ideal. It smells so bad and fills up so quickly, you will be taking out the trash daily. A Diaper Genie is meant to cut taking the trash out in half and mask the smell of bad diapers. It fits perfectly into any nursery and honestly, they are actually quite affordable (less than some garbage cans). However, they do require their own special bags. One of the more popular brands is Playtex but really any one will do. It’s the best option to keep your house smelling as clean as it possibly can with twins running around.

18 Buggy Bench

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The Buggy Bench Cart Seat is for when there just isn’t enough room for two in the front of the cart anymore. Yes, believe it or not, there is going to come a time when your newborns, grow into babies and then into toddlers. At this point, they both may not fit in the front of the shopping cart. So in comes the Buggy Bench Cart Seat! It's a cloth seat that can be hooked onto the inside of shopping carts to place the child into. Not only is this a way to carry around your twins with ease, but it is also a great way to separate twins who won’t stop bickering.

17 HALO Bassinet Twin Sleeper

This bassinet by HALO is amazing. One would assume that a double bassinet is common sense but let’s be honest, not everyone is thinking about twins when they make baby products. Finding a double bassinet used to be quite hard. Now, HALO has made one that comes in all shades. It rotates so your kiddos can sleep as close as possible to the parents at night without actually being on the bed. The sides are soft and mesh so they push down easily when you have to put the babies back to bed. To top it off, it also makes soothing sounds, plays soothing music, has a nightlight, vibrates, and has a back to bed reminder.

16 Duo Twin Float

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It’s swim time! On a hot summer day, most parents want to be in the pool. Sometimes, they want their babies in the pool with them. The Duo Twin Float is a floaty that accommodates twins. It’s a side-by-side swimming companion that comes in several designs. It can hold both babies and allows the parents to hold on to keep them close while in the water. Obviously, this pool toy is for swimming pools only and for twins who are not newborns. It could also be used for children who are close in age or just future best friends (each seat can hold up to 30 pounds).

15 White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is essential for sleep time. Nowadays, it’s common for a lot of baby toys and essentials to come with the option to play soothing sounds. However, there is nothing like an actual white noise machine that has several settings, different sounds, longevity, and can be played even when not being used with a toy. The point of a white noise machine is to help soothe a fussy baby. It's supposed to remind them of being in the womb and therefore soothe their little souls when they feel frustrated. It’s truly helpful when trying to get a couple of babies to sleep or just calm down. No one wants two fussy babies on their hands.

14 Diaper Subscriptions

It has been reported by New Kids Center that parents will change "10 soiled diapers or wet diapers a day" within the first month of their baby being born. Now times that by two when you have twins...

Has anyone ever been in a situation where they ran out of diapers? Like absolutely no more diapers — not even a few spares in the diaper bag? There are now diaper subscriptions because having things delivered to your front door is so much more convenient. There are a few options when choosing the diaper subscription route. One of the more popular ones is the Honest Company, but there are others that could be more convenient and affordable for parents of twins. This way there is no excuse for not having any diapers.

13 ExerSaucers

Almost every baby-related company has their version of an ExerSaucer. Why not? It’s popular, it helps them learn how to move — you can kind of leave them to their own devices because of all the distracting mini toys on top of the ExerSaucer. Besides, have you ever watched twins interact with one another in their own ExerSaucers? It's adorable! Some try to bump into one another and try to play with the toys on each other's ExerSaucer. It’s definitely an IG-worthy moment. For obvious reasons, they can’t make a double-sided ExerSaucers, but buying two of something has always worked.

12 Double Stroller

The double stroller is probably one of the most important things to have as a parent of twins. A parent would (most likely) never be able to leave the house without it. After all, it's hard to walk around just holding two babies for hours. In addition to being completely exhausted, you would have no arms to pull out the debit or credit card to buy all those adorable clothes.

Besides being a carrier for the kiddos, they can also be a great storage for a purse or a couple of bags, and they normally come with cup holders for that much needed pick-me-up coffee or tea.

11 Skip Hop Duo

The Skip Hop Duo isn’t at all what it sounds like. It’s actually a diaper bag designed with twins in mind. The bag is supposed to have a lot of extra space in order to pack for two. It is also designed to look like a bag that a mom (or dad) would be proud to carry. So they come in cool patterns like chevron or solid colors that would blend in with the everyday wear. In fact, it isn’t even supposed to look like a diaper bag. It has a tech pocket to protect a cell phone while in the bag, more than eight storage pockets, and shuttle clips to convert it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag.

10 Summer Infant Wide View DUO 2.0

If you don’t have a baby monitor with a camera on it, you're missing out. The one pictured is the Summer Infant Wide View DUO 2.0 and it definitely takes the guessing out of the sounds that are coming from your twins' bedrooms. It lets a first-time parent know if they should run in there or just let their twins talk amongst one another. A lot of times, when the parent runs in there, it triggers the child to start fussing and reaching out to mommy and daddy. So having a baby monitor complete with a color display helps ease parents' minds and gives them some more alone time.

9 Fisher-Price Rock-N-Play

The Fisher-Price Rock-N-Play is a perfect sleeper for newborns. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in doubles, so parents would have to buy two individual ones or use it at different times. After all, twins don’t have to have the exact same things all the time, and who's to say if they will both like being in the sleeper or even want to be in the sleeper at the same time? The Rock-N-Play is a self-rocker that plays music and has a few toys parents can attach as a way to distract a fussy baby. The sleeper can be placed almost anywhere meaning it’s easy to keep an eye on the babies.

8 Breast Pump

A breast pump is essential for a mother who is determined to breastfeed—or at least feed their children breastmilk. It allows for a mom to pump and package their breast milk for future use. Also, the more she pumps, the more milk she will produce. This is important because a lot of mothers struggle to produce breast milk. So having a frozen back up is a way for them to breathe easy, especially when having to feed two babies. Some women even mix their breast milk with formula as a way to make sure they are feeding their children enough, or they supplement when there just isn’t enough to go around. One of the best pumps around is Medela, but of course, there are so many options including a Playtex one.

7 Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling blankets are based off the ancient practice of wrapping a baby tightly (but not too tightly) in a thin blanket. It is meant to make them feel settled and safe. There are even specific blankets for this method. However, it's not so much the product but the art of swaddling when it comes to its mama-saving properties. It can truly be done with any blanket. Regardless, it is crucial to know how to do it because keeping a baby calm is one of the most important parts of having a healthy baby and, of course, having sane, functional parents. The tightness of the wraps also allows the baby to be a little bit smaller which makes it easier to hold two babies at one time.

6 Car Seats

Unfortunately, car seats do not come in a duo pack or attached to one another for safety reasons. However, they are essential for obvious reasons. Think about it, you can’t leave your twins at home alone, you can’t buckle them into seatbelts... They need that support when they are newborns and babies. No car seat essentially means being stuck at home, which can cause a parent to go stir crazy, and in some cases develop Postpartum Depression. Not to mention the fact that it is illegal in North America to not have a regulated car seat. One car seat will cost anywhere between $99.99 upwards to $299.99 — sometimes even more. So be ready to splurge on two reliable seats.

5 A Crib (Maybe Two)

A crib is just as important as a car seat. The current literature advises parents that sleeping with their baby in the bed with them is beyond dangerous. They can only sleep in the twin bassinet for so long. Eventually, they will need their own space. Some parents are able to get away with having both babies in the same crib — especially if their twins enjoy sleeping close. In other cases, this is almost impossible though, and the babies need to be separated. 

I do have to wonder though – if it's dangerous to have the babies sleep in their parent's bed, then isn't it equally dangerous to have them sleep together? Besides the fact that they could possibly enable bad behavior in one another...

4 Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer is such a time saver. Most bottle warmers can be used on breastmilk or formula, which is a win-win. They allow parents to get the bottles in the mouths faster than having to warm it up in a cup of water and constantly check the temperature. Many bottle warmers nowadays have a perfect temperature setting. This is meant to put parents at ease when they go to pop the bottles in the mouths of their babies. Of course, the more cautious parent would still do the back of the hand or wrist check, but it’s still way more convenient than having to get the perfect temperature of warm water. Phillips Avent has a great one but don't fret, there are bottle warmers that can warm up to four bottles at a time. 

3 A Humidifier

A humidifier pushes moisture into the air. It can help with dry sinuses and dry mouths when a baby has a cold, and rest assured, they aren’t just for babies. Most parents put a humidifier in a child's room because it can promote clean air. The upkeep is pretty low maintenance as well. To be honest, the main reason why they are in homes is to help or prevent a head cold from worsening. No one wants a crying and uncomfortable baby on their hands, let alone twins. Twins normally mimic one another and spread germs amongst themselves and others. A humidifier can help decrease contagious germs from spreading.

2 Sanitizer Napkins

Another way to prevent spreading germs is using sanitary napkins. (Only baby-friendly ones of course.) Trying to keep things clean with two babies is hard, but it can be done by using sanitizing napkins and even wiping surfaces down with baby wipes. There are even specific sanitizing napkins that focus on getting all those gross boogers out of the nose of the baby. Having sick twins is like sending your kids to daycare and them passing germs between one another, except they are both your kids. There is no way you can grow your twins together without running through a pack of sanitizing wipes at least once every two weeks. Wet Ones is a great kid-friendly brand and affordable.

1 Sterilizing Bags

Maybe upon viewing this post, you are already thinking whatever I'll just wash them. But, there is more to sterilizing than that. Every new bottle has to be boiled then washed and put away. Then, every time one of the babies has to drink out of a bottle, it has to be squeaky clean. All of this can take up a lot of time; time that you don’t have when you are trying to get two little ones to calm down before they wake up another sibling. What are you going to do in that short time frame? Hand sanitize the bottles and toys or run to your babies?

Currently, Dr. Browns is a leading brand for this. If you don't like the idea of putting any of your babies things in a bag then in the microwave, their are also sterilizing machines that fit conveniently on almost any countertop. 


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