25 Gorgeous Baby Girl Names Moms Wish They Thought Of First

Most moms dream of having their first baby girl. The first girl means they get to pick a pretty name that they have been thinking of for years. They get to buy beautiful clothes and dress them up all the time, and they finally have someone to grow into their best friend in some way or another. It is very common for moms and daughters to have that bond; eventually, they talk about makeup, boys and all things girly.

Mothers hope they are blessed with a daughter to pass on their wisdom—teaching them everything they need to know about being a girl.

Each little girl is given a unique name, either based off of meaning, after someone special or just because it's a beautiful name. There are times when mothers have to give up the original name they wanted to compromise with the father, which may be why some of these names do not get used.

Regardless of the name, a little girl is given, it becomes unique to them and their personality. It is so tough to think and choose just one name, which is often why couples have such a hard time picking one at all. In the end, they will go with the name they love the most but here are some that the rest of us may have forgotten we loved.

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25 Scarlett—She’s Red All Over


The name Scarlett dates all the way back to at least 1937, according to BabyCenter. It's an English name meaning, “bright red.” It has never been quite popular, but beginning in the 21st century, the name has come up on the list of most popular names landing at number 18 for the last three years in a row.

Girls with this name grow up to be confident and fashionable, living up to their unique name. Strangely enough, even though Scarlett means red, it is most frequently given to little blonde girls.

24 Arabella—A Beautiful Prayer


Arabella is a Latin name which means “yielding to prayer,” according to Nameberry. This name was commonly chosen for little girls in Great Britain and has started to become popular recently in the United States.

Not only does Arabella correlate to prayer, but because of it ending with ‘Bella,’ it's known for meaning beautiful as well.

Unlike some, this name goes all the way back to 1881—ranking at number 881; from there it seemed to get lower and lower on the list until 2018 when it came in at 130.

23 Zoey—She’s Life


There are multiple renditions of the name Zoey—meaning “life”—when it comes to the spelling. Although the spelling of ‘Zoey; is the oldest and most frequent, it is also known for the spellings, ‘Zoe,’ or ‘Zoie.’

Giving a baby girl a name that means ‘life’ seems to set her up for a prosperous one at that. It is extremely popular on TV, appearing on shows like Zoey 101 and Nurse Jackie, according to The Bump.

While this common name comes to life on many television shows, on the list of baby girl names for 2018, it ranks at number 26—being the highest it has ever been.

22 Luna—Living On The Moon


This Italian name means, “moon,” according to Baby Name Wizard. Luna has been made possible by the character in the Harry Potter series, but also because of its unique meaning.

This year, it’s ranked at slot 16 on the most popular name list. Not only is it prevalent in the United States, but it’s also making waves in Germany, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal.

Celebrity couples like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend loved it enough to honor their baby girl with the beautiful name as well. Giving your little one this name will ensure that she is incredibly spiritual and open-minded.

21 Ariel—Swimming For Shore


A Hebrew name meaning, “Lioness of God,” according to Baby Name Wizard, this year it ranks at a mediocre 140. Interestingly enough, the name was more popular in the early 90’s than it is now in the present day.

Naming your little girl Ariel will ensure her love of the famous Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. She will want to be just like the mermaid who shares her namesake.

Be prepared for all the mermaid makeup and Halloween costumes—including fins that will rock your little girl's world at a young age.

20 Candace—The Purest Of Pure


A Greek name spelled differently than the original title, Candace, but coincidentally a lot more popular. It has a few different meanings, as reported by SheKnows.

The definitions make it perfectly suitable for little girls who are referred to as pure and sweet little things. No name is used just once, and this one, in particular, is also used by NY Times Best Selling author, Candace Bushnell—who happened to write, SATC.

Candice was more frequently given to little girls in the early 2000’s than now at its number 1381 spot on the most popular name list.

19 Sophia—A Wiz Kid


This is another Greek name meaning,“wisdom,” according to Baby Center. Out of all the previous names, they appeared lower on the list of favorite titles. Sophia, on the other hand, hit number 5 on the list in 2018.

Not only that, but it was number 1 on the list reigning from 2011-2013! It is very popular in the United States and is sure to give your little girl a massive pot of wisdom to follow her through life.

Although this name is widespread, there is only one well-known actress, which happens to be Sophia Loren who starred in many older movies. It proves the name fits any age, not just newborn babies.

18 Mia—She’s All Mine


Mia is a name with two origins, according to Nameberry. As reported by the site, it means “mine and bitter,” and comes from Italy and Scandinavia.

Some titles are more fit for royalty rather than regular everyday people; Mia happens to be one of those. Although it is trendy in many places, Great Britain and Wales uses it the most.

This year, Mia falls into the number 8 spot in the United States. It’s a short but beautiful name to suit your next little girl.

17 Harper—The Harp Player


Most popularly known from writer, Harper Lee, who is most well-known for writing To Kill A Mockingbird.

Those are some pretty big shoes to fill!. On the complete opposite end, the English name means “harp player,” and ranked at number 9 on the most popular name chart in 2018, according to Baby Center.

It never used to be that popular around here; Australia and New Zealand used it a lot more frequently. Don’t hesitate to give your little one this sweet name.

16 Willow—Beautiful, Strong And Robust


Imagine thinking about a beautiful, strong and healthy tree every time you look at your baby girl. A lot of women forget how pretty the name Willow really is.

The English name comes from a Willow Tree and nothing more. Little girl names that stem from one specific meaning rather than a bunch of different ones are so unique.

Not only does it come from a tree, but this particular kind of tree is most famous for appearances in the Harry Potter series, as well as many Shakespeare works, according to Nameberry.

15 Chloe—New Growth


This Greek name means “Young Green Shoot.” According to Nameberry, the name rolls off the tongue as a popular title for this day and age, but in reality, the name was most popular in the 17th Century.

The meaning behind Chloe means “new growth” and is perfect for new babies who are doing nothing but growing and learning in their first couple of years.

Not only is it popular here in the United States, but also in Great Britain, Australia, and Canada.

14 Lillian—Like The Flower


Lillian is one of those long names, yet it rolls right off the tongue and comes with a few nicknames such as Lil and Lilly—to name a few.

Lillian is an English name that means exactly what you'd think, “Lilly the flower.” It is said to be a symbol of purity, innocence, and beauty according to SheKnows.

With meanings in Latin and English that all amount to the same thing, this name is one that will be as innocent as your sweet new baby.

13 Lucy—Light Of Your Life


Naming your little one Lucy will ensure her to be the light of your life. Not only because the name means “light,” according to The Bump, but also because the name is light and fluffy and perfect for a little girl.

With a range between the ever-spunky title character Lucy from I love Lucy to the ever-sweet Lucy from The Chronicles Of Narnia, your little one will have quite the personality. These two namesakes caused this name great popularity over the years.

12 Emma—Universally Used

Via: Pinterest

All of the names mentioned so far have been all over the favorite names chart. This one, in particular, has been given the number one spot this year for Nameberry's population name chart.

This German name happens to mean “universal,” which could be why it is so famous all over the world. Emma has been on TV from time to time, but it is most famous for being the name Rachel and Ross give their brand-new baby girl on the hit comedy Friends.

11 Addison—More Than Just Anatomy


Everyone's first thoughts when hearing the name Addison has to be the well-known Addison Montgomery, a controversial character on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice—two hit medical dramas.

Although the name is commonly used for a little girl, it means “son of Adam,” as reported by Very Well Family. This is obviously because the name Addison is a derivative of Adam.

This name came in 11th for popularity in 2007. It is a name popular even amongst the Hollywood crowd.

10 Hazel—Hardly A Witch


One of the most beautiful eye colors also doubles as a name for a sweet little girl. Similar to the name willow above, this name also comes from a tree—a hazelnut tree to be exact.

According to Nameberry, it is also well-known for being the name that Julia Roberts gave her daughter. The meaning of Hazel has nothing to do with the eye color interestingly enough, but it is more popularly known because of the eye color rather than the actual meaning.

9 Violet—Purple Is Popular

Via: Pinterest

Violet is another flower name, and it means “purple,” in Latin, as reported by Baby Names. Every little girl has their favorite color; a lot of the time that color they are in love with is purple.

So, for all the moms out there who are in love with purple, this may be the name for your little girl! For those who have seen Private Practice—a medical drama that shares characters with Grey’s Anatomy—Violet is one exceptional character on the hit TV show.

8 Daisy—Flower Power


Daisy is also a name that comes from a flower but happens to be much more famous from its appearance on TV rather than the garden variety stem and petals attributed to it.

Mothers sometimes name their kids a name that will come with specific nicknames. The name Daisy derives from a daisy flower, according to Baby Name Wizard. It’s hard to gauge whether the flower is more popular than the name, or whether the inverse is true.

This flower name is known from the movie The Dukes of Hazzard starring Jessica Simpson as none other than—Daisy Duke. It doesn’t get more famous than that!

7 Autumn—She Shines During The Fall


Little girls who share a name with a season usually have personalities that match. The name is just that—a “season name,” and it has no other meaning, according to Baby Center.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt—who is most known for her show—The Ghost Whisperer—loved Autumn enough to grace her little girl with that name.

Giving your baby girl this name will ensure that she is spunky and very colorful all year, especially during the fall when she will shine the most.

6 Charlotte—She’s Stuck In A Web


The children’s book Charlotte's Web is one of the reasons why the beautiful name Charlotte is so well-known, according to Nameberry.

Charlotte funnily means “free man,” even though the name is genuinely given to little girls and never boys.

There is a list of names made known because they are often used for royalty. For a long while, that list was set in stone, but recently the list was updated to include Charlotte from now on.

On the other side of things, the name is known from the spunky brunette who plays a quirky, prim and proper character on SATC.

5 Juliet—Oh Romeo!

Via: Inspired Racks

Nobody can forget why this name is so popular. Shakespeare took pride in his work, and one of the most famous pieces happens to be where the title name comes from—Romeo and Juliet—which was published way back in 1595.

Juliet happens to mean “youthful,” as reported by Nameberry, which proves that any little girl graced with this name will be forever young at heart. Interestingly enough, the name hasn’t been prevalent recently in the United States—ranking at 257 this year on the favorite name list.

4 Annabelle—Scary Doll?

Via: Petite Stitchery

For those horror fans out there, the name Annabelle has been trendy as of late based on the horror movie series known as Annabelle about a scary doll come to life. Not everything about this name is spooky though, because the meaning of this name is “loving,” according to Oh Baby Names.

Giving your baby girl this name confirms that she will be one of the sweetest little things you have ever seen. Despite its time on the silver screen, the name has done pretty well on the name list in recent years clocking in at 57, 92 and 104.

3 Amelia—Shonda Rhimes Knows Her Names

Via: Nameberry

Amelia is just another name possibly made famous by the TV series Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy, according to Nameberry. Similar to the character played on those shows, a little girl with this name is strong enough to overcome anything thrown her way.

The actual meaning of the name is “work,” which very much goes with how your little girl will work to become the best she can be if given this title. Maybe she’ll be a brain surgeon just like Amelia Shepherd on the hit medical dramas mentioned above.

2 June—A Goddess


June babies are the most fun; they don’t have to be bundled up because the weather is warm. Their birth at the start of the summer season lends them a little more of a carefree spirit.

Little girls who are given this summer name will have friendly and open personalities.

According to Oh Baby Names, June doesn’t have a meaning, but it does come from the goddess known as, Juno.

Naming your baby June gives her the honor of being named after a Goddess every little girl wants that right? Although the name has Goddess-like features, it is not that popular. It didn’t even make it into the top 100 this year.

1 Summer—As The Sun Sets


Last but not least, the name that reminds most of a very relaxing time of the year—Summer. As reported by, Baby Center, the name Summer does not have a meaning because it is used to describe a season, not a name.

This isn’t a bad thing, though; it just means the name is that much more unique. This title was a lot more popular in the 70s than it is now in 2018. It didn’t even make it into the top 100 of the popular name list. That being said, not everyone is going for popularity. In fact, many of us want the most unique name we can get our hands on. Summer may be ready for a comeback.

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